2023 - Year of the Enigma!


Happy Noö Year to all intrepid travelers of the psychedelically pixelated electronic realm! By the time we hit the new year, we are generally ready to give the old year the boot. Never has this been more true than for 2022… what a god-awful year… good riddance! This sentiment has been particularly true for the last several, post-conspiracy years. The situation… desperate as usual… keeps going from bad to worse.

Recent endeavors on this weblog, beginning in 2021, centered on the idea of self-autonomy and resistance to Empire, as showcased in the Blows Against Empire series. This should not be confused with any alleged "deep state" but rather the persistent, patrilineal power structure... right and left. The intention here was to develop a personal immunity to the viral proliferation of disinformation that our modern and social media is awash in... to achieve a protective inoculation against the crazy.

Every new year brings with its arrival, a sense of renewal and hope… a promise of new beginnings. At this most auspicious pivot-point, tradition compels us to set our intentions for the coming year. Given the dark nature of the last few years, our resolutions… our intentions… become golden opportunities. Especially this coming year... the twenty third year of the century.

As the intrepid reader knows, the 23 enigma figures prominently within the tekgnostic world view. The 23 enigma represents all that is sacred, profane and possible, within our discordian-informed understanding of universe, and our place within it. So it is with great expectations that we welcome 2023, the year of the enigma!

To recap: The 23 enigma is a belief in the synchronistic significance of the number 23. While the number 7 is thought of as a lucky number, and 13 is believed to be unlucky... the number 23 is often described as the number of incident... or more precisely: coincidence.

If any year is poised to overthrow the dark and sinister demiurgic, predator/dominator paradigm… and usher in an irreverent, benevolent and joyful partnership paradigm, it is 2023. After all, we have all the brazen and cheeky energies of the high and the strange, acting as wind in our sails, propelling us into the strange waters of a future still in flux. A future we must help mold.

However, the dark and sinister demiurgic, predator/dominator paradigm is wily and persistent! It won’t give up the ghost without a fight. In this most auspicious moment, we must do more than wish for a changing of the guard. We must actively pursue it. This is a call to action… a setting of intention and a follow-through with action… magical and otherwise. We must call out any instance of darkness and depravity, in favor of the weird and wonderful.

No one is better suited for this task than you, the good readers of this weblog! Through the years, we have walked the path less travelled together. Observed and examined the very fringes of the paranormal and parabelievable. We have done so with a sense of humor and curiosity. We have approached these anomalies with the unshakeable understanding that stranger things have happened.    

Here at the dawn of the year of enigma, let us continue along this crazy path of fortean discovery. Let us illuminate the high strangeness with irreverent goodwill. Let us shine a light on such, so that those who follow will be a little less taken-aback by just how weird our world has become. 

Welcome 2023… Year Of The Enigma!!! Fahoo fores! dahoo dores!

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Being born on a 23rd I'm with you Jack in optimism (and trepidation) about a year like 2023, which falls under the Year of the Rabbit for the majority of the Earth's population.
It should be an interesting year ahead, much like a running through a minefield I imagine, where one wrong step could send you into a rabbit hole hard to climb out of.
Cheers, but I'm looking forward to celebrating my 60th in my birth zodiac of the Dragon in 2024.
But as they say, "if you want to make God laugh, then tell God your plans">;-)
Jack Heart said…
Hey Darren!
Happy New Year! Yeah... the year of the rabbit is right up our alley! I am reminded of that rascally Irish trickster the Pooka!!!!
Dennis/87 said…
Dude, you are so thoughtful. I am back! Figured out my password! I am back, and ready to shine forth! 87
Jack Heart said…
Welcome back dear agent 87!

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