World War Z


It was hard to miss the Z emblem that had been emblazoned on the Russian Federation’s military vehicles, as they crossed into Ukraine on February 24, 2022. As the invasion began, western media was full of video, depicting the white Z… often enclosed in a white square… hand-painted on Russian tanks, mobile rocket launchers, and  other assault vehicles. There was, of course, much speculation as to the significance of these markings.

Initial intelligence reports surmised that these markings were battlefield identifiers… used to minimize any accidental “friendly fire” incidents from Russian military aircraft or artillery. Other speculations suggest the letter is interpreted as “Za pobedy,” which supposedly means ‘for victory.’ More ominous interpretations suggest that Z, being the last letter in the roman alphabet, indicate an omega point, or a point of no return.

The Z has since become a symbol of support for the war by the far-Right, Russian nationalist movement. In early March, Insider's Cheryl Teh reported that there are signs that Russian nationalist groups have begun to co-opt the mark. A group of Russian nationalist protesters in Leningrad were filmed wearing hoodies emblazoned with a white Z, along with the words "We don't give up our own." It is unclear when the video was taken, but it surfaced on social media in the first week of March.

Moreover, the use of the Z emblem is a State propagandized, disinformation symbol. Three days after the invasion, the Russian news network RT announced on its social media channels that it was selling Z merchandise, including T-shirts and hoodies, to show support for Russian troops. Here in the good ole’ U S of A… Supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory and other far-right darlings cheered the Russian invasion of Ukraine, calling it a step toward destroying the (so-called) Cabal.”

The global embrace by the far-right… in support of the Russian Invasion… is no coincidence. Although the far-right is most often identified as “nationalist” …it is a global phenomenon. The far-right embraces authoritarianism… at home and abroad. Since the Annexation of Crimea, Putin’s gambit is driven (and sustained) by the rise in fanatical nationalism and far-right militias, world-wide.

The “denazification” of Ukraine is no excuse for invasion. Are there Nazis in Ukraine? Hell yes there are! …just as there are Nazis in Russia, the EU, the UK and the United States of Amerika.

Far-right extremism is a decentralized global movement. It is a global assault on democratic process. In the U S, on January the sixth, we all witnessed the orchestrated OP carried out by the far-right Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, and other militia groups. Using the crowd as a dim-witted distraction, they systematically breached the Capitol, allowing the hoards to stream in (and take the blame). Although the MAGA crowd was disorganized, the militias definitely were not.

Healthy democracies are fragile enough, without the type of frontal assault seen in the U S on January sixth, let alone the chipping away and general erosion of rule of law, over the last half-decade. Add to this, gerrymandering and voter suppression, and the outlook for 2024 (here in the U S) is grim. Make no mistake… given the emboldened bravado of the Amerikan far-right, the next election cycle promises to be a violent one.

A note to all you armchair alt-righters… never forget that it was the democratic process and rule of law that enabled your freedom to dissent and safeguarded your right to free speech. Do you think authoritarian strongmen like Putin would put up with your brand of dissent?

Globally, the picture looks even grimmer. Over the past five years, rising nationalism is seen everywhere. From the election of Donald Trump to Brexit… from the nationalist policies of the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe, India’s Narendra Modi and the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan… to the success of far-right parties in Italian, German and Austrian elections in 2017 and 2018… nationalism is clearly on the rise, and it is a force to be reckoned with.

The coming years will determine how each of us will fare, in this reckoning.

The rise of the Global Alt-Right… combined with the fracturing of any Indigenous Reality we once took for granted… not only spells trouble for future geopolitical intrigues… it is also causing great turbulence in the force. The synchro-sphere has been in a state of psychic agitation for some time. The syncs have been dropping right and left (no political pun intended). The cosmic debris generated by overt warfare and geopolitical adventurism, spills into the heavens… as below, so above.

In this regard, do the machinations of EMPIRE agitate, or drive Archonic powers… on Earth, as it is in Heaven? If you adhere to the Gnostic/Archonic mythology, the idea of a War in Heaven is not that foreign of a concept. Earthly trials and tribulations, mirror the contentions of the higher realms. In incorporating and implementing this mythology, remember that Archonic powers cannot interact directly with humanity. Archonic powers can only influence through deception. They rule by trickery, treachery and deceit. 

These archetypical, egregoric entities can only wield the powers that we collectively and freely give them. They have no power of their own, resorting to vampiric, energetic thievery. Place your full attention upon any Archonic entity, and it will melt away… returning to the darkness that spawned it.

With that said, this is not a call to Armageddon. This is not a call to holy war. This is not a religious revelation… it is a synchro-mystic one. This is a time to keep a sharp eye out for synchronicities, signs and portents. Energies are shifting… something huge is taking place... something beyond geopolitics.

In these strange days, the “as above, so below” mythology serves to overlay a transcendent dimension to the way we look at worldly affairs. In envisioning the macrotrends of naughty human behavior as a manifestation of Archonic powers, we utilize anthropomorphic analogy to grasp the complexity of EMPIRE… the predator/dominator paradigm. Recognizing such dark powers in this manner diminishes their influence upon us.

In a uniquely synchro-mystic perspective, such a narrative casts these powers in a mediatic light. Archonic predators sound suspiciously similar to social media platforms… in their influencing. Such platforms impact us through deceptive marketing. They rule by trickery, treachery and deceit.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been called the first post-modern war. It has also been described as the first TicToc war. In my exposure to this war… through modern mediatic means… the attention placed upon the white Z… sparked a vision-by-analogy of the 2013 film: World War Z. The film’s imagery of a global, zombie pandemic, aligned nicely (in a horrific way) with current events. In this synchro-mystic analogy… who are the zombies?

Trumpian understanding of the need for a wall on the U S southern border


Deckard666 said…
Why does everybody forget about the other markers? A, O, V and X (plus the Z in a square.
Jack Heart said…

Good point. I was wondering that myself. For the purposes of this post, I was focusing on how western media singled out the Z symbol... as well as my own syncs on what was being presented...
Dennis/87 said…
Great post Mr. Heart. To create peace is the key. So much trouble in this world! To shine forth is key. 87
Garmr said…
I read World War Z when it came out, but the Ukrainians themselves are very fond of the Lord of the Rings. They call the Russian soldiers Orcs. If you have been paying attention to space news, along with the stories about the ISS, NASA announced the detection of a star older than ever seen before. They called it "Earendel", a very Tolkienesque name.

I don't doubt that they try to pull off some dark magic with the Z, but I don't know if it has worked. It seems too forced to me. Apparently there is an orthodox military cathedral they had built with mosaics of their great leaders, which also "coincidentally" happens to host Hitlers hat and coat as relics. Perhaps it is in the Russian culture to worship the brutal effectiveness of leaders like Hitler, Stalin and Putin due to Ivan the terrible being their founder.
Unknown said…
Interesting, I have never heard of Hitlers coat or Hat but I am aware that Lenins preserved body is still on display.

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