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The Tek-Gnostics Network is a conceptual chameleon. It is at once a mythology, a revival of the ancient mysteries, a science fiction, a philosophic system and an aggregated esoteric information hub. Tek-Gnostics is an aggregator of Old Earth's cumulative overt, esoteric, & synchronistic knowledge streams. We serve as an outpost on the frontier of Earth's info-sphere... a temporary autonomous zone at the edge of that vast artifact we call cyberspace. Our network's databases and archives arise from the premise that the best way to understand universe and our place in it, is through direct experience of knowledge or Gnosis.

We investigate and commentate on the emerging zeitgeist of high strangeness that is our Brave Noö World. We reach to describe our evolving Universe in the language of modern myth. Here we gather… faces aglow… around the digital campfire… anticipating the ancient tales to be told, once again…

You can can purchase the shocking, scandalous, never-before-told story of the Tek-Gnostics Heresies here.

Tek-Gnostics Media

Ashland, Oregon, USA, Earth, third rock from the Sun.



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