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Climate Conspiracy – the American Archons Rise Again

The world press has recently been all a-twitter over the exploits of one the most high-profile American Archons … Elon Musk (he actually has triple citizenship, in Canada and South Africa, as well as in the United States). And why not? Buying twitter is big news, worldwide. His control of Twitter, in light of his high-schoolish conservative views and propensity for trolling, is disconcerting for a large portion of world populations. With that said, he has done some pretty cool stuff in his life. So his profile as American Archon is checkered. In all fairness, the same can probably be said for most all American Archons… especially those in tech. But this is no excuse for the rise in autocratic corporatocracy that currently grips the planet. As regular readers of this blog know, corporations have had free reign in the United States of Amerika ever since the Citizens United decision by the (not so) Supreme Court. A more troubling and often overlooked development on the American Archon f

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