Thursday, June 13, 2019

“Applied Tek-Gnostics” New Book Pre-launch!

Book two of the Tek-Gnostics Trilogy… “Applied Tek-Gnostics – A Field Guide for the Collective Conscious” is now available for pre-launch sales, at Amazon. We will be doing an “official book launch event” on the Summer Solstice (June 21st) at the upcoming West Coast AlienCon, in sunny Los Angeles California. This year’s convention is being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center (1201 South Figueroa Street, Downtown Los Angeles), from Friday, June 21st, through Sunday June 23rd. 

As many of you know, AlienCon is the premiere convention for History Channel’s Ancient Aliens television series. Ancient Aliens explores the controversial Ancient Astronaut Theory that for millennia, extraterrestrials have visited Earth and intervened in human affairs. AlienCon blends pop, Sci Fi fandom with the more earnest questions surrounding UFOlogy. The result is an informative and entertaining weekend of deep inquiry and pop revelry. 

As many of you may not know, Applied Tek-Gnostics is a psychonautic user’s manual that provides rudimentary Tantras (systems) and Yogas (practices) to navigate our “Brave Noö World.” Our near future contains the dangerous opportunity of such technological revolutions as “block-chain ledgers” “crypto-currencies” and “autonomous artificial intelligences.” These emerging technologies are so novel… so uncharted… as to obscure the view of things to come...    

Given the challenges before us, the information streams contained within Applied Tek-Gnostics, provide the diligent-minded with a framework and the expertise needed, to not only navigate... but thrive… moving into our near future. This field guide illuminates and aggregates the creative brilliance of past philosophic and esoteric systems and infuses the result within a psychonautic, intelligence engineering platform. 

With deep respect and great appreciation, we have made volume two, Applied Tek-Gnostics available to our discerning readership, before our official book launch at AlienCon. Follow the link below to the second installment of Jack Heart's Tek-Gnostics Trilogy. If you enjoyed book one, The Tek-Gnostics Heresies... if you have enjoyed this blogspace... you definitely need a copy of Applied Tek-Gnostics... buy one today!

Watch this space, dear, intrepid reader, as we will be publishing excerpts of Applied Tek-Gnostics in the days to come...

Monday, June 10, 2019

Tek-Gnostics @ West Coast AlienCon

WHAT: West Coast AlienCon, 2019

WHERE: Los Angeles Convention Center (1201 South Figueroa Street, Downtown Los Angeles).

WHEN: Friday, June 21st, through Sunday, June 23rd 2019.

WHY: Tek-Gnostics Media is premiering Book Two of Jack Heart's Tek-Gnostics Trilogy... “Applied Tek-Gnostics – A Field Guide for the Collective Conscious”

CALL TO ACTION: Be there or be square!

Friday, May 24, 2019

Bread and Circuses

Just when we thought that this crazy ass world could not get any crazier… it does. Life on the “Planet of the Apes” continues to get more complicated, with each revolution around the sun. Beyond survival necessities and creature comforts, we are increasingly impacted and inundated by that brazenly garish carnival sideshow known as: national politics. And what a three-ring extravaganza it is...

In the good ole’ U. S. of A, the political circus’s three rings are populated by three distinct performing classes of clown… the Democrat, the Republican and the Independent. Unlike other clown types, such as the Mime, the Harlequin, and the Auguste… the American “political” clown types appear to take themselves very seriously. Indeed, they believe their antics to be essential to what they refer to as… the political process (honk! honk!).

American political clowns are exceedingly entertaining in their pomposity. They scurry to and fro in the west wing, they parade down the halls of Congress, and they pile out of tiny cars, in impossible numbers, to stand before cameras, proclaiming their latest declarations... all with an exaggerated foppery, befitting their esteemed station and title.

All clowning aside, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore such antics. With that said, national politicians have their enablers. Although much-unwarranted criticism has been leveled at the American press… a majority of the nationally syndicated cable news networks (left & right) have exclusively focused upon national politics… ever since the 2016 presidential primaries. This 24/7 coverage has come at the cost of… well… all other news coverage. 

Slick op-ed shows, disguised as news programs, brandishing an array of pundits and political wannabes/has-beens… parade their particular brand of partisan politics, portraying their ideological opponents as the “enemy of the people.” Any citizen, who still accesses their news via television, must tune in to a local news program, to hear anything other than politics. And believe you me… there are plenty other news-worthy events that are not being covered by the national news networks.

This non-stop political coverage, framed in a breathless, “hair-on-fire” breaking news fashion, smacks of the ole’ bait and switch con-game. It is as if the hourly breaking news cycle, solely focused upon the most up-to-the-minute, outrageous political maneuverings of the President… or the Congress… or the specially appointed Counsel… is bombarding us with distracting triviality. Just what, exactly… are we being diverted from? What uncomfortable truth, do those rascally "powers that be" not want us to see?

The Empire Never Ended
"Bread and Circuses" or bread and games (from Latin: panem et circenses) is a metonymic phrase critiquing superficial appeasement. It is used commonly in cultural, particularly political, contexts. Within the political context, the phrase means to generate public approval, not by excellence in public service or public policy, but by diversion, distraction or by satisfying the most immediate and base requirements of a populace… by offering a palliative: for example food (bread) or entertainment (circuses).

During the Roman Empire era… the phrase was coined by the Roman satirical poet Juvenal (circa AD 100). In context, the Latin panem et circenses identified the only remaining interest of a Roman populace, which no longer cared for its historical birthright of political involvement.

In our times… like so many other “Fall of Empire” analogies… the term Bread and Circuses is not only poignant, it cuts especially close to the bone, given the distractions we are being subjected to. The current political theatrics being staged for mass-consumption, feed our most base impulses for spectacle… while diverting out attention from an Empire in decline. 

Apparently, those aforementioned powers that be would spoon-feed us a 24/7 diet of political drama, rather than address the very real catastrophic, global challenges we all face. What catastrophe, you ask? Take your pick…

First up would be climate change and the associated climate immigration crisis. Each year, tens of millions of people across the globe are driven from their homes by floods, storms, droughts, and other weather-related disasters. And as the adverse effects of global climate change induce more extreme weather, growing food insecurity, and rising sea levels... that number will surely rise.

Predictably, it is the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities that are hardest hit. Climate change may very well represent the single most impactful issue facing humanity, in the decades ahead. The effects of climate as an immigration factor has already impacted coastal nations such as in Vietnam.

Right up there with climate change in terms of global impact, is the effect Artificial Intelligence will have on the global workforce. In the coming decades, AI will significantly displace large sections of our existing labor force. According to Kai-Fu Lee, former President of Google China: “Disruption will hit the industry in areas with the largest number of routine jobs – manufacturing, call centers, banks, retail, etc. It will also cause existing players to compete on their speed of automation.” The interested reader can find a job displacement index here.

This dire list would not be complete without including the potential for mass species extinction. A United Nations executive summary released May 6 of this year, by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services concluded that “transformative change” was needed to save as many as 1 million species at risk of extinction.

“The evidence is unequivocal. Biodiversity, which is important in its own right and essential for human well-being, is being destroyed by human activities at a rate unprecedented in human history.” This warning was delivered by Robert Watson, former chairman of IPBES, to the Natural Resources subcommittee on water, oceans, and wildlife. Loss of species directly correlates to the health of our planet, and our own survival.

The above are but three, overt, off the top o the head issues being neglected by the pop-press. Don’t even get me going on such esoteric calamities as the “War In Heaven” narrative, ongoing at Christopher Knowles’ The Secret Sun weblog. Gnostic times, indeed.

At this most critical juncture, our assessment is simply this... The veneer of civilization is paper thin. One need only glance at the horrific headlines emanating from Syria, Yemen, or Afghanistan to see, not only how fragile civilized behavior is, but how quickly any vestige of civilized behavior disappears in the fog of war. These and other, newly arising bloody conflicts, are the current drivers of the mass immigration of those fleeing war zones. And yet, we get distracted from these grave warnings of just how precarious the state of civilization really is.

We allow ourselves to be entertained by "Trumped Up" narratives that seek to divert our attention from what really matters. We are provided social media bread and network circuses. Not that political intrigues are not impactful. The global rise of Nationalism threatens civilization, just as readily as climate change or AI intrusion. New political sabre-rattling  by the US, aimed at Iran, is but the latest example of: War as Distraction.

In this day and age... we are faced with a Fog Of Information that is as distracting and detrimental as the fog of war. Yes, the veneer of civilization is thin. Political tomfoolery must not get in the way of recognizing and dealing with civilizational threatening issues. We must not get hoodwinked into taking our eyes off of that which unites us all. We must remain focused to do our part to bring about conducive, "transformative change." We cannot let ourselves get tricked by the ole' bait and switch. PT Barnum once said that: there's a sucker born every minute. Don't let it be us.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Singularity Attacks! - Part 2

"A world where people are monitored and supervised by machines isn’t confined to the realms of sci-fi. It’s here now."

Back in February of 2017... in our last installment of Singularity Attacks! ...we took a look at the rise of automation in the US and the impact it is having on the traditional workplace. We looked at the increase in manufacturing in the US, with a simultaneous decrease in manufacturing jobs. Moving forward, it is clear that these jobs are never coming back, thanks in no small part to automated innovation, which will eliminate so many other kinds of jobs in the years to come, as well. From that post...

"In the US, the number of manufacturing jobs peaked in 1979 and has steadily decreased ever since. At the same time, manufacturing has steadily increased, with the US now producing more goods than any other country but China. Machines aren’t just taking the place of humans on the assembly line. They’re doing a better job. And all this before the coming wave of AI upends so many other sectors of the economy. “I am less concerned with Terminator scenarios,” MIT economist Andrew McAfee said on the first day at Asilomar. “If current trends continue, people are going to rise up well before the machines do."

As if this outlook is not concerning enough, a recent article in MIT Technology Review paints the inevitable next-step picture in things to come... from none other than the great online retail juggernaut, Amazon. 

I know what you are thinking... but it is not about Amazon's invasive surveillance practices...

There have been many reports over recent years about unpleasant conditions workers face at Amazon warehouses. Employees are under pressure to pack hundreds of boxes per hour, and face being fired if they aren’t fast enough. Documents obtained by The Verge show that it’s far more common for people to be fired due to lack of productivity than outsiders realize. Roughly 300 people were fired at a single facility between August 2017 and September 2018 for that reason. And crucially, the documents show that much of the firing process is... automated.

Amazon tracks every individual worker’s productivity, and automatically generates warnings or even terminations without any input from supervisors, the company said. So if it isn't bad enough to be replaced by a machine... now we can look forward to being "let go" by a machine, as well. This puts a whole new spin on the "Terminator" connotation, doesn't it?

Hasta Lavista for now, dear intrepid readers... watch this space for more singularity updates.