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Deep State Asset - Is Taylor Swift the new Emma Peel?

File this one under the truth is far stranger than fiction ... Pop star Taylor Swift is the subject of one of the most entertaining conspiracy theories to come slithering up the rabbit hole in years! Apparently, the brilliant strategists at Fox News gave credence to a looney tunes theory that Swift is secretly a Pentagon Asset. They actually began spreading this disinfo back in 2019... From the Guardian... "Taylor Swift is a “Pentagon asset”, an “election interference psyop” who, with unnamed left-leaning forces, has conspired to “rig” the Super Bowl and then endorse Joe Biden in the presidential election. That’s according to a raft of influential rightwing figures, who have begun to spread a conspiracy theory that the singer is part of a nefarious plot ahead of November’s election. Swift has found herself at the center of the rightwing commentariat’s attention in recent weeks after intense media focus on her relationship with Travis Kelce, a star tight-end for the Kansas City C

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