Saturday, May 19, 2018

Silicon Valley… Fueled on LSD

“The discovery of serotonin, as well as today’s most widespread class of drugs, SSRIs (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), was due to this early clinical research of LSD.”

- from: “Silicon Valley's long obsession with LSD” by Derek Beres

Recently, the Big Think Network published an article titled: Silicon Valley's long obsession with LSD. In it, author Derek Beres explores the alleged long association of High Tech and LSD. The article not only traces the history of LSD and Silicon Valley, it also examines very interesting aspects of how LSD has affected neuro-research. This brief article is a highly recommended read.

However, it is the more esoteric and, dare we say, occult aspects of psychedelia and it's recent, dramatic and mysterious resurgence in pop-culture… that is of interest here... 

Over at the highly recommended site: VISUP, our illustrious ally, the diligent researcher and deep scholar of all things Fortean, the enigmatic Recluse… recently posted a couple of new installments on a series of posts he originally published in 2012. The original work focused on the Mellon Family, their ties to the US Intelligence community and their continued involvement in psychedelics.

His new foray into the Mellon family story focuses on the strange, recent death of billionaire Matthew Mellon, who allegedly died from compilations relating to an Ayahuasca session in Cancun, Mexico. Recluse’s recent posts go on to weave an incredible tale of psychedelic billionaires, machine elves, disclosure, crypto-currencies, and artificial intelligences... the likes of which could easily fit the plot points of a William Gibson cyberpunk thriller.

In keeping with his style, Recluse digs deep into the subject matter to explore the highly occult narrative that flows beneath the surface of the overt, mainstream story being reported. The result of these investigations begins to unravel a cryptic tale of, not only the odd emergence of an Alt-right faction, rising within the US West Coast’s High Tech industry… but of Silicon Valley’s long and deep association with psychedelics… namely: LSD. 

I had touched upon this theme in my book: The Tek-Gnostics Heresies, published in 2016. In keeping with meaningful coincidence, much of the "Heresies" was written in 2012, when Recluse was writing the original Mellon material. The following is a brief excerpt from a chapter in the book, titled: “Psychedelic Apocalypse” where I examine the influence that psychedelics exerted on the counterculture of the 1960’s…

"What began with Leary, et al on the East coast and Kesey & Co. in the West, is much more important than we realize… even today. The seed of psychedlia that was then planted, has germinated… incubated… and quietly blossomed… lotus-like… into a new world view, beyond McLuhan’s global village… to a global mind. The psychedelic experience revealed, to a large cross-section of American youth, dimensions of the mind only hinted at in philosophic and spiritual texts. 
In the west, the Summer of Love mutated… migrated to the South Bay, where it would rest dormant for a decade, in an area of Northern California that would soon launch the next phase of American innovation and entrepreneurship, a strange brew of fiscal conservatism and “dotcom” neoliberalism, some have called the California Ideology. This sleepy region, just south of San Francisco, now recognized as the birthplace of the computer revolution, would soon become known, world-wide as: Silicon Valley. 
The rise and proliferation of personal computing… as a technology of personal freedom… is a now-obvious outcome of the incubator that was the sixties. What occurred then is inextricably tied to who we are now and who we will become. For the psychedelic experience, drugs aside, is the consciousness of the future… and in the words of Kesey… You’re either on the Bus, or you’re off the Bus."
- The Tek-Gnostics Heresies

As many of you are aware, all things psychedelic are in the midst of a cultural revival. The modern origin of Western Psychedelic Culture can arguably be traced to April 19th, 1943 in Basel, Switzerland. From this now-infamous genesis, there began a global migration, a scattering or “Diaspora” of Psychedelic Culture, the likes of which have not been seen since the fall of the Western Mystery Tradition of late antiquity. Currently, the Western Psychedelic Cultural Diaspora is experiencing a significant renaissance that is three-fold in nature…

  1. The resurgence of academic study of psychedelics and (perhaps more importantly) the renewed funding of research... 
  2. The distinct, entheogenic, “Psychedelic Diaspora” that is migrating from South American Amazonia to North America, via the psychedelic catalyst, commonly known as: Ayahuasca...  
  3. The pop-cultural phenomena (also reportedly initiated in Silicon Valley) known as "micro-dosing." 

Keep your eye on this space, as in the weeks ahead, I shall be delving into the overt facets of these specific migrations of psychedelia, and examining, in depth, the occult ramifications of the Psychedelic Diaspora, and its effect on modern American culture. As I indicated in the "Heresies," the rise of Psychedelia is much more important than we realize… even today.

The world in which we live is a mysterious place… and the rise of psychedelia and the resulting psychedelic diaspora… is not done with us yet… Stay tuned.

Monday, May 14, 2018

"Return of the Archons" debuts at AlienCon 2018

"In recent years, the popularity of Ancient Astronaut Theory has virally expanded with audiences, worldwide. In investigating this phenomenon, a strange narrative has emerged that correlates the obscure, biblical-era Gnostic understanding of entities known as Archons, with the Ancient Astronaut narrative of extra-terrestrial contact and modern ufology. But what connection could possibly exist between archaic Gnostic teachings and science fiction great, Philip K Dick?

Be forewarned, this strange narrative delves deep into the realms of the occult and High Weirdness."

Tek-Gnostics Media is pleased to announce that we will be debuting a new monograph at the upcoming AlienCon 2018, in Pasadena, California. The title of the monograph is: "Return of the Archons." Back in 2016, we did a series of posts on this most intriguing topic. As these posts were very popular amongst our discerning readers, we gathered the original post notes, expanded upon certain themes within the original material, and compiled the investigations into a concise exposé on the strange narrative of alien intrusion and the indigenous mind.

In keeping with the spirit of AlienCon, "Archons" investigates the curious and occult nature of extra-terrestrial and, more to our liking, extra-dimensional hypotheses. Moving beyond the "mere fringe" topic of Ufology, "Archons" digs deep to explore the "fringe of the fringe" ...merging ET contact with archaic codexes and contemporary Science Fiction. With its fundamental desire to explore the unexplained, AlienCon 2018 will be the perfect venue to premiere this monograph of strange encounters and Tales of Power.

In keeping with our own sensibilities, we approach this strange topic with our customary irreverence! As many of you know, our credo is: Nothing is so sacred that it cannot be made fun of. With that said, the compiling of the Archons series into one package has produced excellent results.

So if you plan to attend AlienCon 2018, come by our booth! In addition to debuting our new monograph, we will also have updates and pre-order information on Jack's new book: "Applied Tek-Gnostics - A Field Guide for the Collective Conscious."

WHAT: AlienCon 2018
WHERE: Pasadena Convention Center, 300 E Green St, Pasadena, CA 91101
WHEN: June 15th, 16th and 17th, 2018

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Tek-Gnostics @ AlienCon 2018

DATELINE: JUNE 15th, 16th & 17th, 2018.
We are pleased to announce that Tek-Gnostics Media will be vending at the upcoming 2018 AlienCon! Being held at the Pasadena Convention Center, this event promises to be bigger and better than the 2016 convention. This year's AlienCon will feature thought-provoking original programming, celebrity appearances, exhibits, in-depth panels, fan competitions, and much more...

If you plan to attend, come by our booth! Tek-Gnostics founder, Jack Heart will be on hand, hawking his book: "The Tek-Gnostics Heresies Tales of Wonder from the Collective Conscious." The Heresies chronicles the psychedelic revolution that emerged after WWII, the dark powers that arose to suppress it… and the synchronistic ways and means in which psychedelia will triumph! We will also have updates and pre-order information on Jack's new book: "Applied Tek-Gnostics A Field Guide for the Collective Conscious."

Also on hand will be the mysterious and enigmatic “Agent 87.” Many of you who surf the sync-o-sphere will recognize 87’s comments from such synchromystic sites as The Secret Sun and Visup… 87 has recently launched his own weblog, appropriately titled: SynchroDelic Atmosphere. Check it out!

As many of you know, the intrepid Tek-Gnostics Team participated in the inaugural 2016 AlienCon, and met with some amazing adventures!  Find below, links chronicling those adventures...

A Spy in the House of Ancient Aliens – An Alien Con Travelogue

Alien Con Travelogue – the Micro-dose Experiment

Alien Con Travelogue – Synchronicity & the “Papa Legba” Incident

We hope to see you-all there!

WHERE: Pasadena Convention Center, 300 E Green St, Pasadena, CA 91101
WHEN: June 15th, 16th and 17th, 2018

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tek-Gnostics Heresies Excerpt...

Strange things are afoot on Hwy 61

"God said to Abraham, Kill me a son"

-from “Hwy 61 Revisited” by Bob Dylan

The following is an excerpt from Book One of the Tek-Gnostics Trilogy, titled: The Tek-Gnostics Heresies - Tales of Wonder from the Collective Conscious. Book Two, titled: Applied Tek-Gnostics - A Feild Guide for the Collective Conscious... will be published this summer, with Book Three scheduled for an early 2019 publication. More on Book Two later. We pick up the tale from Book One, with a primer on the Gnostic Demiurge mythology, followed by a tekgnostic take on eschatology, ancient and modern...

As indicated earlier (in Book One), Tekgnosticism relies upon intellectual and spiritual experience... a balance of the heart, mind and gut. As the renowned contemporary Gnostic Bishop, Stephan A. Hoeller has so eloquently articulated:

“Gnosis pertains to a specific illuminative understanding that expresses itself best through the medium of mythology. The truths embodied in these myths are of a more personal nature than the dogmas of theology or the statements of philosophy. In this way, the myth acts as a parable or metaphor, illustrating through the actions of the myth, complex insights.” 

To illustrate this principle, let us examine the ancient Gnostic mythology surrounding the “Demiurge” entity...

Within certain Gnostic schools of thought, there exists a complex of mythologies indicating that the God of the Old Testament, the burning bush God… the God of Abraham… was, in fact, a lesser entity known to them as the Demiurge. The Demiurge was a delusional “creator” deity. Although subordinate to the all-pervasive Monad or Godhead (what is referred within Tek-Gnostics as… That which shall remain nameless), the demiurge believed himself to be the one true God (ie: “You shall have no other gods before Me” - Exodus 20:3).

Consequently, within these Gnostic mythologies, the Demiurge proceeded to create the material world, thinking that his creations were the totality of all that is. In his delusion, the Demiurge was blind to the realization of the highest, absolute and unknowable God. To certain ancient Gnostic sects, this delusion was interpreted as “derangement” and the Demiurge was deemed insane. Accordingly, this insanity took the form of confusion, jealousy and malevolence… thus was evil visited upon the world.

Further, the Gnostics held the belief that humanity was not only innocent of the corrupt nature of the world… not only free of original sin… they held within them, a divine spark of the true, transcendent, unknowable Godhead. The corruption that had crept into the material world was rather a product of the Demiurge’s derangement. Thus humanity’s “original sin” was a fallacy imposed by the early church, propagated with questionable intent.

Considering the Gnostic assertion that the creator God, known in the Old Testament as Yahweh or Jehovah, was indeed insane… this premise would seem to answer a lot of questions pertaining to the horrific maladies of “being of this world” or life on Earth as we experience it daily. A God that is insane would make “cynical sense” as to all the pain and suffering visited upon the world. In light of this mythology, it would then not seem so horrifically absurd that an insane God would ask Abraham, the founder of all three “Desert Religions” …to kill his begotten son Isaac, to prove his faith.

It is this enigmatic Gnostic mythology and other variations of it that caused the developing Church bureaucracy of the first century, CE to proclaim that the early Gnostics were indeed heretics. Apparently, the early church fathers did not take kindly to the Gnostic premise that their God of Gods, Yahweh… was an insane, bureaucratic, middle-management God. Again, mythologies such as these, act as parable or metaphor, illustrating through the actions of the myth, complex insights.

The great mythologies of the past often display commonalities, although expressed differently, across different cultures. Similarly, they tend to repeat themselves over the eons. They re-calibrate... modernize... to fit current cultural understanding. Thus the ancient Gods give way to newer mythologies such as monotheism or science or even alien intelligences, as humanity’s view of universe evolves.

Certain contemporary mythologies seem to have devolved back into a dogmatic, eschatological, dumbed-down rendering of archaic end-times prophecy. Specifically, the dominant desert religions were (and are) obsessed with imagery of Armageddon... righteous battles, catastrophe and final judgment. These desert religion’s more mystical (and suppressed) factions, such as the Kabbalahists, the Sufis and especially the Gnostics, foretold of an Apocalypse (from the Greek: apokálypsis) which literally translates as a “lifting of the veil” or revelation... a steady increase in light... a change in focus from folly to wisdom.

Contemporary desert religious hierarchies seem to condone a violent, fundamentalist prophetic anticipation of a coming messiah/antichrist apocalyptic showdown. Rather than embrace the mystical view, they support a simplistic, us vs them… saved vs damned… and most importantly, for reasons of controlling the masses… pie in the sky, bye and bye, doctrine. This position clearly indicates that contemporary organized religious institutions are primarily governmental (read: manipulative) as opposed to spiritual, in nature.

The “technological singularity” spin put upon this age-old myth… the “Geek Rapture” if you will… similarly prophesizes that at the moment when artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence, the human era ends. The aforementioned religious hierarchy’s fear-driven connotation leads to the portrayal of the emerging AI/human dichotomy as that of an antichrist/messiah cataclysm. Hence humanity recalibrates the old mythology into more of the same apocalyptic fever. We shall return to this line of reasoning, in the next chapter.

With that said, the question is one of perspective. Do we accept the spoon-fed, militaristic “Apocalypse Now” eschatology, as propagandized by the desert religious hierarchies? Or do we choose to embrace the vision of a steady increase in light... a change in focus from folly to wisdom? The ancient Gnostics, Sufis et al, chose to embrace the “lifting of the veil” mythology.

Tek-Gnostics Mythology

Likewise, Tek-Gnostics chooses a mythological increase of light narrative. We choose the mythology of a psychedelic apocalypse. We choose to experience humanity’s latest eschatological boogeyman… Technological Singularity… as a lifting of the veil… a change in focus from folly to wisdom. We choose these mythologies to help inform our worldview and to empower our interaction within our world, as an intelligence agent… an Intelligence Engineer.

The great Zen master, Alan Watts, often spoke of an ancient Earthling myth in which the sustaining force of Universe (God as it is oftentimes referred to in the West) manifests all that is within Universe while dreaming. As God dreams... the dream transforms into our cosmos, projecting countless billions of tiny holographic specks of itself, to materialize the physical realm. God assumes the roles of galaxies, stars and planets… the myriad creatures of Universe… and thus becomes completely immersed in strange and wonderful adventures, some of which are terrible and frightening.

Since God is all there is within & without Universe and since there is no “other” in which to play with, God plays a cosmic game of “hide & seek” with itself. Hence these adventures we call life, take the form of a great game or play within God’s dream.

In the heat of game-play within our cosmic RPG …God temporarily forgets its true nature of oneness. This forgetfulness seems to span the entire cycle of Universe. Eventually, God awakens from the many dreams and fantasies and remembers its true identity, the one and eternal Self of the cosmos who is never born and never dies. At this moment, all that is… returns to the source. Thus Universe goes round… now advancing… now receding… for eternity.

This elegant, Gnostic-like mythology puts an interesting twist upon the demiurgic allegory. It is of ancient origin, yet can be used to poetically describe the evolving theories of modern physics, in its speculation on the nature of Universe. This particular modern myth resonates with Tek-Gnostics mythology. The tekgnostic consciously choose a mythology devoid of Deific Derangement.

Instead, the tekgnostic system of perception facilitates a way of experiencing all reality, including the manifest cosmos, as the outcome of creative play by the divine absolute. Our system is designed to help us remember our trials and tribulations as a kind of game or drama which is being acted out by the eternal Self of Universe. We strive to be mindful of, and honor the spark of the divine within each of us. God hides in the roles and personalities of separate entities. We… as the physical manifestation of those entities… seek.

We seek to explore our world in pursuit of gnosis... a knowledge that does not come from mere book learning, but from an inspirational flash of insight. Book learning and study is the preparation... the homework, if you will. Gnosis is the moment when the hard work of study pays off... the spark of epiphany that takes one to a deeper level of understanding. This light-bulb moment is the lifting of the veil, the increase of light that the ancient mystics spoke of. It is also an instance of synchronicity, as put forth by Carl Jung.

The tekgnostic does not distinguish between himself and the world...
The needs of other people are as his own.
He is good to those who are good...
he is also good to those who are not good.
Thereby he increases the good.
He trusts those who are trustworthy...
he also trusts those who are not trustworthy.
Thereby he increases trustworthiness.
The tekgnostic lives in harmony with universe
and his mind is the world’s mind.
So... he nurtures the worlds of others as a mother does her children.

-from the Tek-Gnostics Codex

In the pursuit of our explorations, we will employ the existent networking artifacts at our disposal to advance our knowledge and communicate that information. For it is in the utilization and interaction of earth’s global electronic medium that the tekgnostic Intelligence Engineer’s unique opportunity for acquiring and disseminating knowledge presents itself. In this way, the intelligence amplified path to singularity becomes a marriage of the electronic medium… the artificial intelligence, with the epiphany of human consciousness, with natural intelligence.

This marriage combines the computational power of AI, with the spiritual power of humanity. It is what keeps humanity in the evolutionary game. The balance of human and machine intelligence is the Intelligence Amplified path forward to the Century of Singularity …and beyond.

The Tek-Gnostics Heresies is written by Jack Heart and is available in paperback and ebook at Amazon, @ the following link... Heresies

It is also available directly from J ♥ @ Tek-Gnostics Media's HEAD Gear online catalog.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

None Dare Call it Conspiracy!

In the ongoing endeavor to update and otherwise wrap our HEADS around the strange days permeating our brave noö world... the domesticated primates who are pulling the levers down here in the trenches at Tek-Gnostics continue to revamp. After all... reality is what you can get away with... 

Of late, we have consolidated materials pertaining to what we previously identified as Conspiracy Culture Internationale, and came up with a new portal of the occluded, that we call:

Funny how web pages morph and blend... turns out we had to rework our High Weirdness page, just to accommodate the conspiracy stuff. Check it out. We are sure the discerning reader will be able to catch all the edits. 

Yes, it's a strange world, getting stranger. We had hoped that articulating the strangeness would somehow help...

But alas, it's not getting better. It keeps getting crazier. Just when ya think ya can come up for a breath, another wave of craziness hits... The Orange One tweets out more political hyperbole. The press is outraged! Like the good doctor said...  politics as-usual requires us to get down on all fours. And still it keeps getting crazier. Down in the editorial staff lounge, that proverbial pinhead, zippy, zaps the zeitgeist for fun and prophet!

Yow! No matter... we'll carry on, just as we trust you-all will.

In the old days, things were simpler... Zippy would have his pinhead safely encased in a tinfoil hat. Those who dwelt upon Deep State theory would be dismissed as some kinda kook. None would take it seriously... None would dare go down the rabbit hole... None would dare call it conspiracy!

Nowadays, it's just another day in paradise... enjoy... just remember... Don't believe everything you think!