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Dude! That is so SolarPunk!

  "The world is looking very bleak right now. Conflicts, wars, impending famines, discrimination, economic decline... the list goes on. The future, like the present, provides little reason for optimism. All the more important is a new movement that is about to change the world. This movement is known as Solarpunk , and you, too, can be a part of it." So starts the article by  Antonio Melonio  in his Medium site: The Universe Is A Melon . The title of the article is: Solarpunk Wants to Change the World... What Is It? Subtitled: "How a science fiction genre turned into a radical social movement. Join the revolution!"  Melonio goes on to say: Solarpunk is a movement of hope, a return to harmonious coexistence... without hierarchies and capitalism, without destroying our environment and our children’s futures... and a return to nature and the things that truly matter in life. The Article goes on to explore what exactly Solarpunk is... how it came to be... its evolution

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