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Summer Solstice 2022

  And so we reach the apex of light for the year of our goddess 2022. It is good to reflect on such truly cosmic days as this. To remember that the cycles of the cosmos roll on... play out... in such a manner as to make the machinations of humanity... less than a trivial thing. The great galactic wheel marks the passage of eons... as if the ages were nothing more than spit seconds in the grand scheme of existence. It is on such a day as this... that we pause... reflect... and give thanks for our abundant blessings. The last few years have been crazy... weirdness upon weirdness... horror upon horror. Just when we think it can't get any worse... well... you know the drill. Yet such craziness should not deter us from marveling at the beautiful symmetry that is the manifest Universe... and our place in it. On this day... you can bet yer sweet ass that I will be out in my garden... tending to what matters. I will be chopping the proverbial wood... carrying the proverbial water. And when

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