Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Invisible College - System Updates

Invisible College

The Tek-Gnostics Media team has been busy updating multiple facets of our on-line network. Our "High Weirdness by Aggregation" site has been updated for Autumn, 2020... with some new interesting and oh-so entertaining links. Check it out. Our new favorite "editor's choice" pick is: "NEELU - Edge Research on a Dreaming Planet." This is the site of our friend "Twist" who we met at Contact in the Desert, a few years back.

We, of course, try to post on this blogsite every week or two... upcoming posts include...




All coming to you in the next few weeks. Stay tuned, dear intrepid readers...

I am also working with Recluse (who was gracious enough to invite me back) on a second appearance on THE FARM... the podcast that Recluse shares with long-time synchromystic: Frank Zero. Recluse has been interviewing some pretty-darn-interesting guests, of late... such as chaos magician Gordon White, the Penny Royal guys, and Chris Knowles...

The BIG update that I am most excited about, is the addition of esoteric materials on our premium members site. We unostentatiously call our members area the: Invisible College... so-named after the Rosicrucian materials published back in the 17th century...

So on our members site, we have newly published the foundational structure for what will become a complete second tier (second degree) of psychonautic Tantras and Yogas, exclusively provided to our membership. It builds upon the Consciousness Hacking Instruction Manual (titled, appropriately enough: the First Year Manual) that we provide to all new members.

The core of the new materials revolve around Leary's Eight Circuit Model of Consciousness. As you know, Leary overlaid the Dharmic Chakra system upon his psychological model. He correlated each circuit with an associated chakra center (within the body). Thus Leary's first circuit, the "bio-survival" circuit... aligns with the “Muladhara” Chakra, and so on.

Our new material builds upon Leary's blend of ancient teachings and modern psychedelia, overlaying arcane, Gnostic mythologies of a super-celestial region called the Ogdoad... planetary gatekeepers... and tales of Archonic intrusion. As strange as this all sounds, it gets stranger... We refer to the resulting amalgamated, mythic system as the Archonic Octave

The curious may check out our published monograph: Return of the Archons... for a peek into this strange mythology. By the way, that unsettling creaking noise that you hear? That is the sound of the doors of Chapel Perilous, slowly opening... So check out our premium members site, dear intrepid traveler... if you dare!

Cheers!    - J


Friday, September 18, 2020

Apocalypse Now! - Fire & Ice


 - Image by Peter Goettler.

As with most of the citizenry of Southern Oregon, I was devastated by the multiple wildfires that swept through our region on September 8th. Prior to the firestorm, Southern Oregon was tinder dry from the long, hot summer... exacerbated by high wind conditions. The ignited, wind-driven wildfire swept off of vegetated grasslands and quickly entered into urban areas, transitioning into what is known as an urban conflagration.

About 15 miles North of my house, as the crow flies.

These explosive conditions and resulting urban devastation are reminiscent of the 2018 Camp Fire in Northern California. In the wake of that fire, I published a posted titled: Apocalypse Now – Paradise Lost. In this post, I commented on the complete incineration of the town of  Paradise, and the rapidly changing nature of wildfires in the Western United States. At that time, the West had undergone five years of very severe drought. Even though we had ample rainfall in much of 2018, western forests were none-the-less severely impacted.

Sadly, this climatic drying trend has continued... 

"So, typically when we think about our fire problem, we’re thinking about fire on natural landscapes, whether they be forests or woodlands or grasslands or shrublands. And we sort of thought we solved the urban conflagration problem many years ago. Many cities, in the earlier centuries, were taken out by wildfire. And we... through building codes, we kind of thought we had solved some of that problem.

Increasingly in the last decade, we have seen the occasional fire sweep into an urbanized area... this (Camp Fire) is not the only example, but it’s clearly the most devastating. We’ve seen fires sweep into an urbanized area, and it manages to breach the boundary. We sometimes call this the wildland-urban interface, where naturally fire-prone landscapes abut developed neighborhoods. And we see that it’s possible, under extreme weather conditions, where we have hot, dry winds, that these fires can actually penetrate the boundary and then become an urban structure-to-structure conflagration. 

And so it’s a very different type of fire. And it’s not one that we tend to know a lot about, because they’re relatively rare. There have been instances, like I’ve said, and it appears that they’re becoming more common. So it’s clearly something that we need to plan for and learn from, so that we can do things differently in the future."

- Max Moritz, fire research scientist, U C Santa Barbara

The drought itself is made worse by climate change… by heightened anthropogenic greenhouse gas-forced temperatures. These climatic effects continue to make drought more severe. Drought conditions increase evaporative demand on the plants. Basically, the water content of the plants themselves are more vulnerable under these conditions... and make no mistake, this is a greenhouse gas-related effect.

Increasingly arid conditions in the Western U S and Canada are beginning to dry out forest lands, making them less hospitable to the great conifer forests of fir, cedar, hemlock and redwoods. In past centuries, the mighty redwood forests of California were perpetually mist-covered, cloud-hidden… and relatively free of fire danger. This is no longer the case.

An ancient stand of the world’s tallest trees has fallen victim to California’s raging wildfires. The CZU and SCU complex fires near Santa Cruz have ravaged Big Basin State Park. Big Basin is California’s oldest state park and home to the largest continuous stand of ancient coast redwoods south of San Francisco. Some of the giant redwoods there are more than 50 feet around and as tall as the Statue of Liberty. At 1,000 to 1,800 years old, possibly older, these giants may predate the Roman Empire.

In other news, few photos are better proof of the climate crisis than those taken by the members of the MOSAiC expedition, taken in August. The photos clearly underline how several recent climate studies, predicting ice-free Arctic summers by 2035, is not a theoretical scenario but rather an unavoidable fact...

As you may know, the Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate (MOSAiC), expedition is a one-year-long expedition into the Central Arctic, planned to take place from 2019 to 2020. For the first time, a modern research icebreaker will operate in the direct vicinity of the North Pole year round, including the nearly half year long polar night, during winter.

A recent study published in the journal Nature Climate Change illustrates the serious negative path for Arctic summer sea ice. The study points to exactly what can be seen on the photos from this August’s MOSAiC voyage: The shallow pools of water form on the surface of the ice, so-called melt ponds, causes more sunlight to be absorbed instead of being reflected back into space as is the case with white-snow covered ice.

Loose and weak ice with lots of melt ponds, partly open water, and no signs of multiyear ice. The powerful photos from the MOSAiC expedition reaching the North Pole on August 19 show the dramatic impact of climate changes. The sea ice is surprisingly weak, has lots of melt ponds, and the expedition ship Polarstern was able to easily break through.

 So here we have a 2020 snapshot of climatic changes occurring in temperate forests as well as arctic environs… Fire and Ice. We know seasonal weather patterns will continue to fluctuate. We pray to an Angry God for early rain, while the Inuit pray for an early deep-freeze. We also know that our climate… the long-term average of weather… continues in it's disturbing warming trend.
Should this trend continue, as scientific models predict, humanity will be severely impacted. One study predicts that for every centimeter of rise in sea level, one million humans will be displaced. As most of humanity lives on coastlines, this is not too hard to imagine.

There are two traditional methods for dealing with climate change. One is “Mitigation” the other is “Adaptation.” Clearly the time has come and gone for dealing with climate change, solely by mitigation. We now must adapt. This doesn’t mean that we should give up on mitigation… we need to act now on a planetary scale. But it is clear that climate change is upon us and we are forced to pursue adaptation to this new reality.

On a personal note, your blogger is happy to report that my home and neighborhood was spared from the blaze that consumed so much of my community. Thankfully the winds blew north that day. My good luck was the bane of my  friends and neighbors to the north…

Our recovery continues. The community has come out in great numbers to provide whatever assistance they can. And seeing (and participating in) this great outpouring of love and support is encouraging indeed. And courage is what we will all need to muster in the days and weeks ahead.

In devotion... - J

Other installments of the Apocalypse Now! Series...

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Culture of the High and the Strange, Pt 3 - Agency

The naming of a thing is itself a powerful act. How we think about a thing is influenced by what we call it. As we have come to understand, language is magick and eloquence is enchantment. So in labeling the 21st century trend in culture: “Conspiracy Culture Internationale” we must be mindful of the connotations. Everyone is entitled to their own connotations, thank you very much… so here is our foundational thinking in the title...

The etymology of the word “conspire” traces back to circa 1325 CE, from Middle English (Anglo-French): conspirer, from Latin: conspirare “to agree, unite or act in harmony… literally: to breathe together” (con + spīrāre: to breathe). It was also originally harmonically associated with: “to blow together” ie: musical instruments… to “sound in unison.” 

The understanding of the origin of the word “conspire” implies a much less sinister interpretation. Per the original usage, conspiracy denotes breathing together. In this day and age, we all need to not only take a breath, but we need to breath together. After all, at the end of the day… we are all in this together. 

Additionally, the root of the word conspire, shares the same origin as the word “spirit.” This brings us to the spiritual component, mentioned at the end of part 2. In coming to terms with CCI, we must put aside the fear & loathing being generated by short-sighted political intrigues. We recognize this fear and mistrust as a tactic of the dominator predator culture, the American Archons… meant to divide and conquer. Should we all literally breath together, in the meditative sense, we will recognize that we, as a planet, are truly “all in this together.” We can and will harness the power of the new, Noösphere… for the betterment of all.

The rise of CCI, despite its unsavory elements, holds great potential for creative, cooperative, expansive evolution… moving into our Brave Noö Future. Despite Nationalist rhetoric, humanity’s strength resides within its diversity of populations. Far from the American Archon’s “new world order,” CCI’s vision of globalization is inspired by the “Blue Marble” image of the Earth… spaceship Gaia, taken by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft on December 7th, 1972. Once again, we’re all in this together.

With that said, in reading the synchromystic signs and portents, an oracular cautionary concern presents itself. Conspiracy Culture Internationale must not be a knee-jerk fearful reaction to the recent rise in immigration. The ramification of refugees fleeing Middle-Eastern war-zones and impacting more stable regions, such as Europe, will pale in comparison to the impending continental exodus of climate refugees, fleeing increasing drought conditions. It would only take a few consecutive years of drought in Africa, for instance, to massively impact more northern, European regions. 

In the years ahead, we will all need to understand the root causes of such movement of the people… and seek conducive, compassionate responses and solutions.

How this all plays out is still unclear, as the game is still in process. Not all the proverbial cards have been played. Make no mistake… there is a critical environmental element that we must not overlook. Our survival as a species depends upon it. The years ahead will be exceedingly interesting, to say the least. The emergence of CCI may play out in different ways. The nature of how it plays out… is up to us. Hope springs eternal, here aboard spaceship Gaia. 

Individual Agency

To extend the cosmic card game analogy… humanity’s “ace in the hole” resides within the autonomy of each sentient, individual intelligence agent. In contemporary social science, the term “agency” refers to the capacity of an individual to act independently and to make their own, unimpeded choices. An individual’s agency is their independent capability or capacity to act upon their free will. Within a well functioning intelligence agent, these actions align with self-interest, in accord with the interests of the collective.

By contrast, “structure” is a term used by social scientists that refers to the sum of those outside cultural factors of influence, or societal pressures that are instrumental in determining or limiting the individual’s agency. Structure is the collective circumstances (and bias) imposed upon the individual by society, such as gender, ethnicity, social class, religion, folkways & customs, etc., that the individual is born into. Thus, individual ability is affected by the cognitive belief structure, or to use Robert Anton Wilson’s descriptor, the consensual or shared “reality tunnel” which has formed through the individual’s experiences of society at large.

These societal pressures impact the individual intelligence agent, residing within any given cultural environment. They help inform or shape the current situation… the current conditions on the ground, if you will. However, the relative influence between structure and agency is debatable. It is ambiguous as to what extent a person’s actions are constrained by social systems. Additionally, disagreement on the extent of one’s agency often causes conflict between parties, ie: between parents and children or citizens and governmental entities.

In this day and age, systems of structure are on the rise. In addition to time-honored structural influences, such as familial, tribal and cultural norms (collective representations of acceptable group conduct) new layers of structure are rapidly forming around access to technology… ie: mobile communication, personal data collection and the use of social media platforms. Strange-yet-fittingly, given the times… these new technologies are both liberating and isolating. 

Complicating matters… these new technologies give rise to new governmental structures of control, driven by the alleged need for “homeland security.” In a globally networked environment, governmental control infringes upon traditional individual freedoms, identified by the American founding fathers as: Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness. In turn, government’s justification and technical ability are facilitated by new telecommunication capabilities. This is the conundrum each of us must face, in our Brave Noö World. Consequently, we can foresee intrusions into personal freedoms continuing into the foreseeable future.

 The deepening lattices of structure are indeed challenging to any intelligence agent, but they need not dictate our worldly affairs, let alone our interaction with Universe. Each of us, possess the authority to “play the cosmic card game” as we see fit, by virtue of the divine spark of autonomy, inherent in the human soul. We exercise this autonomy by virtue of our free will. We, in our discernment… in our capacity as an individual intelligence agent… are well served in playing the “free will” card.

This is not only our inalienable right… it is fast becoming an increasing necessity. In doing so, we accept personal responsibility for our actions. Remember, the word “responsibility” denotes our ability to respond. The ability to respond denotes autonomy. We need not passively accept the fortunes of fate, but rather actively pursue our own best interests. Additionally, in exercising our agency, we do not merely respond… we strategically respond. We develop tactics to improve and expand our agency.

This is the prime directive of Applied Tek-Gnostics… to provide systems that enhance individual agency... to empower, through the use of strategic tools of intelligence, each individual intelligence agent’s mental, social and spiritual capacity. This is also the inflection point where the societal implications of individual agency intersect the spiritual implications of free will. This is where knowledge becomes Gnosis. For purposes of our narrative, here is a quick historical review for our interpretation of Gnosis and our use of our foundational term: Gnosticism.

Deep within the cavernous labyrinth of human antiquity, there were anciently occurring schools of thought that insightfully addressed the perplexing nature of worldly existence. Those arcane thinkers, collectively known by modernity as “Gnostics,” thought deeply on such matters as: human spirituality, metempsychosis or the transmigration of souls, and the ultimate spiritual hierarchy of Universe. Although there are variations within different sects, the Gnostics held a philosophically unique perspective on humanity’s role in the material world.

The Gnostic mythology maintained that the reason the world in which we live is such a horrifically uncaring, seemingly insane place, is because the world was created by a horrifically uncaring, insane God. This angry, jealous, insane God, known to them as Demiurge (known at Tek-Gnostics as: Central Scrutinizer - thank you F Zappa), created the material world out of vanity and ignorance of the true “God above gods.” Thus, the Demiurge became the creator of a flawed material and psychic cosmos… all of which he created in the image of his own flaw. This creator deity, unaware of his true origins, imagined himself to be the ultimate and absolute God. In short: the creator deity known as Demiurge… was delusional.

If we are to indulge the Gnostic mythic assertion that the creator deity was indeed deluded and/or insane, certain fundamental questions such as: “why is there so much pain and suffering in this world?” can be looked upon in a new light. The Gnostic interpretation of a creator deity that was completely deranged… would answer many philosophical quandaries pertaining to the horrific nature of worldly existence. If the very creator of this world is crazy, little wonder that earthly events appear to be crazy. An unhinged creator god begets an unhinged world.

More importantly, the Gnostic doctrines rejected original sin. They maintained that a spark of divinity rests deep within each human… a divine spark that provides a direct link to the great, unknowable God above gods. This divine link bypasses Demiurge, who in his insanity, jealously rages in retribution at “the impudence of the puny humans!” Therefore, the sins of the material world were not driven by humans, but by a deranged creator god. It was this very heresy, this very impudence of the archaic Gnostics that so enraged the early Church that they were expelled as heretics.

Like the ancient Gnostics, the Tek-Gnostics system expresses itself through the medium of myth… 

“The truths embodied in these myths are of a more personal nature than the dogmas of theology or the statements of philosophy. In this way, the myth acts as a parable or metaphor, illustrating through the actions of the myth, complex insights”

 -S A Hoeller

Although the mythology of an anthropomorphic, deranged God may not resonate for some, the rejection of original sin is an essential component within Applied Tek-Gnostics. 

The development of individual agency within each of us, directly and proportionately corresponds to our free will. It is, in part, our free will that the ancient Gnostics poetically referred to as the spark of divinity that rests deep within each human soul. Freedom from the metaphor of original sin liberates each of us from the bondage of such sin. Unburdened from the chains of guilt, we are free to pursue and enhance our individual agency. And that is what the Tek-Gnostics user’s manual is all about.

Perhaps it is not a coincidence that we are currently experiencing a renaissance in Gnosticism and Gnostic thought. Perhaps Gnosticism is the most applicable spiritual response to the times we are living in. The Gnostic position of “trust no one, not even your own gods” instills a sense of self-reliance, skepticism, and verification. Perhaps a Gnostic sensibility enforces the very real need for “individual agency” as a mechanism of survival in a world gone crazy.

Moving forward, each one of us must nurture a personal mythology of integrity… a mythology of personal power, free from sin and guilt. We need to nourish a personal autonomy, free of the fear & loathing imposed upon us by organized religion. The Gnostic perspective affords each of us a personal authority wherein we are not at the mercy of a merciless God …an authority where we share the spark of divinity with that which remains nameless. 

Perhaps this is the most profound Gnostic realization, the secret of secrets. The spark of autonomy within each of us is in fact, an indestructible, inextinguishable ember of divinity… a smoldering speck, shared with the God above gods. The sacred spark that dwells deep within… manifests without as: free will. This is the divine authority from whence each of us issue. We each possess, deep within us, a shimmering glint of that which remains nameless.

At the end of the day, it is advantageous for each of us to take up the Gnostic mantle, to modernize and personalize the mythology. We clothe our emerging personal mythology in a contemporized mythic garment of the ancient Gnostics, for… in answer to the inevitable question being raised by each of you, dear readers… yes… we are living in Gnostic times.


Thursday, September 3, 2020

Presidential Politics... Stranger and Stranger...


Is the future of politics an open source insurgency?

In the strange realities of the 2020 presidential election, even the crazy, uproarious events of the 2016 elections... Wikileaks, the Steele dossier, Comet Pizza, Russian shenanigans... all of it... appear as "quaint" psyops of an earlier, more innocent time. Careening toward November, our sitting president sees clashes between far right and left factions as politically advantageous, rapid-firing tweets and inciting the faithful with brutal rally comments, well-crafted to fan the flames. Meanwhile, the Democratic challenger is haunted by his own political track record, and hounded by questions of his own cognitive capacity. 

They may not be much to look at... but these are the guys we got.

"Our country has grown increasingly polarized over the last few decades. Our elected officials’ dedication to their political affiliation has effectively worked against the people’s better interests. Recent history has proven that very little good comes from partisanship. Our country’s representatives’ dedication to their political affiliation has only brought conflict and hate, provoking each other into petty fights and even violence. The increasing political polarization has aliened many Americans and ensured that a majority of people vote not on their own party’s policies but their dislike for the opposition party. Around 62% of Democrats and 68% of Republicans say that they vote based on the fact that the other party is bad for the country. Alienation, partisanship, and unchecked representatives do not make for a healthy political environment."

- Amanda Parisse, Social Media Mgr, Divided We Fall

Back in March of this year, during the Democratic primaries, our affiliate YouTube mind station: BigtimeTelevision (23) put out a MindF@#k! public service announcement. It didn't get much attention at the time, as the COVID pandemic was barreling down on a (mostly) unsuspecting world citizenry. But given the extreme state of anarchy that U S presidential politics has devolved into... this simple little BlipVert is not only more relevant today... it seems downright prophetic.

So we are pleased to present to you... dear discerning readers... uncensored and in its entirety...  BT23's "Nobody For President! 2020" ...please enjoy. 

Now we recognize that there are many among us who cynically maintain that the whole carnival side-show is rigged... or staged by "the powers" to demonstrate a semblance of Free & Fair elections... but here's the thing. What if the whole show is so chaotic, so anarchically helter-skelter, that nobody IS in control? If that is the case, then BT23's candidate has already won!

Maybe it's for the best... after all, Nobody Cares! Nobody knows how to fix the political morass we find ourselves in. Nobody will look after your best interests. Nobody makes better apple pie than mom! Nobody's Perfect!

So we can take the pessimist's view and not vote... or we can take an optimistic view. Maybe our votes do count! Maybe voting is an exercise in civic responsibility! Maybe the Damn Horse Will Fly!!! Dare to be Naïve! Dare to take the chance that your political opinion counts, even in these crazy times. Don't worry about what your more-savvy friends might think!

There appears to be a lot at stake this November. It seems prudent to cast your ballot, just in case. If nothing else, stake a claim on what you believe to be the right vision for the future of the American Democratic experiment. Standing up for your beliefs will do your soul good. Besides... if your vote doesn't count... why all the voter suppression? 

What do you have to lose? So... as our current president suggests... VOTE EARLY & VOTE OFTEN!!!   


Monday, August 24, 2020

Q Anon: Alt-Right MindF@#k!

There has been “much ado” of late, as to the evil exploits and maniacal misadventures of that rascally enigma of the Alt-Right… Q Anon. As the clock ticks down on the 2020 Presidential elections, and riding high on pandemic fear-mongering, Q Anon appears to be ascending to unlikely-yet significant political heights. Simply put, Q Anon or “Q” is a conspiracy theorist persona, alleging a secret plot by the so-called "Deep State" against President Donald Trump and his supporters.

As many of you know, Q as an entity or entities, first appeared on the anonymous imageboard website: 4-chan, back in 2017. From this obscure beginning, the Q transmissions have virally expanded across social media. Within the mythology, Q is said to possess a Q level security clearance (a Dept of Energy security clearance that allows access to top-secret or otherwise restricted information) within the Trump administration.

In those early Q transmissions, he/she/they gained notoriety by posting the ominously titled: “The Calm Before the Storm” thread on 4-chan. The trigger phrase "The Storm" has since come to refer to an imminent event when thousands of alleged “Deep State” suspects will be arrested, imprisoned and executed. Q has since accused many liberal Hollywood actors, Democratic politicians, and other high-ranking, progressive officials of being members of an international child sex trafficking ring. Remarkably, these are not nearly the most scandalous accusations.
In addition to “The Storm” conspiracy moniker, Q and their devotees utilize other phrases or code-words, such as WWG1WGA (where we go 1, we go all) and “The Great Awakening” to cryptically identify their faith in their Q messiah. Currently, the number of Q  disciples is unknown, but they enjoy a large presence on social media, particularly Twitter. On June 24, 2020, Q exhorted followers to take a "digital soldiers oath", and many did (apparently including General Michael Flynn), using the Twitter hashtag: TakeTheOath.

Now that multiple political candidates (including Marjorie Taylor Greene, an avowed Q Anon sympathizer who won the primary election in Georgia's solidly Republican 14th Congressional District), are ascending the political ladder,  it appears increasingly likely that Q disciples will walk the halls of Congress this fall.
I know what you are thinking... You are thinking: Wasn’t Q the head of "Q Branch" ...the R & D division of agent 007 James Bond’s British Secret Service? Didn’t Q give Bond all his cool gadgets? And didn’t Bond battle SPECTRE, the worldwide cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who rule the world?
Naw… that’s crazy. That is just a plot out of some pulp spy thriller…

"Q" from the James Bond franchise. Note the Q mug... now on sale at the "Q r-us" store!

Although (the allegedly real) Q has been on the Tek-Gnostics cult-watch radar for some time, we first commented on the Q phenomenon (phenomena?) in March of 2018, in an appropriately titled post: Follow the White Rabbit. In a November, 2019 we followed up our reporting, with a brief entry in a more poignant post, titled:  “Occult Origins of Nazism.” As we indicated in that post… and very much like the darkest aspects of Nazism… the Q phenomenon is harnessing the dark-side of the occult. 

Upon closer examination of Q’s "digital soldiers oath" …it appears as though the oath is an attempt to recruit and organize "digital warriors" for the political and social apocalypse that the followers of Q have been led to believe is coming. Tellingly, Q’s precepts and vocabulary are closely related to the cultic, religious concepts of millenarianism and apocalypticism, which technically categorizes the Q movement as an emerging, quasi-religious, Doomsday Cult.

Millenarianism (from Latin mīllēnārius: containing a thousand), is the belief by a religious, social, or political group in a coming fundamental transformation of society, after which "all things will be changed." Such movements believe in looming, radical changes to society, expedited after a major cataclysm or transformative event. Many (if not all) millenarian groups claim that the current society and its rulers are corrupt, unjust, or downright evil, and that they will soon be destroyed by a powerful force. The harmful nature of the status quo is considered intolerable without the anticipated dramatic change.

Q-ism mirrors classic Millenarianism structure, with three periods in which change might occur. First, the elect members of the movement will be increasingly oppressed, leading to the second period in which the movement resists the oppression. The third period brings about a new utopian age, liberating the members of the movement… the Great Awakening.

As we have reported in past posts, Millenarian ideologies or cultic sects such as Q, often appear in populations who feel they are being oppressed, with examples such as the 19th-century Ghost Dance movement among Native Americans, and the 19th and 20th-century cargo cults among isolated Pacific Islanders.

In alignment, Apocalypticism is the religious belief that an apocalypse (a term which originally referred to a revelation), or end of the world is imminent… even within one's own lifetime. This belief is usually accompanied by the idea that civilization will soon come to a tumultuous end due to some sort of catastrophic global event.
Such views and movements often focus on cryptic revelations about a sudden, dramatic, and cataclysmic intervention of God… the judgment of all men… the salvation of the faithful elect, and the eventual rule of the elect with God in a renewed heaven and earth.
Q’s messaging is no different, also employing cryptic revelations and transmissions. Q uses Socratic method (asking questions to make the reader arrive at their own conclusion) in the attempt to expose the truth. For obvious reasons, Q posts do not give explicit details, having wrongly predicted such events as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 arrest, and the 2018 suggestion that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the granddaughter of Adolf Hitler.

Predictably, Q later dismissed his/her/their false claims and incorrect predictions as willful misinformation… claiming that "disinformation" is necessary. Q's posts have since become more cryptic and vague, allowing followers to map their own beliefs onto them.

Q’s “Great Awakening” smacks of other apocalyptic jargon used to inspire or provoke the faithful. The Storm is coming… just be patient. The problem with such jargon is that the followers of Q… armed to the teeth… will sooner or later apply the motto: patience my ass… I’m gonna kill something! And herein is the danger in this or any other doomsday cult.

As for the Q phenomenon itself… if anything, it is a grand, alt-right mindfuck. A phantasmagoric, fever-dream creation of some entitled, far-right-wing official… possibly within the Trump administration (but likely not) who is under the delusion that he/she/it has been disenfranchised by the ethnic hoards invading our country. The resulting alt-right mindfuck prank, took on a life of its own, inspiring other self-deluded and self-tortured souls to believe that they too have been disenfranchised by the “Deep State.”
So all you progressive peaceniks out there, beware! The Legions of Q are coming! and they are well armed!

As for us... we at Tek-Gnostics continue to hold to the original understanding of the word Apocalypse... "A steady increase of light, [through which] darkness is made to disappear... or in which iniquity dissolves... and just as the smoke rising into the air... [the darkness] eventually dissipates."