Trump Crime Family Consolidates Power

Obscured by President Joe Biden's State of the Union address, the Republican National Committee quietly announced their election of Lara Trump... daughter-in-law of Presidential Candidate (read: Mob Boss) Donald Trump, along with another Trump ally, Michael Whatley, as the new leadership of the RNC. This maneuver blatantly strengthens the former president’s grasp on the Republican party after he all but secured the presidential nomination earlier in the week.

Lara has been quoted as saying: "everything I do at this committee will have one focus... re-electing Donald Trump, flipping the Senate, and expanding the House this November... the RNC needs to be the leanest, most lethal political fighting machine we've ever seen in American history" As to whether RNC funds will be used to help Trump with his growing legal fees, currently around half a billion dollars... Lara Trump said she believed Republican voters would be OK with the RNC paying Trump’s legal bills in part because they (were brainwashed to) see  the prosecution of him as “attacks.”

Formerly a story coordinator and producer for the TV news magazine Inside Edition, Lara is well versed in the ways of leveraging public opinion through media manipulation and disinformation, thereby sanitizing the Trump crime family Brand.

As you know, a crime family is a unit of an organized crime syndicate. In its strictest sense, a family (or clan) is a criminal gang, operating either on a unitary basis or as an organized collection of smaller gangs (e.g., cells, factions, crews, etc). Sometimes the term is used to describe distinct units of crime syndicates of other ethnic and national origin, such as the Irish Mob, Japanese Yakuza, Chinese Tongs and Triads, Mexican drug cartels, and most importantly to the Trump family, the Russian mafia. 

Vladimir Putin, Trump's handler, continues to have incredible influence over the Trump crime family, no doubt driven by various Russian Oligarch's capital investment and by the explicit terms of the many favors and loans provided to Trump... "take the silver, or take the lead."

The Trump crime family was founded by NYC real-estate developer and Klansman, Fred Trump. The Trump patriarch was investigated for profiteering by a U.S. Senate committee in 1954 and again by New York State in 1966. Donald Trump became the president of his father's real-estate business in 1971. Two years later, they were sued by the U.S. Justice Department's Civil Rights Division for apparent racial discrimination against blacks.

La Cosa Nostra had a virtual monopoly on concrete in New York at the time Trump was adding his name to its skyline in the 1980s. And the mafia’s control over building supplies and labor unions meant that the crime families had a hand in most construction projects in Manhattan. Trump and other major developers "had to adapt to that situation" or build elsewhere, James Jacobs, a mafia expert told PolitiFact, back in 2016.

So with a long, well documented history as a crime family, the Trumps have gained control of the RNC, ahead of this year's presidential election. It is clear that Lara will be a "good girl" and do Trump's bidding, both in funding Trump's legal expenses, and... perhaps more importantly... in relentlessly pursuing voter suppression. The RNC is expected to more fully embrace Trump’s focus on voter fraud and his debunked claims about the 2020 election, despite multiple court cases and Trump’s own justice department failing to reveal any evidence of significant voting irregularities.

Undaunted by the facts, the RNC has signaled they intend to utilize the mafioso tactic of intimidation, by launching a "pole monitoring" campaign in November. Their stated plan is to recruit and train tens of thousands of poll workers and watchers in key battleground states. It's part of the RNC's ongoing push to scrutinize alleged voter fraud and mobilize on-the-ground "election integrity directors" in crucial states ahead of the 2024 election.

Although Smokin' Joe Biden did ok in his last State of the Union speech before the upcoming elections, Team Biden clearly has their work cut out for them. Cobbling back together the broad coalition of interests that got him elected in 2020 is a heavy lift. His lack of leadership in condemning the brutal overreaction and genocidal overreach of the Israeli military in Gaza has sown the seeds of doubt in the minds of many.

So it appears that 2024 is stacked up to be a re-run of the 2020 presidential elections... two old white guys vying for the top slot... life-long politician vs mob boss... Helluva matchup. Steel yourself dear intrepid reader... for its only gonna get stranger from here on out...


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