Brave Noö World... a preview.


From the Introduction...

So this is the world we are living in. It is a wondrous place… it is also a crazy place… and getting crazier. Take a look around. All facets of human endeavor have been turned upside down. What was once good is now bad. What was once true, is now a lie. Crazy, right? How, in the name of all that is sacred or profane, did it come to this? How did we get here? How could have affairs gotten so bizarre? And yet… this is our world… this is our time.

The times in which we live, continue to quicken… to morph and transform, at an ever-increasing pace. This quickening is being driven by real-world factors that, even ten years ago, would have been laughed off or dismissed as dystopian science fictional fantasy. Who could have envisioned a pandemic-ravaged world where whole economies and social classes were abruptly displaced?
Who could have predicted a global network of social-mediated information streams where the very fabric of consensual reality is splintered into multiple, alternative realities? Who could have foreseen that siloed, cult ideologies would dominate previously urbane, routinely accepted conventional wisdom? Who could have predicted a planet so impacted by environmental catastrophe as to require a complete reimagining of civilization?

Who indeed. This transformation from a mundane, to a bizarro world, did not catch all of us flat-footed, however. As we shall see, there were those among us who did anticipate versions of the unprecedented change that was to be unleashed upon us all... some foresaw and commented on the clear indicators of what was about to go down.

These visionaries came from a variety of unexpected sources. Some from the literary domain, others with more unusual pedigrees. In exploring this premise, let us, for a moment, take a brief trip back in time…

As you recall, although the 2000s were full of hope and promise, strange things were brewing just beneath the surface of our simmering new millennium. That great equalizer of digital information access: the internet, was about to show it’s darker side… the conspiracy underground was about to go mainstream. With total domination within their grasp, the globalist elite were about to be dealt a near-death blow. Out on the frontier of the fringe, strange alternate realities that had simmered for a decade or two, were about to boil over.

The previous half century of so-called trickle-down economics, had been exposed as a systematic theft… a fleecing of the 99, by the 1%. Despite then-president Ronald Reagan’s empty promise, nothing trickled down. In wake of this boondoggle, increasing numbers of the disenfranchised came to realize that the stacked deck of crony capitalism and corporatocracy is a no-win proposition. In desperation, people turned to occultic methodologies to level the playing field… to help tip the odds back in their favor.

In the ensuing years, we have seen an increased fragmenting of consensus reality, in favor of multiple, often competing realities. As our timeline accelerates, reality splinters and diverges along innumerably novel pathways. At times, these paths overlap, so as to give the impression of a consensus reality. But these conceptual pathways cross and re-cross… plummeting down temporal back-alley dead-ends and careening up and over speculative summits, like the most bad-ass roller coaster at the most surreal funhouse… imaginable.

American author, 1980’s era counter-cultural guru, and world-renown, mystic-agnostic: Robert Anton Wilson once described these phenomena as reality tunnels, where our understanding of reality is mediated through our senses, experience, conditioning, prior beliefs, and other non-objective factors. It turns out that these reality tunnels can be manipulated, funneled, and redirected by those with nefarious intent.

Naturally these multiple, alternate realities propagate multiple, alternative facts (to borrow a phrase) and/or truths. One of the resulting casualties of our ever-changing paradigm, is a quaint little idea known as objective truth...

Sacrificed before the alter of expediency, the (relatively) singular, objective truth of even the previous decade has splintered, and virally mutated into competing, convenient truths. And it was precisely at this juncture, at the divergence of once unmitigated truth, where things began to get… really weird.

To Be Continued...


algiz said…
Very descriptive,can't wait see more.

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