Friday, November 2, 2018

Cult of Personality - Pt 3

Dog Whistle – noun
1) A high-pitched whistle used to train dogs, typically having a sound inaudible to humans.
2) A subtly aimed, strategic cultural/political message wherein the general population will interpret its common meaning… but a certain target group that is “in the know” will take away the secret, intended message.

In the autumn of 2015, well before the 2016 Presidential election, I began looking into the “Cult of Personality” phenomena, as it pertained to Donald Trump. At that time, Trump was the rising star of the Republican presidential primaries and caucuses. In the first installment, I delved into Trump’s reality TV popularity, his pop-media public persona, and how it was transforming into what sociologists call a Cult of Personality. Here is a quick refresher: 

A cult of personality arises when a country's regime (or, more rarely, an individual) uses the techniques of mass media, propaganda, the big lie, spectacle, the arts, patriotism, and government-organized demonstrations and rallies to create an idealized, heroic, and worshipful image of a leader, often through unquestioning flattery and praise. A cult of personality is established by modern social engineering techniques… usually by the state or the party in one-party states. It is often seen in totalitarian or authoritarian countries.

There are various views about what constitutes a cult of personality in a leader. Modern-day, media-savvy personality cults display five characteristics that set them apart from their predecessors…

1) The cults are secular and anchored in popular sovereignty.
2) Their objects are all males. 
3) They target the entire population, not only the well-to-do or just the ruling class. 
4) They use mass media. 
5) They exist where the mass media can be controlled enough to inhibit the introduction of “rival cults.”

Often, a single leader becomes associated with this socio-political transformation and comes to be treated as a benevolent “guide” for the nation, without whom, the transformation to a better future cannot occur. This has been generally the justification for personality cults that arose in totalitarian societies, such as those of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Chairman Mao.

Given all that has transpired in the last three years, the above (from Wikipedia) sounds hauntingly familiar. 4 out of the 5 of the above-numbered items accurately describe contemporary American politics, while #5 on the list, is all but complete.

In the second installment, I began to explore the phenomena through a synchronistic lens… looking for a deeper, symbolic relevance to Trump’s rise. Not satisfied with overt, political ramifications… part two examined covert, occult connotations, as revealed in the etymology of the word Trump… and the arcane use of the “trump card” in games of chance and especially the divinatory Tarot.

In part two, I explored the question: Why Trump? Why now? The symbolic, archetypical underpinnings of the word Trump, being the surname of the Donald… adds an enigmatic, troubling depth to Trump’s overt rise as the figurehead of the Alt-Right, Nationalist paradigm.

Symbolism was prevalent in Trump’s rise, beginning with his “descent from heaven” escalator ride, at his presidential run announcement at Trump Tower. Tellingly, as explored in part two… the 16th trump card of the Tarot deck is the “Tower” card. This card, found in the major arcane tarot deck, represents the breaking down of old forms (any bells ringing from Trump Tower?). The Tower card follows immediately after The Devil card, in all Tarots that contain it… and is associated with sudden, disruptive, and potentially destructive change.

In the ensuing years, Trump’s overt rise to power has moved from the speculation and trepidation of his election and early presidency, to the revelation and consternation of his now-apparent political agenda. With his relative silence (read: implied condoning) during the shock-troop rally in Charlottesville, Virginia… with his vitriolic rhetoric and methodical actions taken to block immigration and his vilification of refugees…  Trump’s intent came into focus.

His recent antics of separating families at our southern border, announcing his intent to abolish the 14th amendment by presidential decree, and finally, straight-up announcing to the world at a political rally in Texas that he considers himself a “Nationalist” …Trump has “come out of the closet” to clearly identify his politics… that of Fascism. Trump is a proclaimed fascist. His politics incorporate chauvinism, racism, and a mystique of violence… all crucial ingredients in a fascist State. This reality is not news, as this is the platform he campaigned on. What is new, is that he now publicly embraces his fascism and boldly pursues it.

Trump the man is entertaining enough. He has a certain braggadocios, machismo charm that oddly works for a guy in his early 70’s... an age where most men have matured beyond bodaciousness. Trump the persona projects classic, alpha male characteristics… traits he desperately needed as a Mafioso/Real Estate developer in New York City. His mobster business practices, which excluded him from securing legitimate bank loans, required him to deal with Saudi despots and Russian oligarchs, where the loan terms were… “take the silver or take the lead.”

It is important to remember Trump’s organized crime background. It clarifies his actions in dealing with Putin and crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (affectionately known as MbS by political cronies). It makes more sense that president Trump would kowtow to crime families that he is beholden to. Besides… who buys Trump’s real estate if not Russian oligarchs and the Saudis?  They are his real constituents. He must have some pretty horrific loan obligations.

But it is Trump the symbol that is of the most interest and topic of this article. The rise of Trump as the figurehead of a Cult of Personality which promotes a fascist agenda does not bode well for a democratic republic, such as the United States of America. This is extremely troubling, but again, not surprising. Cult of Personality is by definition a product of fascism. I know what you’re thinking… the word “fascist” gets bandied about so much as to be a meaningless term. You’re thinking I am using the term “fascist" as a pejorative… an insult to hurtle at the Donald.

What I am thinking... is that the rise of fascist ideology equates to the decline of freedom. Fascism rises in direct opposition to the personal freedoms of a Republic and the collective (greatest good for greatest numbers) freedoms of a Democracy. Those at the highest echelons of power are now openly attacking the very principles that have truly made America great… and Trump is the personification, the occult symbol of those in power. We need to look beyond the man.

Vigilance is called for. The synchromystic signs and portents of Occult Trump Symbolism reflect a deeper machination. The figurehead is symbolic of powerful, Big Brother energies, who seek to shape the world in their image. Dark Powers, typified by the Cult of Kek phenomena are also at play.

The shit is getting real… Fast. The veneer of Democracy is paper thin. As the figurehead of Cult of Personality, Trump is pursuing an agenda that has been authorized and well laid out, far in advance of the election. So far, it has gone down the way the powers want it to go. Divide and conquer. It behooves us all not to get caught up in the partisan rhetoric… in the tribalism-by-design of the American Archons. Nationalism and Globalism are constructs of the powerful.

If you really want to know the truth… the jobs are not coming back. The barbarian hordes are not at the gate. The future is scary… it always has been. The world is changing.

Earth is a wondrous, beautiful planet. As stewards, we can allocate planetary resources in such a way as to provide safety and sustenance for all… if we wanted to. Together we can build a beautiful future... if we want to... but we really have to want it. Can I see a show of hands for all those in favor of a peaceful planet… free of hate... and with liberty and justice for all? I thought so. I guess at the end of the day… that is what democracy is all about… a show of hands.

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