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Welcome to Conspiracy Culture International

The global impact of the “brave-new information age” and its operating system, the so-called “new media” was profoundly demonstrated during the 2016 US Presidential election. As opposed to being a cathartic event, Election Day was chillingly divisive. The outcome caught many people… many factions, by surprise. For some… their bewilderment raised suspicions of the fidelity of a political process ostensibly designed: “of the people, by the people & for the people.” For others… their worst suspicions were confirmed.

In the wake of Brexit and with predictions of a surge in far-right political popularity in upcoming national elections in Europe, we appear to be in the midst of an internationally reactionary, populist/nationalist/alt-right convulsion. As the Donald loads his cabinet with big oil execs, bankers and generals, the US transition is poised to go from bankrupt democracy to rising corporatocracy. Or maybe the PTB facade is slipping... 

It can be argued that what we witnessed being played out on November 9th in the US was a rare glimpse of the true machinations of globally impactful power. Some (whose opinion we respect in such matters) contend that the result revealed a de facto military junta… a power play by “military intelligence” over the central intelligence agency. While the CIA had been favored by the Obama regime, the Trump regime clearly prefers MI. The CIA’s subsequent “leaked” revelations of Russian intrigue into US affairs in 2016 supports this theory.

However, as of this writing, this is conjecture… what actually went down may be even more exotic. The fact that the outcome was so widely unanticipated indicates that the usual smoke and mirrors of the Hegemony fell away for a brief moment. Such international disarray is rarely witnessed by the general population. It only occurs when a major shift in power takes place... when the powers themselves are in disarray. But there are other powers, other global forces at play here in the brave new information age…

Another significant power shift was evidenced in the 2016 campaign. The shift of which I speak has been the rise of the afore-mentioned Alt-right, in global affairs. This is not an endorsement of neo-fascism… far from it. The Alt-right is but one small, fearful & hateful reactionary faction of a much larger, globally impactful phenomenon. The phenomena to which I refer, is the global recognition, respect, and adoption of what once was a marginalized fringe culture. Witness the rise of Conspiracy Culture International.

Not long ago, if a commentator spoke of a Shadow Government or the Deep State, let alone the Kennedy assassinations, fake moon landings or the Roswell incident, he or she would have been promptly labeled a fanatic, a kook, or worse… a conspiracy theorist. With the media frenzy leading up to the 2016 US elections, conspiracy theory became legitimized… became mainstream. Conspiracy theory has long been associated with the political right-wing... hence the widely reported rise of the Alt-right, by pop-media. This is a narrow, misleading interpretation of the rise and the impact of Conspiracy Culture International.

Conspiracy Culture, for want of a more accurate descriptor, is a massive, diverse, world-wide phenomenon. It embraces the seemingly divergent communities that monitor or adhere to not only Conspiracy & Deep State theory... but ancient alien & alien abduction narratives, new age philosophies, neo-religious beliefs, PSI phenomena & the paranormal, astrology & magick… even the eccentric Electric Universe theory. Far from being the intellectual playground of the Alt-right, such beliefs are held by all walks of life. The ascending Conspiracy Culture is as diverse as the world’s population.

The true rise of conspiracy theory as a mainstream phenomenon is driven by a pervasive mistrust of government, political institutions, the commoditization of science and multi-national corporate structure. In short: The dominator (or predator) culture. This mistrust is shared by liberals and conservatives alike… alt-right and new left. It goes beyond the political, the national, to the very fabric of modern global culture. Conspiracy Culture International is a response to the quickening of cultural (and climate) change… it is a product… a response… to this acceleration. And yes, it has a spiritual component.

Rise of the new, noösphere…

The noösphere (noʊ.əsfɪər) is defined as the sphere of human thought. The word derives from the Greek νοῦς (nous "mind") and σφαῖρα (sphaira "sphere"), in lexical analogy to "atmosphere" and "biosphere". It was popularized by the 20th-century heretic, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in 1922, with his theory on Cosmogenesis.

The noösphere can be considered a third successive layer or sphere of development of the planet Earth. The first, foundational sphere is the geosphere, or the planet herself, which is comprised of inanimate matter and geologic processes. The second sphere is the biosphere, or biological life. The third sphere… the noösphere… is the sphere of thought encircling the earth that has emerged through evolution as a consequence of growth in complexity of consciousness. Just as the emergence of life fundamentally transformed the geosphere, so did the emergence of human (as well as other species) cognition fundamentally transform the biosphere.

Our theory of the new, noösphere incorporates the creation and proliferation of the World Wide Web, with all its associated technologies, as part of the third strata of planetary development. We have previously described this communication network as the “infosphere.” The accelerating partnership of man and machine (ie: humans and the internet) as a mechanism of the new, noösphere has ominously been labeled: Technological Singularity (but this is another thread of the tale, best told another time). Suffice it to say that humanity and our technological tools are inseparable as the sphere of human thought.

The new, noösphere is inclusive enough to incorporate Gaia Hypothesis within the processes of all three strata. This inclusion would imply a planetary sentience. This places humanity as part of the process, not the ultimate center of it. Again, this quickening of evolution is evidenced by the current increase in geologic activity, the acceleration of climate change and the planetary mammalian rise in consciousness. Each is an example of a hastening of the three developmental spheres of the planet.

We would argue that this is an interrelated unfolding of the three spheres, in tandem, as an expression of the system as a whole. The accompanying rise of Conspiracy Culture International represents a fundamental shift in the workings of information flow, worldwide. The demonization of the press is a symptom of this shift, as is the rise in importance of a certain somebody’s infamous twitter feed. These are symptoms of the immediacy of information exchange.

None Dare Call it Conspiracy!

The naming of a thing is itself a powerful act. How we think about a thing is influenced by what we call it. So in labeling the current trend in culture... “Conspiracy Culture International” we must be mindful of the connotations. Everyone is entitled to their own connotations, thank you very much… so here is our foundational thinking in the title...

The etymology of the word “Conspire” traces back to circa 1325 CE, from Middle English (Anglo-French): conspirer, from Latin: conspirare “to agree, unite or act in harmony… literally: to breathe together" (con- + spīrāre to breathe; see spirant, spirit). It was also originally harmonically associated with "to blow together" ie: musical instruments… "to sound in unison."

The understanding of the origin of the word “conspire” implies a much less sinister interpretation. Per the original usage, conspiracy denotes breathing together. In this day and age, we all need to not only take a breath, but we need to breathe together. After all, at the end of the day… we are all in this together. All humans... all flora and fauna… we all walk upon this Mother Earth together. Remember… our planet’s diameter is a mere 7,900 miles. Such a small speck in the vastness of the cosmos.

Additionally, the root of the word shares the same origin as the word “spirit.” This brings us back to the spiritual component, mentioned above. With Conspiracy Culture International, we must put aside the fear and mistrust being generated by current global affairs. We recognize fear as a tactic of the dominator predator culture, meant to divide and conquer. Should we all literally breath together, in the meditative sense, we will recognize that we, as a planet, are truly “all in this together.” We harness the power of the new, noösphere for the betterment of all.

Conspiracy Culture International need not be a knee-jerk fearful reaction to the rise in immigration. The ramification of Syrian Refugees impacting Europe will pale in comparison to the impending continental exodus driven by climate change. In the years ahead, we will all need to understand the root causes of such movement of the people… and seek conducive, compassionate responses and solutions.      

How this all plays out is unclear, as we are in process. Not all the proverbial cards have been played. The months and years ahead will be exceedingly interesting, to say the least. The idea of a Conspiracy Culture International may play out in different ways. The nature of how it plays out… is up to us. Hope springs eternal. However, for the cynics among us, I leave you with a quote from that rascally old heretic, Teilhard…

“The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason for hope.”

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