Sunday, February 28, 2021

Blows Against the Empire 2 - we hold these truths to be self-evident

“To the eyes of the bureaucrat, creativity looks like disruption” - J H

The first installment of this series began with a quote from science fiction author and pop-future prophet, Philip K Dick. With the invocation of THE EMPIRE NEVER ENDED metaphor, we examined “EMPIRE” as a demiurgic, predator/dominator institution of thought control. We went on to identify and define the Bureaucratic Orthodoxy vs. Disruptive Insurgency (BO/DI) mind-map model, as a foundation in which to conceptualize and mount a resistance to such thought control.

Although this series reaches to identify and expose the deeper, occult, sinisterly-persistent nature of EMPIRE… a good place to start is with identifying the “low hanging fruit” of our current, political situation. It will serve our purposes to deal and dispatch with the overt, Right/Left gamesmanship of partisan politics, as played in these United States, by the Republican and Democratic political parties, before moving on to a more parapolitical narrative.

Let’s begin with some real-world, boots on the ground acknowledgement of what republican and democratic principles are… not the party-line propaganda pushed by the GOP and DNC. The essence of republicanism, is the safeguarding of individual rights. Any Republic worth its salt, defends the individual rights of: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, as inalienable rights… as defined in the U S declaration of independence.

A fitting example of safeguarding personal freedoms is set out in the Bill of Rights, outlining the limitations of governmental power. These original 10 rights, provide guarantees of individual freedoms and personal autonomy, not expressly covered in the U S Constitution.

The essential democratic value is the provision of just and equal representation “of the people, by the people, and for the people” …as so eloquently put forth in Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. It can be defined as: “greatest good for the greatest numbers.” Any halfway decent Democracy provides safeguards for the majority of the population… especially for those who don’t have institutional power, or a “seat at the table.”

A timely example of safeguarding the people’s collective rights is the establishment of the Clean Water Act, in 1948. The provision of oversight by the EPA of contaminant emissions into U S waterways, insures the health and safety of “we the people” over the interests of any polluting industry. Oversight is an essential function of any governing body, disallowing vested, corporate interests from running amok.    

Such ideologies as “personal freedom” and “greatest good” are common sense ideas that most folks agree with. These foundational principles are simple… so simple as to be overlooked, or obscured by the eloquent orations of dogma, as espoused by skilled pundits, Right and Left. Our current dilemma resides in the fact that political orthodoxies speak not of common sense concerns facing us all… but rather of inflammatory, culture war memetics. 

Over the last few decades, the Bureaucratic Orthodoxy (again, both Right and Left) have moved away from actual issues… toward cultural dogmas. It is easier to “rile up the base” with non-issues that evoke a strong emotional response, than it is to tackle serious-but-complicated issues that affect us all. Such cultural war tactics cajole through fear rather than govern through consensus.

CPAC 2021 overt culture war theme: "Amerika Uncanceled"

A classic example of such tomfoolery is the Bureaucratic Orthodoxy of the Right’s embrace of a “god, guns & guts” campaign. Such dogma is crafted to appeal to the fears of the first amendment “guns rights” faction, as well as the Christian Right. In addition to the threat of losing your guns and your religion, your patriotism (ie: masculinity) is also in question, if you “don’t have the guts” to stand up for what the orthodoxy wants you to believe. 

Contrary to this propaganda… no one is coming to take your guns or restrict your right to practice your faith as you see fit. It is the fear of these actions that the Right Orthodoxy has so effectively weaponized in the culture wars.

The Orthodoxy boondoggle has it’s examples on the Left, as well. The orthodoxy, be it conservative or liberal, is the system of control that remains the dominant paradigm, so long as the divide and conquer strategy continues to work. This is the EMPIRE of derangement that would have us squabble amongst ourselves, so that the EMPIRE’s authority, through means of deception, remains intact.

The point is… both the bureaucratic orthodoxy of the Right and the bureaucratic orthodoxy of the Left, would rather have you distracted by partisan dogma, than recognize the reality that we are being manipulated to support the agenda of someone or something else. Given the unprecedented rise in Corporate Power (and profits) in the last few decades, it is not too difficult to guess who or what that might be.

In our next installment of this series, we will “pierce the veil” that obscures our view of who is pulling the strings in our mixed up, muddled up, shook up world. As we shall discover, the bureaucratic orthodoxy hates disruptive insurgency. In the eyes of the bureaucrat… ingenuity and creativity looks like chaos and disruption. Such spontaneous, creative expressions must be stifled at all cost! If everyone began thinking for themselves… then where would we be?

Stay tuned, as we seek to uncover the answers to our political, as well as parapolitical quandaries, in our next exciting episode!

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Dennis/87 said...

Lordee lordee, I consider the extreme right as fascist. No other word fits. Right is wrong, left is right. yea man! Shine forth brave souls! 87