Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Culture Wars

"The world we live in today appears to be much more socially chaotic and politically contentious than it did only yesterday. Seemingly overnight our planet's socio-political landscape has been rearranged into a nightmarish, dystopian mix of soul-crushing late-stage capitalism, social media intrusion, surveillance, and tribally networked identity politics. Welcome to the Culture Wars. The term "culture war" has been used to refer to the political discourse and actions surrounding issues that are rooted in dogmatically held, emotionally charged ideologies and factional reality tunnels.

Originally, the term referred to the conflict between traditionalist, conservative values and social-democratic, progressive values... as predominantly demonstrated in the Western world. The late 20th and early 21st centuries witnessed the rise of a new, ultra-conservative movement, labeled neoconservatism. Neo-conservatives or Neocons differ from their conservative predecessors... as well as their opponents... in that they interpret problems facing the nation as moral issues rather than economic or political issues. With the rise of the neocons, the culture wars have since escalated from an ideological cold war, to one that is white-hot."

"Most battles in the culture wars are fought over issues such as LGBTQ rights, abortion,  gun control, feminism, pornography, the sexual revolution, drugs, multiculturalism, the role of religion in American society, school prayer, the teaching of evolution... and the latest battlegrounds... immigration and climate change. Other battles come and go depending on what new moral panic is currently trending on social media.

Although the issues of the culture war target tribal affiliation and emotion, they are often employed by those who are not actually vested in the culture war... those who hold the pursuit of wealth and power as their primary value. They use the culture war as a means to get people to act against their own economic self-interest and to distract voters' attention."

"Such battle lines are being exasperated by emerging, social media conglomerates that seek to dominate the world's infotainment sphere. The usual suspects... facebook, google, amazon... battle for dominancy of modern humanity's hand-held interface with a globally intact mass media landscape. Through intrusive, privacy-busting, personal data mining techniques, they insidiously target users, utilizing their own browsing history to not only sell them "personalized" products, but to sell their personal data to ambiguous, often shady third-parties, with ambiguous, often shady intent. Theft by data..."
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The preceding excerpts are from our new Culture Jammer Central page, at our mothership: tekgnostics.com. The curious will find a brief overview of the Culture Wars phenomena... that insidious scam, perpetrated by those who wish to continue to divide us. We also delve into the ramifications of the impact that social media has upon the Culture Wars... what we call: the World Entertainment Wars.  

As the page name implies, additional resources for those who wish to resist the tomfoolery of the Culture Wars will also be made available as we update and expand the new addition. Stay tuned, dear intrepid traveler, for: The Empire Never Ended...

World Entertainment War is... “a benevolent media virus programmed to prevent
the entertainment criminals from stealing your imagination."

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