Tuesday, April 3, 2018

None Dare Call it Conspiracy!

In the ongoing endeavor to update and otherwise wrap our HEADS around the strange days permeating our brave noö world... the domesticated primates who are pulling the levers down here in the trenches at Tek-Gnostics continue to revamp. After all... reality is what you can get away with... 

Of late, we have consolidated materials pertaining to what we previously identified as Conspiracy Culture Internationale, and came up with a new portal of the occluded, that we call:

Funny how web pages morph and blend... turns out we had to rework our High Weirdness page, just to accommodate the conspiracy stuff. Check it out. We are sure the discerning reader will be able to catch all the edits. 

Yes, it's a strange world, getting stranger. We had hoped that articulating the strangeness would somehow help...

But alas, it's not getting better. It keeps getting crazier. Just when ya think ya can come up for a breath, another wave of craziness hits... The Orange One tweets out more political hyperbole. The press is outraged! Like the good doctor said...  politics as-usual requires us to get down on all fours. And still it keeps getting crazier. Down in the editorial staff lounge, that proverbial pinhead, zippy, zaps the zeitgeist for fun and prophet!

Yow! No matter... we'll carry on, just as we trust you-all will.

In the old days, things were simpler... Zippy would have his pinhead safely encased in a tinfoil hat. Those who dwelt upon Deep State theory would be dismissed as some kinda kook. None would take it seriously... None would dare go down the rabbit hole... None would dare call it conspiracy!

Nowadays, it's just another day in paradise... enjoy... just remember... Don't believe everything you think!

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