Friday, March 9, 2018

Rise of Psychedelia at Tek-Gnostics

The Tek-Gnostics Network continues to evolve. Given the massive cultural metamorphosis that we all are experiencing... the changing of the proverbial paradigm, as it were... we have been busy adding and re-arranging content, based upon new, emerging synchronistic priorities. As we had indicated in a recent post...  

"In recognition of the disconcerting times we find ourselves living in… in the realization that these strange days have never been stranger… in response to all that has transpired in transforming our brave noö world… the Tek-Gnostics info-nexus has implemented a significant rethink as to the nature and the implementation of our prime directive." 

As such, our prime directive has taken a decided turn toward the peculiar and perplexing... mirroring the rapidly morphing zeitgeist. To that end, we increasingly delve into the strange netherworld of the fringe, witnessing the high weirdness of contemporary earthling cultures as they transform our Brave Noö World. Accordingly, our web presence reflects these cultural changes. Here are a couple of obvious examples of our website's recent evolution...

These information portals reflect historic factors that have contributed to the current zeitgeist, as well as serving an archival function, illustrating the occult nature of how we got here, and what we are up against, moving forward.

The Rise of Psychedelia

During this unprecedented rise in High Weirdness within our contemporary global culture, there has also quietly arisen, in tandem, an incredible psychedelic renaissance. This revival in all things psychedelia has risen on multiple fronts, taking place within academia, pop culture (micro-dosing) and through the mass migration of shamanic, entheogenic culture from South to North America, a phenomenon we deem to be a "Psychedelic Diaspora."

Just as in the initial psychedelic cultural awakening of the 1960s, the current renaissance has risen "in inoculation" to the dark craziness of our Brave Noö World. It is as if these psychedelic compounds are, in botanist Dennis McKenna's words... trying to wake the monkeys.

In recognition of this awakening, We have begun to articulate and archive the rise of psychedelia with a considerable addition of content at our mothership: Tekgnostics. We chronicle certain historical events and figures with the eye of a cultural anthropologist, examining and reporting on the phenomenon. We also approach this topic, as did the brothers McKenna, with the wonder of an explorer, treading carefully in uncharted terrain.

Find below links to the beginnings of the chronicles and archival databases at Tek-Gnostics, pertaining to this most profound phenomena... 

We conclude with the following excerpt from our Psychedelia Page...

Disclaimer: and this is important... we believe this information to be eminently integral to the human experience. However, we do not advocate the use of psychedelic compounds, simply because we do not dare presume. Such a consequential decision may only be made by each sovereign individual. Great care must be taken in regard to mental and physical health, legality, intention, and maturity. Accordingly, we refrain from any such advocacy. In the words of the great American sage, Ram Dass: "One must first learn to become someone... before they choose to become no one." 

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