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Hello fellow strangers! Fellow travelers of the fringe! Well... I took a summer sabbatical from posting on this weblog... and a most enjoyable summer it was! I was able to travel... work on some very fulfilling personal projects... and most importantly for my work here... I was able to put the finishing touches on my new book.

So the working title of my new book is "Brave Noö World - A Guerilla Ethnography of High Strangeness" ...I have finished the manuscript and done preliminary proofing and editing (thank you Agent 87). My goal is to publish the work on November 8th, 2022... a day that will surly live in infamy. It will coincide with the turning of the tide in Amerikan and world geopolitical chicanery.

The main theme of the work examines the unlikely, yet predictable rise of what you and I dear readers, refer to as... High Strangeness. This is of course a theme that we... collectively... have explored since the inception of this weblog. As the discerning reader knows, high strangeness has been brewing within our zeitgeist for some time... 50 odd years or so. But as we know... back in 2015ce... the demiurgic powers that be put the simmering spirit of the times on the front burner... and turned up the heat until the times in which we live came to a bubbling boil!

Consequently, everything has changed. We find ourselves living in a real world up-side-down... as popularly depicted in Stranger Things. Since 2015, the alternate dimension of high strangeness has superimposed itself over our good ole reality... phasing in as consensual reality phased out. Hardly anyone noticed this transformation... even in it's pervasiveness. Yet... as I get into in depth in the book... there were those who did indeed see this coming.

Stay tuned... I will be posting some tasty excerpts in the coming days.

My summer sabbatical was fun... but the time has come to re-enter the fray. The fuse is short on what promises to be an explosive close to 2022. If you want a cosmic hint as to what to expect next year... remember that next year will be 2000 & 23. Like this weblog, "Brave Noö World" delves into our strange days in the form of an ethnography... an immersive examination of what the hell is really going on... on Earth, as it is in Heaven. For as you know dear readers, it is impossible to separate the physical from the spiritual.

I invite you all to join me in what is about to go down. Your discerning experiences will prove invaluable. That is what the comments section is for. Together we move forward... for in the words the great gonzo journalist, Hunter S Thompson...

"When the going gets weird, the weird turns pro"  


2023 is also going to be the Year of the Water Rabbit and it will be 24 years since the first Matrix movie was released ... also in a (Earth) Rabbit Year.
Ironically that movie was mainly shot down here in Australia and the rabbit is a big introduced pest running amok across the country, as are toads, camels and cats.
2023 will surely be an interesting year, if we can make it that far.
Or maybe it will just be one enigmatic year?
Jack Heart said…
Hey Darren... yeah... the rabbit... and especially the term “going down the rabbit hole” really caught fire after the first Matrix movie... and yes... 2023 promises to be a very enigmatic year!
Merovee said…

Good to hear from you again.

You wrote you were re entering the fray. As is the way of things over the last few months the song 'How To Save A Life' by The Fray and a few personal related experiences and the butterfly effect has had significance. I'm afraid I'm frayed at the seams it seems.

And your area of expertise. Had more weird stuff with AI. AI is definitely playing its part in the BNW.

Jack Heart said…
Frank... good to hear from you. I like that our posts often resonate with each other’s. It is a mystery why I chose to use the word fray... but perhaps your comment helps explain it.

As for AI... the algorithmic intelligences coursing throughout the internet... are a form of intelligence we are yet to fully understand. Mechanical intelligence is far removed from biological intelligence. As I have said before... “don’t trust the algorithms!!!”
Jack Heart said…
Also Frank... I get into the ramifications of AI in my upcoming book!
Merovee said…
Hint !

I was born out of time with the computer age. Doesn't come naturally even though I pat myself on the back with some of the stuff I've learned. Learn by rote.

I've had mixed experiences with AI. Sometimes it's been a big help which links with How to Save A Life. I wouldn't be speaking with you probably in 3D otherwise. The Fray though seems to say there is a higher form of communication that consciously we are not aware of. I've gone telepathic with a few people which I actually pick up in my head and subsequently the physical messages or conversations have borne it out. Always been there a bit but it's really coming on stream to use an AI phrase. Also with emotions which can be difficult when you pick up other people's pain. And vice versa probably. And not only in the physical but from thousand miles away which again shows to me physical separation is an illusion.

I believe there is a real ascension process taking place but there is a force which doesn't like it and is using AI as a tool. And so is Spirit so it can get confusing with mixed messages.
Dennis/87 said…
Good to see the premium synchromystic site. 87
Jack Heart said…
Fray (n.)
mid-14c., "feeling of alarm," shortening of affray (q.v.; see also afraid). Meaning "a brawl, a fight" is from early 15c. (late 14c. in Anglo-Latin). Fraymaker "fighter, brawler" is found in a 1530s statute recorded by Prynne ("Soveraigne Power of Parliaments and Kingdomes," 1643). Nares' "Glossary" has frayment (1540s).

Affray (n.)
c. 1300, "fear, terror, state of alarm produced by a sudden disturbance," from Old French affrai, effrei, esfrei "disturbance, fright," from esfreer (v.) "to worry, concern, trouble, disturb," from Vulgar Latin *exfridare, a hybrid word meaning literally "to take out of peace."

The first element is from Latin ex "out of" (see ex-). The second is Frankish *frithu "peace," from Proto-Germanic *frithuz "peace, consideration, forbearance" (source also of Old Saxon frithu, Old English friðu, Old High German fridu "peace, truce," German Friede "peace"), from a suffixed form of PIE root *pri- "to be friendly, to love."

The meaning "breach of the peace, riotous fight in public" is from late 15c., via the notion of "disturbance causing terror." The French verb also entered Middle English, as afrey "to terrify, frighten" (early 14c.), but it survives almost exclusively in its past participle, afraid (q.v.).

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