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"The world is looking very bleak right now. Conflicts, wars, impending famines, discrimination, economic decline... the list goes on. The future, like the present, provides little reason for optimism. All the more important is a new movement that is about to change the world. This movement is known as Solarpunk, and you, too, can be a part of it."

So starts the article by Antonio Melonio in his Medium site: The Universe Is A Melon. The title of the article is: Solarpunk Wants to Change the World... What Is It? Subtitled: "How a science fiction genre turned into a radical social movement. Join the revolution!" Melonio goes on to say: Solarpunk is a movement of hope, a return to harmonious coexistence... without hierarchies and capitalism, without destroying our environment and our children’s futures... and a return to nature and the things that truly matter in life.

The Article goes on to explore what exactly Solarpunk is... how it came to be... its evolution from a fringe science fiction genre to a social, revolutionary movement, and its connections and differences to other political groups. In planned future articles, Melonio will go into much greater detail regarding the economic, political, and social aspects of Solarpunk.

So just what the heck is Solarpunk? You ask? The answer to that question is both simple and complex. Melonio begins with a simple definition and promises to then gradually increase the complexity in subsequent articles. In short, at the moment, Solarpunk is still primarily a genre. A genre that, roughly speaking, has positioned itself as the antithesis to Cyberpunk.

Instead of a destroyed, ultra-capitalist dystopian world, Solarpunk represents a utopia in which humans and nature live in harmony. Solarpunk worlds, for the most part, are no longer capitalist. They do often involve sophisticated technology, but these are used in a sustainable and mutually beneficial manner.

Melonio expands the definition to suggest that Solarpunk has evolved into much more than a mere genra. It has reached into the real world. Solarpunk is activism. Solarpunk is exactly what its name implies: punk. It is a counter-movement to the current, predator/dominator, profit-at-all-cost oriented society. Solarpunk is anti-capitalist, ecological, anarchist, communal, and socialist. At the moment, Solarpunk is still a lot of different things... still being imagined by Solarpunk visionaries.

The article is definitely worth the 9 minutes (or so the editors suggest) it takes to read it. The article is part of a series that I found to be extremely interesting and inspiring. And in the words of  Melonio: One thing is certain: we need Solarpunk; we need more hope in this cold, harsh world. To achieve this, we must spread the word. So let’s talk and debate Solarpunk. Share the message, join the movement, tell your friends and family...

Are you too tired of the predator/dominator crisis-driven world that the Archonic, "Powers That Be" are cooking up? Would you too like to see a future we all can believe in? If so... Solarpunk is for you! Join the Solarpunk movement... Do it today! 

Please follow the link for the Entire ArticleThis thing is real... and it is happening as we speak!

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Ecotopia now! To shine forth is key! 87
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