Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Blows Against the EMPIRE on Recluse's The Farm

My recent appearance on Steven Snider's (aka: Recluse) The Farm podcast is now live. This was a great session that clocked in at around 1.7 hours, and covered a variety of topics, including... Philip K. Dick, Terence McKenna & Robert Anton Wilson... Erik Davis and his book: HighWeirdness... blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies... the decline of legacy media, as well as the decline of traditional political parties... cyberwarfare... just to name a few of the tantalizing topics!

Recluse framed our conversation around my Blows Against the EMPIRE series, that I posted, in five installments, earlier in the year on my Tek-Gnostics weblog. Accordingly, we drilled down on the concept of, and dichotomic tension between the Bureaucratic Orthodoxy and a Disruptive Insurgency, as well as how Open Source Intelligence is fast becoming the new paradigm.

As always, Recluse asked great, thoughtful questions that cut to the heart of the matter at hand. The framing of his questions, illustrated the depth of his understanding of the nuanced subject matter... while facilitating the progression and development of concept. If any of you were fortunate enough to attend, either in person or virtually, the recent Strange Realities conference in Nashville... you were treated to one of Recluse's ever-astute presentations on the nature of Parapolitical Research... a topic near and dear to Recluse. 

Never fear, denizens of the Fortean Frontier... Recluse and I also took a deep dive into the current state of High Strangeness, Discordianism, as  well as the dark and light sides of Operation MindF#@k! All in all, a very entertaining listen. Check out our conversation on the widget below...

Speaking of appearances... I will be attending and vending at the upcoming Meet Delic conference... the premiere psychedelic happening of 2021! This event is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, on November 6th and 7th, at the Area15 event center. Joining me will be the commentator extraordinaire, Gnostic Guru, connoisseur of all things high and strange, proprietor of the Synchrodelic Atmosphere, the ever-enigmatic... Agent 87.

For those of you who thought that 87 was just an urban legend...  here is your chance to meet him in person! Stay tuned for more details on our upcoming, strange and savage journey to the Heart of the American Dream...

"You Can't Stop Here!!! This is Bat Country!!!

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