Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Noö Trajectories

Just came across this swell, 77 page digital Zine, powered by the negative entropy energy of Maybe Logic! "New Trajectories" appears to be a psychedelic, graphically embellished E-zine, created in the spirit of Robert Anton Wilson's 1990's newsletter: "Trajectories." All of the Discordian irreverence you have come to expect from a RAW inspired mind-virus, is splattered across the pages of this almanac of the absurd!

Created by those who realized the true genius of dear uncle Bob... American author, philosopher, futurist, reality tunnel excavator, Discordian Pope (but who isn't?), and world renown mystic-agnostic. Follow the link below to retrieve a PDF of  this profound, guerrilla ontological artifact...

Coming soon... the addition of Maybe Day to the Tek-Gnostics list of High Holy Daze! Stay tuned... and... Keep the Lasagna Flying!!! Fnord  


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