Dwellers of the Three Realms


In book two of the “Heresies” Trilogy: "Applied Tek-Gnostics – A Field Guide for the Collective Conscious" …I describe specific mind-states in terms of topography, by analogy. Within this mind-map/model, different states of consciousness are likened to separate, overlapping, psychonautic realms. Using the map verses terrain metaphor, bear in mind that “the map ain’t the territory.” From the intro of section one, chapter three… 

“We have thus far proffered a creation mythology, worthy of a chuckle, if not sober consideration. We have considered a cosmology that is somewhat in keeping with scientific rigor and that approximates many (yet, not all) philosophic constructs of Old Earth. We have examined the theories of the anthropologists and their drunken faculty mates, the archaeologists. We have used their insights on social theories to examine the High Weirdness of Contemporary Culture Internationale.   

Before delving into to the more practical, hands-on particulars of Applied Tek-Gnostics, let us take a moment to get the lay of the land, so to speak. Let us familiarize ourselves with the topography of the realms of reality we intend to explore. It is by now clear, dear intrepid reader, that our interpretation of “realm” will cover some very obscure and esoteric territory.”

The chapter outlines the three, psychonautic realms… the three “separate realities” of true-human consciousness. Consciousness is defined as the state or quality of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. It has been defined variously in terms of sentience, awareness, qualia, subjectivity, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of selfhood. For our purposes, it may be considered the executive control system of the mind. The following is from the “rough draft” notes that I utilized while writing this chapter…


The realm of wakefulness is our normal, waking, ordinary reality. Wakefulness is a daily recurring brain state and state of consciousness in which an individual is conscious and engages in coherent cognitive and behavioral responses to the external world such as communication, ambulation, eating, and sex. Being awake is the opposite of the state of being asleep in which most external inputs to the brain are excluded from neural processing.


Dreaming is a phenomenon that occurs during humanity’s nightly state of suspended animation. It manifests as a series of images, emotions and sensations during certain stages of sleep. "Dreamtime" has acquired its own currency in popular culture, based on idealised or fictionalised conceptions of Australian mythology. Since the 1970s, "Dreaming" and "Dream time" have also returned from academic usage via popular culture and tourism and are now ubiquitous in the English vocabulary of indigenous Australians in a kind of "self-fulfilling academic prophecy."

The foundational dualism of these two states of consciousness can be additionally described as: the outer world of action and the inner world of intention… the outer world of the material and the inner world of ethereal. This is in keeping with the underlying understanding of a manifest, dualistically experiential, “observer & observed” Universe. Thus, the inner and outer experiential worlds of perception can therefore be described as two distinct realms. As a cosmic instrument of perception… possessing self-reflection… humans accordingly bear witness and report back to Universe, upon what is essentially a partnership of perceived existence, commonly referred to as: Reality.

The following is an extended excerpt from Applied Tek-Gnostics, section one, chapter three...

The Third Realm

“Applied Tek-Gnostics, in synchrony with Old Earth’s great trinities, such as the Hindi Trimurti, incorporates within our mythology a third realm... a transcendental realm… a realm of power. As definitive as wakefulness and as ephemeral as dreamtime, this realm acts as a gateway and amplifier of the sacred. Once accessed, this sacred, third realm is experienced as a reality enhancer and extra-sensory overlay. It complements and heightens mundane materiality, while transforming it into… something new…

Operating in conjunction with the waking and dreamtime realms, the third realm elucidates facets of higher consciousness within each. It intensifies ordinary perceptions to the point of excruciatingly sublime clarity. This third realm, the realm of shamanic reality, is known within our system as the Psychedelic Realm. 

Simply put, the tekgnostic third realm occupies psychedelic space… the space of “mind made manifest” …the space where aetheric visions of dreamtime, comingle with the observations of the waking realm. This is the realm of non-ordinary reality, sought or induced by yogic and/or entheogenic practices. The psychedelic realm can also be accessed via trauma and severe stress, or brought on by extreme environmental factors, such as (prolonged) exposure to the elements. 

Modern science defines the experience of the psychedelic realm as: “a mental state characterized by a profound sense of intensified sensory perception, sometimes accompanied by severe perceptual distortion and hallucinations and by extreme feelings of either euphoria or despair” …angels and demons. The most common scientific definition of the psychedelic state, is associated with entheogenic use, be it naturally occurring substances such as the ayahuasca brew, or chemically engineered substances, such as LSD. As we shall see, a broader, tekgnostic definition includes experience derived from such technologies as meditative practice. 

A secondary, informal definition of the psychedelic state, known as psychedelia, addresses cultural expression or art-form… such as music and especially visual art such as painting, fabric design, etc. This artistic usage is characterized as having the vivid colors and complex patterns popularly associated with the visual effects of psychedelic states. So-called psychedelic art is a clear example of the need for humanity to express and share these rarified experiences. Examples include 60’s psychedelic art used on rock posters of the era, and more recently the popularity of “ayahuasca art” being created by talented ayahuasqueros.

Within our system, the third realm, the psychedelic realm… functions as a naturally occurring (albeit induced) “hyper-reality” …a heightened overlay and bridge between the waking and dreamtime realms. It brings together the deeply symbolic nature of dreamtime and the articulated nature of wakefulness. Symbols, the language of dreams, replace words as the primary articulation.

 Travelers of the psychedelic realm experience hyper-acuity, in peripheral influence of the waking realm. That is, normal experiences of the waking realm, take on more revelatory, archetypical meaning, while on expedition within the psychedelic realm.  

 In accessing the psychedelic hyper-reality, the astute intelligence engineer comes to the (transitory) realization that we live… simultaneously… in three distinct, yet very different worlds or realms. Similar to waking or dreamtime, the third realm operates in compliment to the other realms. However, the psychedelic realm overlays intuitive insight and meaning upon the intelligence engineer’s perceptions. As mentioned above, this psychedelic reality overlay is especially and most phenomenally evident in the waking realm.

Once aware of, and navigating with knowledge of the three-realm interplay, perceptual operating procedures are as follows…

The specific realm one finds oneself occupying is the functioning primary reality, with the other two realms filling peripheral, secondary and/or advisory roles. They are still present and available for reference, however the state one is in, be it dreamtime or otherwise, is the governing reality. Moreover, each realm has its own unique, drastically different laws of physics to govern it. Again, each realm appears to populate the same Earth, with identical inhabitants and identical locals… although environs and especially recognized personalities or entities encountered, can mysteriously morph from one realm to the next.

The psychedelic realm is integrative, in that it allows the access and processing of dream symbolism, while in the waking state. Although the psychedelic experience is most profoundly apparent during the waking state, dreamtime has its examples. Lucid dreaming falls within the psychedelic realm, as the conscious mind, in its attempt to wake up within the dream, is met with wildly morphing dream realities. The intrepid psychedelic traveler will discover that the most profound aspects of realms one and two are both more intellectually accessible and intuitively digestible, while visiting the psychedelic realm.”

The Chapter goes on to explore the Psychedelic Diaspora that is currently underway, transforming our deranged, predator/dominator culture into a new, partnership paradigm. The successful transition to a partnership paradigm is reliant on the recognition of the feminine as a source of receptive energy that is not subservient to, but equal to active, masculine energy. As I have said before, it is vitally important to remember that Mother Earth, Mother Nature, Sophia, Gaia… is our greatest ally in our struggle against EMPIRE and it’s predator/dominator paradigm.

It has also been said that there is nothing new under the sun. In this light, the Noö, psychedelic paradigm can be described as a return to the Neolithic culture that gave rise to the rites of Demeter and 2,000 years of the Eleusinian Mysteries. The archaeological record suggests that humanity existed within a flourishing partnership paradigm for thousands of years, prior to the rise of ancient Greece. For more on these intriguing topics, see my “Heresies Trilogy.”  


Frank said…

I'm seeing same sort of thing. Worlds Within Worlds and Wheels Within Wheels and some sort of Venn Diagram overlap .

Personally I'm freaked out by a lot of this and it takes a lot to freak me out. There is a lot of incredibly weird stuff coming up at the moment and like you I'm also seeing a sort of consciousness - Archonic mind is a good description - which seems to have been running the show.

And is the Archonic mind real ? Probably not but seems to have sort of physical semi reality.

Lumenar said…
Being asleep is the normal state of life. Wakefulness is a later animal adaptation for greater utilization of senses and centralized nervous systems that proved essential for survival. Wonder if organisms without centralized nervous systems are asleep or awake.
Strange how this blog has a positive outlook on potential applications of hallucinogens and entheogens, while other blogs view them as parts of alleged secret government mind control programs. Ironic because hallucinogens seem to have the opposite effect and therefore are said to free the mind.
Frank said…
Lumenar. And Jack.

Personally I have avoided psychedelics because there is enough weird stuff going on at present without them but never say never.

But they do ask questions. As an example I have a friend who took magic mushrooms. He was very careful and had a 'sober' friend with him to look after him if anything happened when he was off on the mushrooms. After a decent amount of time they decided that the trip was over and it was safe to go outside. He went 100 yards down the road and a dragon walked past him and he thought 'Maybe it's not over yet' and walked back home. But even this asks questions about what is real.

And Dementia. I heard an account from a friend who had a 90 + year old who had dementia. But in this state she was a 20 year old young lady and after lunch every day her 30 year old boyfriend would come and take her out in his car and they would go out and have a great time. It was totally real to her. Which version do you prefer ?
Frank said…
A 90+ year old relative that should read.
Jack Heart said…

“Being asleep” and it’s counterpart, “waking up” are age-old metaphors used in describing illuminated states. Arguably, these metaphors arose with anciently occurring, neolithic systems of philosophical and existential thought. The heirs to these ancient systems, became known as “mystery schools” or “mystery religions.” Again… arguably… these schools were the foundation of ancient Greek (ie: Western) civilization… and again… even more arguably… these school’s success were driven largely by “mysterious” entheogenic sacraments, and later eucharists.

I have little doubt as to the nefarious exploits of secret, governmental black operations (cough: CIA). I suspect that such experiments “got away” from these actors, who (likely) had no idea what type of fire they were playing with. The spirit molecule went feral, finding fertile ground in which to proliferate, in modern psychedelic cultures… the noö road to Eleusis.
Jack Heart said…

Wheels within wheels indeed! My overlay emphasizes dreaming (as opposed to sleeping) as a realm that overlaps our waking realm.

I completely understand the freak-out, as this world is an extremely weird place… getting weirder by the second. Any notion of an Archonic mind, raises the counter-notion of the spark of divinity, smoldering deep within each human… a foundational aspect of the Enlightenment… free will and all that rot.

Please note that I would never dare presume to advocate for the altering of another’s consciousness. That path is for your steps alone...

Anonymous said…
I recently came across this site and was so intrigued/impressed that I have been making my way backwards through all the older posts. Thank you for all this hard work. Reading the paradigm you present feels like realizing a truth we all forgot, but written from a place of love instead of fear. I truly appreciate these ideas.
Jack Heart said…
Thanks for the kind words Anony! Glad you are enjoying the past posts!
Dennis/87 said…
Feed your head, Mr. Heart. 87
Jack Heart said…
Thanks for the great comments, one and all! "The rounder we go... the faster we get!!!"

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