Wednesday, December 2, 2020

AeonByte Gnostic Radio Interview


It was my great privilege to be interviewed on AeonByte Gnostic Radio podcast, with host Miguel Conner and his esteemed college, Vance Socci. This was a special treat for me, as I am a big fan of Miguel (and Vance!) and all the work he has done in bringing Gnosticism to a wider audience. Over the years, Miguel has not only championed the Gnostic paradigm, he has made this highly esoteric topic available and accessible to a broader cross-section of our ever-mutating popular culture, and to those who are just now seeking a seat at the "High Strangeness" table. 

Miguel has done so with a sharp wit, a refined sense of humor (which is a sure-sign of intelligence!), admirable humility, and a deep, scholarly understanding of Gnosticism, both ancient and contemporary. I especially enjoyed our conversation, as Miguel and Vance were warm and welcoming in the interview process. Talking with them was like a late-night conversation amongst old friends... very comfortable, if a little rambling.

Beyond their hospitality, we shared an instant rapport in discussing our mutual interest in the contemporary Gnostic madness of Philip K Dick, the snarky witticisms of Robert Anton Wilson (fnord), and the brilliance of Marshall McLuhan and Carl Jung. We dove right in to these topics, and also managed to cover the converging aspects of UFOlogy, entheogenic transformation, ancient Hindi technologies and the eight-brain model of consciousness. I even snuck in a plug for that phenomenal dionysian mystery cult of the modern era, the Grateful Dead.

Yeah, that happened...

As strange as this sounds... all in all... it was a very satisfying and entertaining episode. I embedded the audio version below, but you can check out the episode on Miguel's website, AeonByte Gnostic Radio... or his YouTube channel, as well as on the usual podcast sites, such as iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify. I hope you-all enjoy this foray into the realm of high strangeness as much as we did in making the episode!

Cheers -    J


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Nice interview Jack ... well the first free part of it anyway.
I don't pay for my podcasts, so I won't be listening to the second part, as good as I'm sure it is.
If I was to pay to every podcast show I listened to I'd be sleeping in the streets ... and begging for change as well:-)

Jack Heart said...

Thanks for giving the interview a listen. It was fun working with the Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio gang!