Friday, November 22, 2019


In an attempt to be more social... Tek-Gnostics has opened an Instagram account. This is a new medium for us, but first impressions indicate that this platform might be fun. Our goal is to present entertaining content, consistent with the high strangeness that is chronicled herein. As we are new to Instagram... any feedback or advice that you, dear readers, may have... would be greatly appreciated.

Check us out... help us out... and help us grow this platform by following us on Insta-Gnostics! 

Thank you for making the long, strange trip that is Tek-Gnostics so enjoyable, so far!


Dennis/87 said...

The hermit on the mountain top has a beautiful lantern alight. His job is to shine light, not to master. Tek-Gnostics is indeed shining the light, for all to see! To shine forth is key! 87

Jack Heart said...

“since the end is never told... we pay the teller off in gold... in hopes he will come back... but he cannot be bought or sold.” - R Hunter