Quieting the Monkey Mind

“Many creatures bear the outward form of a man, but do not be fooled by appearances. Not all such life-forms can be considered human.”

- Frank Herbert

American author, futurist, skeptic, tekgnostic saint and illustrious proponent of the eight circuit model of consciousness: Robert Anton Wilson was fond of describing Homo sapiens as: “Domesticated Primates.” In so doing, he was reminding us of our shared, evolutionary mammalian attributes. His description was not necessarily flattering. Using a then-contemporary, science fiction film title analogy, he described humanity’s existential circumstances as: living on the “Planet of the Apes.”

Similarly, American research pharmacognosist, ethno-pharmacologist, and psychedelic advocate, Dennis McKenna has often described Homo sapiens as: “Problematic Primates.” McKenna’s depiction emphasizes humanity’s ignorance of our place within, and impact upon, our homeworld. To quote McKenna: “The human species is an anomaly in nature. Our hypertrophied brains have made us highly linguistic, immensely creative, and enormously clever… but we also devalue nature. This disjunct has created problems for us as a species and for the entire biospheric community.”

These two luminaries’ colorful descriptions of humanity were likely inspired by the Buddhist concept of the “Monkey Mind.” This expression illustrates the unsettled, restless, capricious, whimsical, inconstant; confused… and the resulting indecisive and uncontrollable nature of most of humanity. The mind-monkey metaphor was consequently adopted in Taoism and Neo-Confucianism, as well as in the poetry, drama, and literature of archaic China and Japan.

“We all have monkey minds” suggests a fashionable pop-Buddhist anecdote… “with dozens of monkeys all clamoring for attention. Fear is an especially loud monkey, sounding the alarm incessantly, pointing out all the things we should be wary of and everything that could go wrong.” This “fear monkey” metaphor is especially poignant in our modern, conspiratorial, brave noö world. Fear continues to be a particularly problematic bugaboo within the human psyche.

The monkey mind is a powerful metaphor precisely because it is a universal one. Many cultures use the monkey archetype to illustrate superficial, unaware and copycat behavior. Proverbial examples include “Monkey see, monkey do” and the infamous “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” monks. Within such philosophic and meditative systems as Taoism and Zen, the monkey mind is the undisciplined, un-evolved mind.

Use of the monkey-mind metaphor, challenges us to rise above our primate, animal nature, to become truly human. As Frank Herbert famously said in his epic science fiction novel: Dune… Many creatures bear the outward form of a man, but do not be fooled by appearances. Not all such life-forms can be considered human. In that ground-breaking piece of science fiction, Herbert also famously said … Fear is the mind-killer.” 

The implication of the monkey mind suggests that there exists, a higher mind that is available… if not inherent… to humanity. Applied Tek-Gnostics identifies tools and technologies that ameliorate the negative impact that fear has upon the normal functioning of the domesticated primate. By incorporating the intelligence engineering techniques outlined, the intrepid psychonaut will discover the ways and means to quiet the incessant, fear-based chatter of the monkey mind. And in so doing, the courageous intelligence engineer enhances her/his level of accessible intelligence or Intel… from which to navigate our Brave Noö World.


Dennis/87 said…
How great it is to contemplate our existence. We truly are beings of a spiritual nature. God dam I declare, have you seen the light! Jack Heart's new book Applied Tek-Gnostics is an adventure of the highest importance.

Some beings of a human nature are indeed brain dead. They have little heart and their souls are so tormented with hubris. Shine forth brave souls! 87
Jack Heart said…
Be sure to say a little prayer for those beings of a human nature to which you refer
Dennis/87 said…
No-thing but compassion for all sentient beings. What is wrong about peace love and understanding? Even the Orange one is on his way to enlightenment me thinks. To shine forth is key! 87
Anonymous said…
Sorry but 'we' are already 'human'.
Not 'monkey' at all.
This is about the 'divine spark' that actual humans carry within.
That is the 'jacked' essence.
Your very 'reality' stems from this.
TPTB have aligned with an ancient parasitic predatory 'force'.
Caution, discretion, proper action.
Odd but just BE 'PEACE'; no conflict (dualistic dances)
The less 'push/pull' we experience the better.
Narrow it down; reduce it.
ONE gave birth to MANY.
IF true than ONE is the actual 'Actuality'.
IT gives, gives reflection, and mirrors back to ITSELF; the ONE.
IT is ITSELF; we are discussing programming here.
Hard to understand/KNOW just WHY TPTB would do this, and how/WHAT would this serve??
Jack Heart said…

Well said... your prose reminds me that the idea of "monkey mind" ...just like "TPTB" and, for that matter the "ancient alien archons" ...are all metaphors. The map ain't the territory!
Anonymous said…
Appreciate your response.
Yes, and NO.
Pointless really, IT is expressing 'ITSELF', defining itself; look at cellular division.
So called 'Stem' cells differentiating into THIS or THAT!
Kinda see a pattern here mate.
For me this is AI.
PKD was right; Black Iron Prison.
It too, just AI.
The REAL question; can actualized consciousness rise above, and even escape this?
To go WHERE???
A 'knowing' of another 'choice'.
MANY actually.
Jack Heart said…

Per your quote: "The REAL question; can actualized consciousness rise above, and even escape this?
To go WHERE???"

The ancient Gnostics set their course for "Pleroma" or the fullness of that which cannot be named...
Anonymous said…
Yes that is what I believe, and it cannot be named I agree.
That is what I meant about 'Faith'.
It's not 'religion', that is for sure.
The idea of true 'Gnosis' is a 'Inner' or 'Intuitive' knowing.
My personal belief is that is best accessed by contact with one's own 'divine spark'.

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