Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Guru and the Illuminati.

Those rascally Illuminoids keep finding their way into the Press. This time, it is in the form of a Q & A with Jaggi Vasudev aka: Sadhguru, an Indian yogi, mystic and New York Times bestselling author. He founded the Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization which offers Yoga programs around the world and is involved in social outreach, education and environmental initiatives.

In its pop-cultural use, "Illuminati" refers to various organizations which claim or are purported to have links to the original Illuminati or similar secret societies, though these pedigrees are unsubstantiated. They are often alleged to conspire to control world affairs, by masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporations, in order to gain political power and influence and to establish a New World Order. Central to some of the more widely known and elaborate conspiracy theories, the Illuminati have been depicted as lurking in the shadows and pulling the strings and levers of power in dozens of novels, films, television shows, comics, video games, and music videos.

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