Friday, September 21, 2018

Tek-Gnostics Monograph Series

Volumes one & two of the new series

As we had originally announced back in May, Tek-Gnostics Media is pleased to report the publication of a series of monographs, dealing with various facets of High Weirdness. We debuted volume one of the series at AlienCon 2018, in Pasadena, California. The title of that monograph was: "Return of the Archons." Back in 2016, we did a series of posts on this most intriguing topic. As these posts were very popular amongst our discerning readers, we gathered the original post notes, expanded upon certain themes within the original material, and compiled the investigations into a concise exposé on the strange narrative of alien intrusion and the indigenous mind.

This week we published volume two of the series, titled: "Extra-Terrestrial Contact & Cultural Competency: A field guide for effective communication with off-world visitors." Again, we have expanded and re-worked earlier materials that had been popular with our readers. Here is a brief excerpt from the field guide:
This guide is intended to serve as a general briefing to enhance cultural competence while providing insight into the complexities of extra-terrestrial (ET) first contact. Within the context of this field guide, cultural competence is defined as: the ability to function effectively in the context of planetary cultural differences. 
Look for future installments of our monograph series, to cover such intriguing topics as: Blockchain, Crypto-currencies & Artificial Intelligence... Voodoo in the Digital Realm... The High Weirdness of Philip K Dick. Stay tuned, dear intrepid psychonauts... stay tuned!

Return of the Archons (vol. 1) -  Kindle  ~  Paperback 

Extra-Terrestrial Contact (vol. 2) -  Kindle  ~  Paperback

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