Sunday, June 24, 2018

AlienCon 2018 Debriefing

DATELINE June 15, 16 & 17, 2018
The ancient alien convention, aka: AlienCon 2018, was a huge success... at least for the intrepid Tek-Gnostics Media team. Our booth was busy from the opening moments Friday morning, until well after the event was closed to the public on Sunday evening. Sales of our entire product line, such as the Tek-Gnostics Alumni T-shirt, were strong... but our measure of success was determined by the increase in networking.

There appeared to be a distinct threshold or tipping point... a critical mass of interest if you will… that was achieved at this event. People were very interested in a booth labeled by the event organizers as: "The Tek-Gnostics Heresies." Many convention-goers were familiar with Tek-Gnostics and had recently visited our website. Many more dug our “extra-dimensional/psychedelic take” on extra-terrestrial contact and our general irreverence for the proceedings. Our new monograph, The Return of the Archons, which we debuted at AlienCon, sold well.

The event was equal parts Ancient Alien presentation and Sci Fi convention, with interesting panels and meet & greet/photo-ops for fans. All the stars one would expect at such a gathering were there. David “Fox Mulder” Duchovny was there, the granddaddy of AAT, Erich von Däniken was there… and of course the pop phenomenon, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (Giorgio! … Giorgio!) was there. The crowd went wild when Giorgio showed up for his autograph session, I will tell you.

The marketplace, where our outpost was located, was well organized. Tons of interesting vendors including our friends at the “Mystic Maverick” …voted best UFO T-shirts of the convention, by the Tek-Gnostics staff. Cosplay was also present, if not overly domineering. 

The event was not free of conspiratorial controversy…

For instance, why was “ReptiCon” …a Reptile Convention being held and taking place directly adjacent to AlienCon? Did the reptilian overlords need their own presence in close proximity to the Ancient Alien convention? Was it a coincidence that "the Orange One" announced the (supposed) inception of a "Space Force" during the AlienCon weekend? And why was a FEMA communications vehicle stationed directly below our hotel room for the entire weekend?

The enigmatic Agent 87, w/ two of his disciples

Coming in November 2018

AlienCon 2018 was an event that featured topics and information streams of the Fringe... presented to the general public. The event had its share of those looking to be entertained, as well as those looking for answers. More and more people are beginning to question the official, party-line version of "Contact" and what it may mean for humanity. And as Fox Mulder knows... the truth is out thereAll in all a great weekend, filled with strange encounters and odd synchronicities...

Stay tuned dear readers, as there may be future posts inspired by the events of AlienCon 2018...

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