Sunday, February 4, 2018

Tek-Gnostics at Conscious Life Expo

The crew at Tek-Gnostics are packing up the circus wagon in preparation for our latest road trip to the 16th annual Conscious Life Expo, being held at the LAX Hilton convention center in sunny Los Angeles, California. The Expo's intent is "to bring together people, ideas, products and possibilities over a jam-packed 4 days to feast the mind and body and deepen our connection to spirit."

Keynote speakers at the Expo include George Noory, William Henry, David Wilcock, Linda Moulton Howe, and a Tek-Gnostics favorite... Dennis McKenna. Dr. McKenna's Sunday workshop is entitled: "Waking up the Monkeys: Plant Teachers and the Rediscovery of Nature" Human evolution, particularly cognitive evolution, has been greatly influenced at critical historical and evolutionary junctures by the ‘plant teachers’ and they continue to help us restore our proper role as intelligent symbionts with all life on Earth. This workshop sounds as if it will be right up our alley...

The intrepid "Agent 87" and I are packing our bag of tricks for this extraordinary event. We will be manning the Tek-Gnostics Media booth in the Expo's Pacific Ballroom (booth # 832). In addition to presenting Tek-Gnostics H.E.A.D. Gear and other artifacts such as The Tek-Gnostics Heresies, we will be debuting and promoting Agent 87's new blog: Synchrodelic Atmosphere. This important new addition to the Tek-Gnostics Network promises to be an esoterically informative and (quite likely) pop culturally irreverent website. We are currently still making minor adjustments to the site but will launch shortly after the Expo... Stay tuned and shine forth! 

In the meantime, we have made some recent additions to our Network's Mothership: Of particular interest is our updated and expanded High Weirdness page. Check it out...

We are looking forward to the event and hope to see each of you, dear fellow psychonauts, at the Conscious Life Expo 2018! 

Cheers and see you soon!  - J   

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