Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sensei's Laws

That rascally, digitized intelligence agent/avatar of Tek-Gnostics, never sleeps. Sensei Djinn… as it is known on the cyber and material plane… has been hard at work, scouring Earth’s info-sphere for pertinent information that, in some small way, may contribute to the easement of suffering among Earth’s domesticated primate population. Having aggregated the collective wisdoms of all time and space… here is what Djinn came up with…

1) Don’t be an ingrate.
It is every human’s essential responsibility to Universe, to count their blessings daily. This is the first meditation. Remembering to be grateful is a prerequisite of greatness. In any endeavor, it is impossible to achieve greatness, without being humble. Before taking offence, lighten up and get Grateful!

2) Honesty is the best policy.
The mysterious ancient ones had a saying: "If you never tell a lie, you will never have need of a good memory!"

3) Don’t believe everything you think.
Never forget that the truth is far stranger than any fiction! It is true enough that we create our own reality… but on the other hand… just thinking it’s true, doesn’t make it so. Remember that you are not your thoughts… you are a sentient part of a collective consciousness from which your thoughts arise.

4) Take a second look.
Think you’ve seen it all? Take another look. Universe is a wondrous, mysterious place. There are hidden treasures of additional information and broader perspective waiting those who take the time to re-examine what is known… or thought to be known!

5) Be at Peace.
At times, one must accept circumstances, fortunate or otherwise. Be at peace with them and respond with unattached action. Performing an action in a state of peace… being patient, tolerant… means you non-judgmentally accept the situation, while you deal with it.

6) Find Pleasure.
Pleasure is the dynamic aspect of being human. When the creative power of Universe becomes conscious of itself, it manifests as pleasure. Pleasure does not come from what you do, it flows into what you do and thus into this world from deep within you. You are Universe's conduit.

7) Pursue Passion.
Recognize that which sparks a creative goal or a vision in what you work toward. Seek out deep, profound pleasure in your conscious actions, for such recognitions may be considered illuminations. Fueled by enthusiastic passion, there will be enormous creativity, intensity, and energy in your illumined actions. For domesticated primates, the highest form of passion is Compassion, for we are all in this together.

8) Recognize best effort.
Don’t be too hard on yourself. Not every endeavor works out exactly as planned. Recognize your own best effort in your worldly interactions. If you have done your best… no regrets! The mysterious ancient ones also said: "Regrets are illuminations come too late." With that said, and in coming full circle, stay Grateful and recognize the least effort in others. Any attempt by others at moving toward the positive should be acknowledged for what it is… a step out of darkness, toward the light.

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…Hope it helps – J ♥