Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer Blockbusters! – RNC! & coming soon… DNC!

Live from Cleveland! Reality Television has hit new highs with the Republican Party’s Smash Summer Hit… the Republican National Convention 2016! This summer blockbuster has it all… Drama… comedy… scandal… intrigue… Headlining this all-star cast is non-other than Reality TV superstar Donald J Trump. Hot off of shows like “the Apprentice” …Trump brings a certain "Cult of Personality" authenticity to this otherwise zany comedic mini-series!

Although this amazing mini-series is targeting a conservative audience, this is entertainment for the entire family. Tune in while you can… the show airs from July 18th until July 21st. It is not clear if there will be any reruns after the networks are through with it!

Coming Soon! Not to be outdone… and broadcast live from Philadelphia… stay tuned for this summer’s second mega-hit mini-series… the Democratic National Convention 2016! If the previews are accurate, the DNC will prove to be every bit as riveting as this week’s RNC!

Show airs July 25th through July 28th… don’t miss it!

In the interest of a fair and balanced campaign coverage… we present as a public service… our own candidate for President of these United States… NOBODY!

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