Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Nobody For President Pt 1 - "Nobody can make America great again!"

“If you want to discuss politics… you have to get down on all fours.”

- Timothy Leary 

The Carnival-of-Horrors sideshow that has been the US presidential primary elections has been one big-ass, macabre and sordid spectacle. It has left the two major political parties… the Grand Old Party (aka: the republican party), as well as the democratic party in tatters, as both the RNC and the DNC have completely lost control of their national nominating process. The American press has fared no better as they sit, shell-shocked… while the traditional fourth estate crumbles under its own weight and into its own decay.

Amid this unprecedented turmoil, the American public is left scratching its collective head… Hillary, the better half of the "Clinton Cabal" is teetering as the only traditional political candidate left standing. This is not reassuring. Meanwhile, Bernie’s optimism and the Donald’s pessimism don’t seem to smell quite right. Both, each in their own... shall we say... unique way, have called out the status quo’s innate corrupt nature. 

On the Left, Bernie has captured the American youth’s imagination and mobilized them, as well as many progressives, by revealing that the PTB banking (and campaign financing) swindle will leave them holding the proverbial bag. Feel the Bern yet? Over in the conservative corner of the madhouse, Donald’s ignorant and confusing rhetoric seems hell-bent on burning down the house, all together.

In these days of political disarray and dysfunction, what is a sane person to do? The obvious choice… a candidate arising, phoenix-like, from the ashes of a deteriorating, deranged political process… the candidate who's time may have finally come at last...
No... not Cthulhu... the only reasonable choice, the only safe and sane choice is… Nobody. 

After all, Nobody is clearly the best candidate… Nobody has all the answers!!!
Nobody keeps his election promises... 
Nobody cares…
Nobody is a candidate we can count on…
Nobody listens to your concerns. Nobody tells the truth. Nobody will lower your taxes. Nobody will defend your unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 
Nobody will make the American political process great again! 
Nobody will love you when you're down and out. And if that weren’t enough… Nobody makes apple pie better than Mom!

Finally… in American politics of power… we can Trust Nobody!!! 

So as the 2016 general election approaches, the time has come to stand up and support the only candidate who, if elected, should have that much power... Nobody!!!

As the prudent citizen mobilizes in support of Nobody... a cautionary note...

This campaign is about active participation in the political process. We all know someone who espouses their clearly superior and "above it all" opinion on how broken the system is... only to proclaim that they are not voting in the upcoming election. They then proceed to sit back, smug in their lethargic self-righteous superciliousness. Such is the ultimate civic cop-out

In the wake of the concerted effort by the GOP to shamelessly obstruct the voting rights of millions of traditional Democratic populations, 38 states introduced legislation designed to impede voters at every step of the electoral process. In this orchestrated and brazen gambit to steal the voting rights of such "undesirable" (in the minds the neocons) sectors of our population, such as students, the elderly, Black and Hispanic American citizens... we are all, each of us... witness to the attempted elimination of all voting rights. In these dangerous times... our very right to vote is being placed in jeopardy.

After all, if the neocons can't trust the people, they should eliminate them and impose a new people!

Flawed as the process is... don't sit on your hands at home. Participate in what is left of the democratic process. A vote for nobody is still a vote. A write-in vote for nobody is far more of an authentic and powerful statement than not bothering to vote at all.

 "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." 

– Plato

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