Sunday, January 18, 2015

BigTime TV's Operation MindF#@k - Pt 2.

The newest Video has been posted to the BTV-23 Youtube Channel. Episode Seven - Operation MindF#@k - part 2... BTV-23’s “Operation MindF#@k” (OM) series intends to disrupt or subvert media culture and its mainstream cultural institutions, including corporate advertising. In part two, OM is further defined with a “Proclamation” of intent. Stay tuned, for... some crazy shit is about to go down!

This vid is brought to you in association with the Legion of Dynamic Discord, Siskiyou/Cascadia Cabal... Hail Eris! - Link Here

Big Time Television, Network 23 is a YouTube channel of high weirdness and low brow, created by none other than our own Jack Heart. BTV-23 provides commentary on modern socio-political inequities… especially in the context of the new American Plutocracy… AKA: the 1% …and the rise of the NSA State. BTV-23 uses media appropriation, simple animation and a variety of mash-up techniques to present current events in a (hopefully) entertaining way. It’s political snarkyness and humor aspires to the fine tradition of the likes of Monty Python and The Onion.

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