Saturday, February 8, 2014

Network 23’s “Big Time Television”

Big Time Television is a YouTube channel of high weirdness and low brow, created by none other than our own Jack Heart. BTtv provides commentary on modern socio-political inequities… especially in the context of the new American Plutocracy… AKA: the 1% …and the rise of the NSA State. BTtv uses media appropriation, simple animation and a variety of mash-up techniques to present current events in a (hopefully) entertaining way. It’s political snarkyness and humor aspires to the fine tradition of the likes of Monty Python and The Onion.

"Day after day... Making tomorrow look like
yesterday. Ya' know we said there's
no future? ...Well, this is it!"

- Blank Reg
BTtv has forged a powerful alliance with Network 23’s sentient AI and synthetic personality… the sultan of singularity… Max Headroom. Max, that viral computer-generated talk show host, lends his T-T-Talents to form the Powerful new mega-network conglomerate: BigTimeTelevison/ Network 23… BTtv23 for short. BTtv23 premiered in October, 2012... just in time for the immanentization of the eschaton... and in association with the legion of dynamic discord...

Here is an excerpt from BTtv23’s YouTube “about” page…

"BTtv23 chronicles and reports on our rapidly changing world... as it pertains to the nefarious exploits of the planetary plutocracy & the "so called" NWO. We broaden the perspective of conventional media (or as we like to call it; Babylon Bandwidth) by considering alternative & synchromystic viewpoints of the fringe in our analysis."

To date, BTtv23 has posted several 5 to 7 minute “Episodes” that both revel and lampoons the zeitgeist. Each episode examines such issues as media manipulation, governmental intrusion, even complex themes such as Philip K Dick’s psychological mind-trap, the “Black Iron Prison” and its associated viral meme… “The Empire Never Ended.” Now you too can keep up to the minute on the battle against “Babylon Bandwidth.” BTtv23 features commentary, breaking news & Op Ed. Stay tuned, for... some crazy shit is about to go down!

Big TimeTelevision