Sunday, November 10, 2013

Disclosure... where are the WikiLeaks?

-by Woody Evans.

UFO believers are convinced that a “disclosure event” is just around the corner. But what does it say that in an age where information just can’t stay hidden, there no leaked documents about UFOs?

In the age of WikiLeaks, why are there no leaks about UFOs? Is it because UFOs don’t exist? ...or because they’re far stranger than we think?

There are no leaked documents from any Edward Snowdens or Chelsea Mannings. We have nothing published through WikiLeaks about “disclosure.” The Guardian… suspiciously mum on the subject.

Isn’t it reasonable to think that if there were any indisputable documents related to government or corporate knowledge of extraterrestrial entities, they would have been leaked already? What about all those Department of Defense contractors who must have seen something at some point? For all the whoop over the coming “disclosure” of contact with aliens in the 20th and early 21st centuries… there’s still no news. Seven years after the founding of WikiLeaks, and there’s no torsion field schematics, no leaked photos of gray alien bodies, no new MJ-12 materials.

Maybe there’s no disclosure, no leaks, no nothing, because the nature of contact with whatever-they-are isn’t of a physical or documentary nature...