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American Exceptionalism, Machiavelli & Eugenics - Op-Ed Communiqués vol. 3

Examining the Underlying Causes of Bullying & Suicide.
In recent years, there has been some sort of campaign to help “stop” bullying, which has been mainly pushed by public schools such as Dakota High School. The campaign to help stop bullying, along with the Suicide Prevention, which is also based in Dakota High School, has been getting some coverage here for example.

Now I quite frankly am against bullying and find that suicide is not the answer to the problems to escape these real life problems that permeate against the will of the consciousness of minds in society. However, I feel that I must criticize these various campaigns because it does not address the many over-layers of the causes of such hurtful things such as bullying, and the causes that leads to many people, specifically in America but also around the world, on the brink of killing themselves. Writing this piece, I hope that this will be helpful as to the very larger game that is being played on the masses to keep them locked into the system.

The real cause of bullying is mainly because of the common stereotypes that we are being foisted upon without knowing it in our culture. Now the culture of the post-modern era is dominated by the ever-so increasing advancements in technology, with the rise of TV, Internet; along with that, the old-guard of magazines and news-papers and what have you. With the advancements of technology and the rhetorical emphasis on “democracy” and “humanity” being jabbed into our minds very often by our government, you’d think that there would be no bullying. Unfortunately, that is not the case. In recent decades, starting in the mid-1990s going onto 2004 and beyond, the media has been controlled by no more (and probably even less today) that five corporations, as evidence can be found at the Media Reform Information Center. As a result, the corporations, along with governmental organizations like the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, etc., promote the ideology of American Exceptionalism, and, emphasizing on corporations’ role, promoting the Capitalist ideology of things. When I talk about Capitalism, I am also covering the manifestations of this system in which we are under, which is Social Darwinism and some of Libertarianism, and even the more extreme manifestations of those ideologies such as Eugenics.

Capitalism, and all of its manifestations, thrives on competition, and in doing so awards the winners. Capitalism, specifically Laissez-Faire Capitalism, opens the door to Machiavellian-type tactics which people like Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller in the 19th century used to climb to the top. As a result, the poor and destitute are left behind and even put in prison, as a result of an unfair and corrupt system that which is produced by the elites, and for the elites. The “American Dream”, being promoted by ideologues with a purpose of keeping people within the Feudalist system, manifests the stereotypes of immoral people climbing to the top, with those who don’t are doomed to sink to the bottom of society. TV Shows routinely spread that message, and is spread very well because of the advancements of technology and how it constantly surrounds us 24/7; the only differences between various shows, however, having a differentiating approach.

It is not just the entertainment that’s part of the socio-economic causes of bullying, but it’s also the education system that takes part in this. The education system has been criticized by many as being corporate controlled institutions, in which the student is unconsciously subjugated to the big corporate names and the messages they carry. However, even before the creeping corporate influence on the public education system, the compulsory educational system was already being based on destroying the individual will of people with American Exceptionalism and Patriotism. The compulsory education system is entirely based on the Prussian-school system created in modern-day Germany in the 17th century as a way of binding everyone under a common goal of nationalism. In order to accomplish this goal, the Prussian government had to put into mix the basics of education (reading and writing) with the nationalistic propaganda to properly indoctrinate people into supporting the rulers. This system was imported to America by people like Horace Mann, and also supported by John D. Rockefeller. If you want to learn more about this, I suggest reading the The Prussian-Industrial History of Public Schooling published by the New American Academy.

Then with the Suicide Prevention Month, you have celebrities pitching in to “help” promote the cause of “preventing suicide” (you can view the articles here). This is evidence that the powers that be do not want actual change in society because celebrities are the figureheads and idols in today’s modern pseudo-religious myths which is promoted by the corporate-dominated culture in the world. The celebs’ job is to perpetuate the stereotypes, and even more so promote the “American Dream” ideology that thrives on competition, which enables the elites to walk on the impoverished.

I would also like to add about the cultural portrayal of those who are “left behind” in the society of glamour and superficiality (going out to those deemed nerds, wimps, retards, losers, psychopaths, etc). Society still does today portray these people as those pretty much “left behind” in the “Capitalist Dream”, because of their “nature” to live as one. The social outcasts and deviants include, of course (and especially now days in the impending tyranny befalling upon us) the dissidents; viewed as “extremists” and the “lunatic fringe”, as promulgated by the mainstream media whenever there’s times of dissent. They are those who are starting to question the wall of deception built by the government to keep people in the system, and to prevent them from ever really bringing about and/or keeping alive the actual principals of Democracy.

Along with the programs promoted in mainly public schools, the government always has a “solution” to the ongoing issues such as bullying and suicide: such as more laws, such as the targeting of electronic bullying by the government. This, of course, involves more draconian surveillance as justification to these problems, which do nothing but destroy our rights as human beings to privacy. Now on the internet, there has been an increasing amount of internet trolls on social-media websites (YouTube, Facebook, etc.), and while there is real bullying that happens as caused by real people, there’s also been government-hired trolls causing trouble as well (view the articles here).

Long story short, the issues such as bullying and suicide and the seemingly complicated layers of causes that contribute to them are not being tackled by the ruling establishment, and as we can see there’s a reason why. The reason why that is so is because they want to keep the masses in the system, in confusion and not understanding how the system works and how the game is being played. The only reason why they are propping these “awareness” campaigns is so they can reinstate their illegitimate importance to society, and also because these are too small of issues for people to focus on. These are merely distractionary issues, that simply distract us from the bigger problems, such as the impending World War Three agenda, or the Trans-Pacific Partnership that will once and for all finalize the New World Agenda that many conspiracy theorists are very worked up about these days. Bullying and suicide still is an issue, but needs to be researched more deeply in order to fully grasp the roots of the problems.

The solution, as I propose, is of course to examine for yourselves of what I’m proposing in this essay. But most importantly, we must bring awareness to people, and once there’s awareness we can go from there by many things. What we can do is use the technology to bring about a new cultural movement that emphasize on real creativity and critical thinking. We can also boycott the products of the postmodern culture which can include social-media websites like YouTube and Facebook, and/or demand that they go back to the intended format and purpose of these website – that is, to not spy on people and also protect the rights of people to use online anonymity. Now the economic and governmental level will be covered in the near future, but I will say to demand simply that corporations be separated from power, and to outlaw monopoly; along with that, demand that intelligence agencies like the Pentagon, CIA, and FBI be abolished.

- Anonymous

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