Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Treason in the GOP! op-ed vol. 2 (updated)

None Dare Call it Treason!

Although it is clear that politicians have surpassed lawyers, as being the most despised… the most loathed… (so-called) professionals on the planet today, it is even more clear that the Republican Party has sunk to a new, unconscionable low. Not only have the GOP been obstructionist, to the point of absurdity, ever since Obama was originally elected back in ’08… their most recent high-jink of knowingly shutting down the Federal Government through legislative trickery, is itself a treasonous act.

It is also abundantly clear that sending a continuing resolution (CR) to the US Senate to fund the Federal Government (even for a mere six weeks or so, until the Debt Limit Debacle kicks in) ...with a de-funding of the ACA rider attached... would not actually de-fund the ACA… or even delay it. 

The Affordable Care Act is law… get over it.

It is widely believed (by political pundits, who are themselves, suspect) that a small minority of Right-Wing Fanatics within the GOP are essentially holding the entire GOP hostage and somehow compelling them to act irresponsibly. Perhaps the word “irresponsibly” is too mild… “insane?” That would imply that they were not in control of their faculties… “obstinately?” That would imply that their actions were questionable-but-permissible. Me thinks the word we’re looking for is… treasonous.

So the question becomes… Is a small cabal of ultra-right-wing fanatics forcing the GOP controlled US House of Representatives to obstruct the Government’s due diligence... to the point of treason?

If this ideological battle continues and merges with the Debt limit Debacle… the answer is yes.

If a small band of Right-Wingers (we don’t want to name-names, but their initials are… TEA PARTY) forces the Government to default on its debts… debt that we have already accrued… money that has already been spent… monies that are legitimately owed…that act, intentional or not… whether through action or non-action… is an act of treason. 

For that matter, blame rests less on the shoulders of a small band of tea-partiers… politicians who are hoodwinked or worse... bought and sold by plutocrats… by the likes of the Koch brothers… than it rests on the shoulders of the GOP leadership.

If John Boehner doesn’t have the guts to stand up to the extreme right-wing of his own party… then he’s as guilty… if not more guilty… than the tea-partiers are.

And forget about blaming Obama for not calling Congressional leadership to his office and forcing them to resolve their differences. The simple truth is, passing a budget is the responsibility of Congress. Quit bellyaching for Big-Daddy Obama to come rescue you and do your job, Congress!

These guys are derelict in their duty to the Republic. They need to be hounded out of office! They need to be made accountable for their treasonous acts! They need to pay for their crimes against the American Public! Make the bastards pay! Death to all Fanatics!!!

And if you really want to know the truth… 


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