Friday, September 6, 2013

"PTB...WTF?" - Op-Ed Communiqués vol. 1

We recently and quietly implemented “Letters to the Editor” functionality to our Blog. We have always enjoyed feedback from readers of this blog, and have always been amazed at the wisdom and insight that has been demonstrated in the comments of our posts. We encourage these comments, as they are educational to us.

We now actively seek more expanded submissions via the “Letters to the Editor” feature, in the left-hand column of this site. We will treat any comments we receive here as Op-Ed material, and post them as a “guest commentator” post, in a series we call… Op-Ed Communiqués.

Warning to Contributors: The content of your submissions are yours and yours alone. As always, should you or any of your OP-ED force be caught or killed, the tek-gnostics blog-site will disavow any knowledge of your actions. Good luck, Jim. This post will self-destruct in five seconds…

Find below a prime example of the type of feedback that percolates to the surface of the blog-o-sphere, in this, our first installment of "OP-ED Communiqués"…

Powers That Be... WTF?

So the war mongering "powers that be" are out in full force on Capitol Hill this week... foaming at the mouth over the likelihood of ramming multiple cruise missiles up the ass of some godless infidel... Outraged over an alleged chemical attack on the Syrian populace... that the war mongering bastards know damn-good-and-well was perpetrated by the Assad regime... as if there is absolutely no possibility that any one of the hundred different factions, both domestic and foreign, operating inside the Syrian civil-war-zone could have been responsible... If this event even took place… as reported... smells like CIA. Don’t get me wrong… the use of sarin gas is a despicable, cowardly act… regardless of who is responsible. 1,000 dead… 400 of our precious children among them… now the (who’s?) red line has been crossed… don't worry about the 100,000 people who have already been murdered in Syria... collateral damage... hard for the bastards to call in their debt… collect their blood money… with damaged collateral... but the war machine needs to be fired up... the wheels of empire must roll! The Arab spring was too springy for those god-forsaken Neo-con saber rattlers to chance it… too much liberty on the minds of those Arab upstarts... who do they think they are? …they act as if they are already free... Better... No... Safer… to bomb them back into the Stone Age, while clearing out some of last year's weaponry... gotta move that backlog inventory... good for business... Masters of War… apex of Tom-foolery. I mean... who's to say that some sold-out lapdog lackey of western interests didn't pull the chemical trigger? Smells like CIA? …far better that the Syrian devil Assad be set-up to take the fall... after all... he may be a bastard... but worse… he's not OUR bastard! And speaking of bastards... Why should any half-educated-half-informed prudent person ever (Ever!) the Neo-con bastards again? After Kuwait and Iraq and Afghanistan and Iraq again... If the Neo-cons trot out the same old bullshit WMD story again... WTF? I mean… who’s scripting those talking points that our bought-and-paid-for politicians spew out daily? Talk about dystopian nightmare… we’re living it… global jihad… bankrupt governments bought by mega-corporations… nuclear meltdown and widening dead zone at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility… if you read this in some cheap dystopian sci fi novel… you wouldn’t believe it. The last thing the world needs is the continuation of some escalating proxy war between the US and Russia… being fought in the streets of Damascus... killing men, women and children. The world is over the arrogant global NWO... NW-Imperialist-O... Running amok... De-stabilizing regions and populations of the world... to further some clandestine, covert, capitalist, coup-detente... listen-up you condescending, cloak & dagger, illuminati-wannabe-puppet-masters-of-war… the jig us up… your time is over… get your black-hearted, blood-soaked, evil-minded manipulations the hell away from the peace-loving citizenry of the world! …and by the way… what is so goddamn funny about peace, love and understanding?

And if you really want to know the truth…

-       Anonymous