Saturday, August 17, 2013

Crisis in Egypt – Rise of the Neo-cons

Regardless of any opinion concerning Egypt's recently deposed elected government, democracy herself appears to be going down in flames. As of this writing, nearly a thousand souls have lost their lives within a week of protests. The brutal crackdown by the Egyptian military, and the seeming complacency of the US government, does not bode well for Egypt's citizenry. The rise in violence is a complete antithesis of the peaceful revolution which took place in 2011. The senseless brutality... condoned by the powers that be, demonstrate the rise of a more profound and insidious trend in global politics.

One thing that many societies and governments around the world have in common is… a small-but-mighty neo-conservative faction within the body-politic. There are neo-cons everywhere… in politics, in academia, in religion… there are neo-cons hiding under the bed in every corner of the world. Although recent popular democratic uprisings had them scurrying under the a-fore mentioned metaphorical bed… they have been poking their ultra-conservative heads out from under, of late.

The funny thing about neo-cons… they share the same traits, no matter what end of the political bed they are peeking out of. They are nearly identical, no matter what ideology they profess. Be they political or religious (which are two ends of the same dirty stick), neo-cons “have the same smell” about them. And most of them have the same distaste for democracy.

Democracy is messy… and if the wrong people get elected… well, better a “friendly to our cause” authoritarian ruler be put into power… human rights be damned… than let democracy run it’s chaotic course. It was Zbigniew Brzezinski who said that when neoconservatives talk about democratization, they really mean destabilization. For better, or for worse, Morsi was the first democratically elected president of Egypt, in that country’s history.

With that said, the Muslim Brotherhood has a robust and resilient neo-con faction at its core. The theocratic neo-con mullahs of Islam, are just as scary as our own, home-grown religious-right variety. The popular rise of Islam across the planet overshadows and obscures the rise of neo-conservatism that is taking place. However, it is the rise of the Neo-cons that is the true threat to freedom loving peoples everywhere. It is the rise of the Neo-cons that threaten world peace and stability.

As we had said many times before here, the Desert Religions… Christianity, Islam and Judaism… are infested with a war-mongering elite ruling class that blatantly disregards the profound teachings of peace and compassion of each of their charismatic founders. After all, these religions grew out of warring and marauding desert tribes who were prone to raiding and murdering their neighbors. If Jesus were alive today, he would be mortified by all of the blood that has been spilled… in his name.

Meanwhile, more people are being killed in the streets of Cairo. Neo-con factions within the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as the Egyptian military continue to manipulate the situation, to their own nefarious ends. And the beautiful desert rose of democracy that blossomed in Egypt begins to wither.

On an interesting side note: President Obama recently announced that, in response to the continued violence across Egypt, the joint military operation known as “Bright Star” had been canceled. These “War Games” have been conducted between The Egyptian and US militaries since the days of Anwar Sadat. What is interesting… from a synchronistic perspective is the name of this joint military operation… Bright Star.

Sirius is the brightest of all the fixed stars. Known to astronomers as Alpha Canis Major, it is the principal star of the constellation Canis Major (the Big Dog). The ancient Egyptians called it Septit, the Hebrews knew it as Sihor, to the Greeks as Sothis and also as the "the Dog Star" that followed Orion the Hunter. Sirius has a magnitude of -1.42, which makes it nine times more brilliant than a standard first magnitude star. It can even been seen in daylight with a powerful telescope.

Sirius was the most important star in the sky to the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptian calendar was based on the rising of Sirius. The ‘Dog Star’ is a common designation of Sirius throughout known history. The ancient god Anubis was a 'dog god', that is, he had a man's body and a dog's head.

The Dogon people of Mali, in the West of the Continent of Africa, are famous for their comprehensive knowledge pertaining to Sirius. The Dogon talk about Nommo, or amphibian deities that arrived from the sky in their fantastic sky ship. They preached to the people who assembled in large numbers around the lake that was created around the ship. Certain researchers investigating the Dogon have reported that they seem to possess advanced astronomical knowledge, the nature and source of which have remained unknown.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to get “deep in the weeds” on the Egypt/Sirius connection. The esoteric aspects of Egypt and the ancient technologies that are the Giza plateau, are seemingly far removed from contemporary politics. As interesting and as horrifically entertaining as current events are... often the political and religiously infused media coverage of world events, act as a smoke-screen... obscuring "what is really going on" on our embattled planet. Modern media routinely pulls the ole' bait and switch, while covering world events. Meanwhile, the "real" events of consequence take place, while all eyes are diverted on televised spectacle.

...So keep a “synchronistic eye” on the events surrounding Egypt, as they unfold. Something BIG is about to go down... and... the truth is stranger than fiction. The "powers that be" are up to something, and the Neo-cons are acting as "their" foot-soldiers. Beware the rise of the Neo-cons.

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