Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tek-Gnostics Update

We’ve been working on a variety of updates over at our “Mothership” website, tekgnostics.com. Of special interest is the re-design of our Pop Future page. In this latest revision, we have published an expanded version of the recent: a vision of the future post, from this blog. This expanded version is worth a look.

We also have revised our Extra-Terrestrial Transmissions page. Here we have published our blog series, AAT: are the world’s religions cargo cults? Now this three-part series is available in one place! In addition, there are several more minor updates, so if you haven’t explored our website lately, Check it out…

Questionnaire Results

Recently, in this blog’s surveying the collective widget, we asked the question:

Q: Will there be a world-media disclosure, concerning extra-terrestrial contact?

The results of this query are in and we can report that there was a tie for the most popular answer submitted by our readers…

Tied for first place, each with 29% of the total votes… Survey said!!!

A: Yes, intelligent life! …and/or

A: Yes, alien agenda!

Second place answer, with 21% of the vote – No, just potential conditions.

Third place answer, with 13% of the vote – Yes, microbes on mars.

Forth and last place answer, with 8% of the vote – No, we’re alone.

Check out our newest survey question in our surveying the collective (upper left-hand column) widget. Please respond to this question, as it will help us define “What the hell is Tek-Gnostics, anyway?” … any clarification you can provide will be greatly appreciated!

Spring Membership Drive

We are also excited to announce a new feature of our Affiliate Program… Now membership in the Tek-Gnostics Affiliates includes a personalized Certificate of Heresy!

Upon subscription, each new member will receive, in addition to all the other perks… a spiffy, full color certificate (suitable for framing!), verifying their blatant heresy and their ability to think for themselves… This official document is authorized and signed by none other than the Demiurge! Accept no substitutions! …and remember… you don’t have to be a heretic to enjoy Tek-Gnostics… but it helps!

So if you find the Tek-Gnostics website to be entertaining… or informative… or in any way useful… please consider subscribing to our members site. All proceeds go toward keeping Tek-Gnostics on-line.

Blessings to you & yours...

Sensei & Co.