Friday, March 8, 2013

Dealing with "the Sequester" – a Manifesto

On Friday, March 1st, the 10% across-the-board federal budgetary cuts called for by the Budget Control Act of 2011, automatically kicked in, as our legislative branch of government failed to act. I single out our legislature because it is their job to authorize the federal government’s expenditures. Remember, the administrative branch… the president, et al… are in reality merely glorified accountants. The president administers fiscal policy upon direction from the legislature. This is how a representative form of government is supposed to work.
By now, it has become all too clear that our legislative governmental apparatus is highly ineffective, if not completely broken. As stated in an earlier post, our legislature has fattened into an aristocratic over-class, far removed from the experiences of the American public. They have devolved into a one-percent wannabe subclass of the bourgeoisie. They have grown into the very social strata… the very upper class elitists, that our representative government… a government of the people, by the people and for the people… was originally designed to protect our citizenry from.
Absent any constructive, bi-partisan legislation being put forth by our government, we at Tek-Gnostics have taken it upon ourselves to develop and publish our own plan to address the hardships created by the sequester, to help the American Experience return to a path of prudent fiscal responsibility and prosperity. This plan takes the form of a three-plank manifesto…


One – Tax the Churches

Too long have the myriad religious cabals been allowed to run rampant in this country without paying their “fair share” of healthcare, education, infrastructure and national dept servicing costs that the rest of us (big corporations excluded, of course) routinely pay through national, state and local income taxes, not to mention employment and various state sales taxes.
With total church revenues in the US being estimated at somewhere between $93 billion, to as much as $220 billion annually, the additional revenue would be significant.
Taxing the Churches falls within the “increased revenue” school of thought, in dealing with “the sequester” as well as dealing with our ever increasing national debt (the two schools of thought being increased taxation vs spending cuts). Generating more money in this manner would at least prolong the inevitability of our government increasing taxes on the middle-income and low-income among us.


Two – Eat the Rich

This imaginative idea accomplishes several desirable benefits, simultaneously. First, it provides another as-yet untapped food-source to those in our society who don’t get enough to eat. I’m sure many of you are familiar with this variation of the Soylent Green solution.
Second, it closes the circle… completes the cycle… of poorest to wealthiest within our culture. Previously in America, wealth has always flowed one way… from the bottom or poorest strata, to the top or wealthiest strata. If it is true that you are what you eat, then by eating the rich, the poorest in our society would literally become the wealthiest! And so the cycle of the poorest to the wealthiest within this nation would finally come full circle.
Finally, eating the rich would go a long way toward solving the 1% problem in America. There would finally be a real motive for the 1% to join the 99% in this country. As we all know, there will always remain serious parity issues in this country until the 99 and the 1 merge into a 100% America. Strength in unity! 


Three – Nothing is so sacred that it cannot be made fun of

This third and final plank of our manifesto actually comes from the Tek-Gnostics Eight-fold path… a field guide to mindful consciousness in the 21st century. As is pointed out in the 5th facet of the Eight-fold path… A well developed sense of humor is indicative of a well developed intellect. If you don’t have a sense of humor… it’s just not funny.
So if you are repulsed by any of the above… lighten up. If consideration of the absurd is in any way entertaining, enlightening or if it allows you to think outside the box… then our work here is done.