Monday, February 11, 2013

Religion = Politics 2 - Pope Retires during Mardi Gras!

Good work, if you can get it!
Under pressure from our earlier exposé post, Religion = Politics ...Pope Benedict XVI has announced his resignation! The news rocked the Roman Catholic Church…
"I didn't really think it was possible to resign. But if he feels he's not in a position to continue then it's an honorable thing to do," said Michael Lauber a 58-year-old civil servant entering St Hedwig's Roman Catholic Cathedral in central Berlin.
"It's what anyone else in any other job would have to do. I can't say I'm disappointed," said Lauber.
"This is really extraordinary because not since Celestine V has this happened," said Rome resident Emma Nardi, referring to the last pope to leave office voluntarily, in 1294.
"It's an incredible thing, we need to see why he did it. I hope the church doesn't end up like Italian politics," she said. *
As of this posting, the persistent rumor could not be confirmed… and it may just be a coincidence… or more tellingly, a synchronicity… that today’s announcement by Pope Benedict, of his abrupt retirement… coincides with Fat Tuesday celebrations in New Orleans and other locals around the world, where Mardi Gras is observed. These unsubstantiated rumors indicate that the Pope reportedly wanted to… “Give ‘em something to celebrate!”
Pope sez: laissez les bons temps rouler!!!
 Accordingly, in the words of that fine Mardi Gras anthem, Iko-IkoIf you don’t like what the Big Chief say, sing: Jakamo Fi Na Ne!

* Quotes from an article in Reuters