2012 - Retrospective

from Jan. 13th - "The Yankee and Cowboy Psychedelic War" ...Part 2

from Feb. 12th - "Anonymous vs Anonymous"

from Feb. 19th - "The Idiot"

from Feb. 22nd - "Eight Easy Steps", ...Part 2 ...Part 3 ...Part 4

from March 2nd - "AAT: Are the World's Religions Cargo Cults?" ...Part 2 ...Part 3

from April 11th - "Babylon Bandwidth"

from July 7th - "Timbuktu... Sacred Site, threatened by secular ignorance"

from Sep. 11th - "9/11 Anniversary & Synchronicity" ...Part 2

from Oct. 10th - "2012 Election on the Planet of the Apes" ...Part 2 ...Part 3

from Nov. 28th - "Dwellers of the Two Realms"



Dennis/87 said…
What fun. I pray you continue the search and love of Gnosis. Dennis
Jack Heart said…
87... Hope you have a happy new year... Any newyear's resolutions?
Dennis/87 said…
No fast food for the year. Cindy and I are fed up with such tomfoolery. How about you? Dennis
Jack Heart said…
Exercise/meditation regime to keep Buddha belly under control…
Dennis/87 said…
Too bad so sad about Phillip Coppens. What a skilled synchromystic. Hope he sends some sign about his current whereabouts and its Gnosis. Dennis

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