Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Political Aftermath



With the U.S. presidential elections safely behind us, we can all take a well deserved break from the onslaught of intrusive mass media programming and mind control, aka: political advertising. As stated in an earlier post, regardless of whether a democrat or a republican is elected… the politicians always get in. This is the obvious flaw in status quo politics in America… our politicians are in the “business of politics,” where keeping their jobs takes precedence over what is in the best interest of our United States.
This typifies the structural deficit of our political and economic systems, as we expand spiritually into the 21st century. Our world has moved beyond these archaic systems. The future belongs to those with vision, compassion and tenacity. We don’t have time to wait for political dinosaurs to wake up & smell the cappuccino.
As politically timid and futuristically dim-witted as the democrats are, the republicans are worse. They blundered into this election cycle thinking that the white, anglo-saxon protestant (WASP) demographic is still relevant. They appear to have no clue that the U.S. is a vibrant, evolving blend of ethnicities… a blend of cultures and communities, which is what makes America great in the first place.
Thankfully, the people are already leading the way, pioneering new paradigms for a sustainable future. The resilient community movement, as well as the transition town movement, models how to grow a healthy local infrastructure and economy, via self-sufficiency in food, housing and power production at the neighborhood, municipal and regional level. This is akin to the macrobiotic concept, applied socially. These concepts of community are a blueprint for a sustainable global village, as opposed to a new world order.
This is all happening just in the nick of time, as global warming (aka: earth changes) continues to remind us of its presence. It is clear now that our planet is rapidly evolving. In fact, an argument can be made that this entire political hullabaloo is merely a distraction… a magician’s misdirection… diverting us from the truly important challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. The true lesson to be taken from the 2012 political contest from hell is this… politics is a medium of dogma. Stick a fork in it, it’s done.

Global Mindfulness

Something wonderful is underway on planet earth today. Spiritually, humanity is shedding our collective old skin of fear & loathing and emerging anew, in raiment of light… with an increasing awareness of our interconnectedness. We use the “light’ metaphor, as this evolution is happening quickly… as in the “speed of light.” This is a very real phenomenon. We are in the process of changing, not only our world view, but how we view universe. Advancements in astrophysics and cosmology are staggering.
Bold and relatively new theories, such as plasma cosmology and the electric universe theory, challenge the big bang theory as the (conventionally) accepted model of our cosmos. These theories offer alternative explanations for the creation of universe. Simply stated, they propose that electricity, not nuclear fusion, is what powers the stars and our sun. While the big bang sees the universe in terms of gravity alone, a plasma universe is formed and controlled by electricity and magnetism, not just gravitation.
It would be a vast understatement to say that these competing theories are not warmly received by the scientific establishment. God forbid that we consider theories outside the mainstream! How dare anyone question the big bang’s thinly disguised presumption of creationism? Such is the fate of all new ideas. None-the-less, the acceptance of new ideas is central to an evolving universe. And in an evolving universe… he who stands still… moves backward!
So as we heal the psychic wounds of the last election cycle, let us be mindful of what is important to all humans. Let us remember that we all share this tiny celestial body of air, earth, fire and water. Let us remember that we are all in this incredible adventure together. What befalls the least of us… befalls us all. Let us meet the future with curiosity and optimism. Together, let us explore the mystery.