Friday, November 2, 2012

Eight Easy Steps - pt 4 - the Higher Circuits

From deep within the Tek-Gnostics Monastery... secretly guarded and handed down for generations... comes the final chapter in Tek-Gnostics Media’s series… “How to Achieve Cosmic Consciousness in Eight Easy Steps.”
Warning: The un-initiated should view Part One, Part Two & Part Three of our series, prior to viewing part four.
This concluding segment explores the higher four, transcendental circuits of the eight-brain model of consciousness. Where circuits one through four are said to be analytical, circuits five through eight are intuitive and psychedelic in nature. When fully activated, the higher four circuits enable interaction with universal matrix… the very fabric of reality…
Finally the path to understanding the eight-fold aspect of the human nervous system has been fully revealed… Now you too can achieve Cosmic Consciousness in eight easy steps!

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