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Dwellers of the Two Realms


Simultaneous Worlds…

It has been postulated… philosophized… that sentient life was created by universe (we prefer the term “universe” as opposed to “God” when discussing such matters) to act as it’s organ of perception… it’s sensory faculty of contemplation. The notion of life’s cosmic role has been eloquently described as being the “eyes of the world.” Through sentient life’s five senses, universe is able to experience itself… to reflect upon itself. Universe is able to pause and say… “my, my, my… what a beautiful and wondrous existence this is.”
It is the grandest adventure imaginable, to be born upon Spaceship Earth, as a sentient living, breathing human. Possessing the ability to travel the world over, witnessing the majesty of nature and the diversity of culture. It is precisely this innate (human) ability to appreciate the wonders of universe that lends credence to the above cosmology. In so doing, humans, on behalf of universe, possess the ability to self reflect. Self-reflection, or thinking about oneself, allows for the experience of the outer, phenomenal or physical world, as well as the inner, conceptual or intuitive world.
As a cosmic instrument of perception, possessing self-reflection, humans accordingly witness, and report back to universe, upon the experiences of two worlds… the outer world of action and the inner world of intention… the outer world of the material and the inner world of ethereal. This is in keeping with the underlying understanding of a dualistic experiential universe.
Considering these two worlds, we could further suggest that their dualistic properties are as follows… The material or outer world is the domain of the waking, conscious mind. The inner, intuitive world is the domain subconscious mind, which is asleep and dreaming. The two overlap, of course, but the distinction makes sense… after all, humans divide their time alternating between cycles of wakefulness and sleep, as the planet completes its 24 hour rotation around Sol. This dualistic cycle of animation/suspended animation, occurs daily for most humans.
By virtue of a sophisticated and highly evolved nervous system, Earthling humans possess the ability to live, simultaneously, in these two distinct, yet very different worlds or realms. Upon first examination, these two worlds are seemingly independent of each other, yet they overlap or overlay each other… occupying the same space, if you will. However, these simultaneous worlds are so different they appear as two separate realities.
Each realm has its own unique, yet drastically different laws of physics to govern it. Each realm appears to populate the same Earth, with identical inhabitants and identical locals… although environs can mysteriously morph from one realm to the next. The most significant commonality in experiencing these simultaneous worlds is that each individual’s relations, peers and acquaintances appear to be identical… initially. As we shall see, significant entities have a way of morphing, especially in the dream realm.


Human anatomy and neurology has evolved a physiological duality to accommodate the two realms. In the waking world, bipedal development, allows for physical locomotion. Left and right appendages allow for grasping and manipulating tools. Binocular development, or two eyes, allows for precise depth perception. By far, the most important evolutionary development has been the evolution of the bi-lobal brain. As far as we know, the bi-lobal brain was designed specifically for navigation and integration of the two realms.
The left lobe, commonly referred to as the “left brain,” is widely considered to be the analytical or logical brain. The left-side of the brain is thought to be adept at tasks that involve logic, language and analytical thinking. Left brain function includes reasoning, organizational & mathematical skills. Additionally, the left brain is thought to control the right side of the body.
The right lobe, commonly referred to as the “right brain,” is widely considered to be the intuitive or creative brain. The right side of the brain is best at expressive and creative tasks. Right brain function includes art awareness, imagination, music, 3-D shapes and holistic thinking. Additionally, the left brain is thought to control the right side of the body. Accordingly, left-handed individuals are often considered to be creative and artistic. By this logic, we must assume that only left-handed people are in their right minds!
It is important to remember that the left brain/right brain model is a generalization. Although a lateral dominance is measurable, these characteristics are in fact existent in both hemispheres of the brain. The brain is an adaptive organ with built-in redundancy. So there is hope for some of you right-handers out there…
Humanity’s dualistic anatomy works well in a dualistic universe… both literally and figuratively. The universal dichotomy of lightness/darkness corresponds with the philosophical yin/yang. The physicality of the right hand vs the left hand can also be considered philosophically, ie: “The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.” It is interesting to note that the left hand is attributed qualities of darkness, ie: “left-handed complement,” or “left-handed path.”
Although the physicality of the outer, material, waking world is obvious to all, it is the other realm… the inner, intuitive world of dreams that is of interest and will be considered here.


Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity popularized the understanding of space-time, where universe consists of three spatial dimensions: length, width & height and one temporal dimension: time. The space-time ratio is thus three parts space, one part time. Humanity’s occupancy in two realms… the waking and the dreaming… fits into this cosmology as follows: Within a dualistic space-time universe, our waking world body is the master of space. Within the dream realm, our dream body is the master of time. Herein lay the underappreciated importance of the dream realm. While dreaming, we can move about in time as easily as we move about in space, while awake.
When we dream… even though we perceive our dreams as spatial… our primary modality is temporal. Our movement occurs in time, not space... we manipulate time rather than space. More precisely, the physics of the dream realm are opposite of those governing the waking realm. The space-time ratio is reversed. While dreaming, our reality is three parts time, one part space. The three dimensions become past, present & future, with space filling in as the ubiquitous fourth dimension.
In dreamtime, we hop-scotch through time as easily as a child hop-scotches on the playground, while in the waking world.
The so-called Western World has, for the most part, ignores the importance of the dream realm, while focusing on the mastery of the material world. This is not the case with other cultures, or in other times. The indigenous cultures of Australia correlate dreaming and spirit. Their cosmologies equate dreaming with universal creation, wherein dreaming brought about and sustains universe. Dreaming and universe are different facets of the same phenomenon. This cosmology is famously called: Dreamtime.
Hindu cosmology has the creator deity, Brahma, who dreams the great cosmic lotus dream, which manifests universe. After a span of over 8 billion earth years, Brahma dissolves himself into a dreamless state… and universe dissolves with him. After a similar time-span, Brahma once again dreams, and the cycle repeats. Interestingly, the Hindi cosmology’s time scale corresponds (roughly) to those of modern scientific cosmology.
The ancient Celts recognized the existence of the two realms. On Samhain or Halloween, they celebrated the time when the veil between the worlds grows thin. Their ancient harvest celebrations marked the beginning of winter or the 'dark half' of the year. This was not only a celebration of the Celtic New Year and the autumn equinox… it was a time to honor dearly departed clan members. As such, Samhain is considered a festival of the dead, held by many cultures throughout the world in honor of spirit and the spirit or dream world.
It is not surprising that the art of divination was widely practiced during these autumn festivals of the dead. Certain individuals of any given culture, through natural aptitude and/or extensive training, become adept at accessing (if not travelling to) the dream realm. The “right brain” operates both the navigation of the dream realm and intuitive processes of the “waking world,” such as music, poetry & various “psi” phenomena, such as clairvoyance. These individuals with a well developed right brain and a desire to explore the dream realm have been called by many names including: oracle, wizard, prophet, medicine man/woman, shaman, etc.
Over time, systems were developed to teach these abilities. Some of these teachings originated within… were brought back from… the dream realm, itself…
“Within Tibetan Buddhism there is a class of dreams labeled Milam Ter or “dream treasure.” These treasures are teachings that are considered to be the creations of enlightened beings. The teachings were purposefully hidden or stored in order to benefit future generations. Many millennia before the historical Buddha Shakyamuni lived, the (dream) tantras were taught by the buddhas of past eras… to both human and non-human beings.”
The above quote was taken from the book “Dream Yoga & the Practice of Natural Light” by Michael Katz. Techniques described by Norbu Rinpoche from this book, as well as other techniques from other cultures, have been aggregated and modernized into the Tek-Gnostics system of Dream Exploration. The results of our amalgamated system are described in greater detail in our earlier posts…
One of the most astounding, practical realizations that have come from our years of research is this… this dream realm thing, whatever or wherever it is… this thing is real. As amazing and wondrous as our waking life’s adventures are aboard spaceship earth, our dream journeys are just as important. They complement and complete our waking world experiences. There is no need to wish for different dimensions… different realities. Everything we need or could possibly imagine is available to us… right here… as dwellers of the two realms.
Note: We go into greater detail; more fully explain the techniques of the Tek-Gnostics system of Dream Exploration, within our member’s site… found here: Tek-Gnostics Affiliates. 


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