Wednesday, November 14, 2012

BigTime Television

Some of you are familiar with the op-ed work of our esteemed colleague and field agent, Jack Heart. Jack is not only a contributor to Tek-Gnostics, but an underground operative and “agent provocateur” in the struggle for neurological autonomy within our over-mediated world. In association with Paxar Animation Studios, Jack has launched a YouTube Channel titled… BigTimeTelevision23. BTtv23 is a pirate mind station in the ongoing “world entertainment wars” …an editorial platform from which to launch counter-strikes against contemporary mass media.
The centralized control of mass media has been consolidated over the last few decades, via the de-regulation of media markets, championed by George W Bush, and the resulting acquisitions and mergers within those markets by large media conglomerates such as Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. The resulting power and control wielded by mass media, over public opinion, is so pervasive… so complete… it is essentially invisible or imperceptible to those living within the media markets. As the consolidation of news outlets and other media organizations continues, the markets grow in scope to the national and international or global scale… as does mass media’s influence.
“Information wants to be free” is a phrase and a concept that has been attributed to information technology pioneer, Stewart Brand. This is the guiding principle of BTtv23. With the slogan “Resist Babylon Bandwidth” …BTtv23’s mission is to illuminate the all-encompassing and undue influence that the organizations that control media technologies have over the flow of information around the world. Once the knowledge of mass media’s monopoly over information becomes more widely known, the associated threat to civil liberty will also become clear.
The following video serves as an announcement of intent, by BTtv23…

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