Saturday, September 1, 2012

Synchronicity and World Events


Worldly events, as reported by our modern media machine (Babylon Bandwidth), are carefully and coercively filtered for consumption by the general public. I say this not in a conspiratorial sense, but rather as an observation of the current state of affairs. The machine’s reporting of “the news” is increasingly designed to promote a specific agenda, rather than an honest, un-biased, best-effort presentation of “what apparently occurred,” in any given report. Media outlets with international reach have considerable resources at their disposal to present “the facts” as they see fit. Disentangling “what occurred” from “agenda” is a nearly impossible task when approached from a limited, singular perspective… especially as we must rely on personal interpretation and logic.
Logic, as a perceptive tool, is fairly reliable when navigating the physical realm. The trouble with over-reliance on logical interpretation is that it is just that… an interpretation. In the case of what is reported by the media, we are only privy to their version of “the facts.” This mediation may not be overtly, or even consciously misleading (aka: a lie) on any given specific report… but it becomes more insidious over time. Media outlets can, over time, present a consistently “slanted” version of events that fit their purpose. Fox News’ consistent ultra right-wing reporting is a case in point.
In order to obtain a more comprehensive view of current events, many among us pay attention to emerging trends and patterns within the media-stream that reveal more than the media machine intends to disclose. What is revealed is the manner in which news is reported. Elements that are consistently emphasized or omitted, tell much about a specific media organization. Examining the larger picture… scrutinizing the trends… leads the discerning individual to a broader, deeper understanding of reported events. We define the word “understanding” to illustrate that which is “under” …what lies beneath, or the hidden foundation of that which is “standing” …visible, or being examined. This is not merely recognition, but comprehension.
Some of us go beyond pattern recognition, to the observance of synchronicities within the unfolding of current global events, as mediated by those who control broadcasting. Our simple definition of synchronicity is: meaningful coincidence. Synchronicity adds a layer of understanding to our perceptions of events. It adds another tool to our toolbox of comprehension… one akin to intuition. We consider synchronicity and intuition to be a product of higher brain functioning (circuit seven) within the human nervous system.
At the risk of scrutiny and skepticism by the general public, we actively pursue synchronicity and intuition, and add them alongside logic, as viable components of our total understanding. These tools broaden our perspective.
There exist technologies (techniques), both modern and ancient, that assist us in our investigations of afore-mentioned worldly events…
One of my favorite systems for examining synchronistic events is the ancient eight-fold oracular technology known as the I-ChingIn the spirit of contemplating the above perplexities of our modern media, I recently submitted the following query to the I-Ching…
Question: What synchronistic understanding should we take from recent media coverage, pertaining to the passing of the old worldly power structure and the emergence of a more loving, peaceful and equitable paradigm?
Answer: Hexagram # 56.  Lu - The Wanderer
Above: Li - The Clinging, Flame
Below: Kên - Keeping Still, Mountain
The Judgement:
The Wanderer.
Success through smallness.
Perseverance brings good fortune to the wanderer.
The Image:
Fire on the mountain: The image of the Wanderer.
Thus the superior man is clear-minded and cautious in imposing penalties, and protracts no lawsuits.
The Lines:
          Six at the beginning means:
          If the wanderer busies himself with trivial things,
          He draws down misfortune upon himself.
          Six in the second place means:
          The wanderer comes to an inn.
          He has his property with him.
          He wins the steadfastness of a young servant.
          Nine in the third place means:
          The wanderer's inn burns down.
          He loses the steadfastness of his young servant.
          Nine in the fourth place means:
          The wanderer rests in a shelter.
          He obtains his property and an ax.
          My heart is not glad.
     *   Six in the fifth place means:
          He shoots a pheasant.
          It drops with the first arrow.
          In the end this brings both praise and office.
          Nine at the top means:
          The bird's nest burns up.
          The wanderer laughs at first,
          Then must needs lament and weep.
          Through carelessness he loses his cow.
The system used is a translation... and is of ancient origin. The syntax is obviously dated… but upon contemplation… interesting nuances emerge. Of all the (64) possible outcomes of my query, it was the image of the wanderer that was returned. The image of the wanderer has many interpretations, especially within certain communities on the fringes of the blogosphere. Interestingly, the term “Wanderer” has an extra-terrestrial connotation ascribed to it in some esoteric circles.  To illustrate this, all one need do is search the term “the wanderer” on the internet. It won’t take much digging to unearth some intriguing results from your inquiry.
The secret of synchronicity is that it’s profundity is deeply personal in nature. It ultimately is a conspiracy between the individual and universe. Synchronicity allows each of us to explore what the unfolding of world events means us personally and in our interactions with others. Of course there is overlap… the bigger the event, the more overlap there is. Major events in the world, such as the recent hurricane “Isaac” affect millions of people.

Synchronicity facilitates the experience of the “aha! Moment” where the seemingly unrelated puzzle pieces suddenly fit, revealing the big picture. Synchronicity binds together seemingly unrelated events, into a larger mosaic of understanding.
If you are interested in exploring the intricacies of synchronicity via the I-Ching system, there are many excellent examples found on-line. The system we used in the above inquiry is found within the Tek-Gnostics website… simply follow the link provided below…