Monday, September 17, 2012

Anniversary Part Two – Occupy!

Monday, September seventeenth marks the one year anniversary of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. It was one year ago today that our young brothers and sisters that make up the occupy movement took to the streets of New York City to, in essence, point out that the emperor wears no cloths. Emerging from this creative and innocent display of outrage, arose some of the most powerful and iconic memes of the 21st century, including the term “ninety nine percent” and it’s memetic big brother: “one percent.” This peaceful protest, one year old today, changed the media landscape by “putting a spotlight” on the excesses of the financial/banking practices of the powers that be (ptb).
Even as we posted part one of this series, 9/11 Anniversary & Synchronicity, the Middle East erupted in violent protest against Western Empirical Expansion, as driven by the calculations of the ptb’s Global Economy. Strangely, western media reported that this concerted outbreak, timed to correspond with 9/11, was sparked by an obscure movie titled “Innocence of Muslims” which, by all accounts, is considered blasphemous to Islam for (among other things) profanely depicting the prophet Muhammad. We find it hard to believe that this violent protest, beginning in Egypt and Libya, then quickly spreading to Tunisia, Sudan, Morocco, Pakistan, and all points east, has been driven by a low-budget YouTube video.

Even if western media reports that identify this video as the primary cause of the Islamic backlash are true, something much deeper and more complex is going on.

It is, however, extremely interesting that western media has placed its collective attention upon the above mentioned video. Once again, instruments of modern media, in this case the movie “Innocence of Muslims” …become the focal point for world events. As in the Aurora tragedy that occurred within a movie complex, reality is being darkly tweaked… with as much focus being placed upon the medium, as the event itself. The world’s attention is being diverted toward a product of modern media, rather than the clearly well-planed assassination of our Ambassador to Libya.

Time will tell whether a movie trailer is indeed responsible for all the renewed protests in the Middle East.

What is clear is that extreme right-wing fanatics within the Muslim world are fueling the fire of political unrest. Religious fundamentalist factions that represent a tiny minority within a broader and peaceful Islamic culture, wield disproportionate influence by resorting to violent means. Just as we “scratch our heads” in puzzlement as a populist “Tea Party” movement is hijacked by a powerful cabal of “neo-cons” here in the US, so must the Arab world be wondering… what “by the beard of the prophet” is going on?

What is also clear is that a mostly peaceful world must beware of the fanatical few… the extreme right-wing… be they Christian or Muslim, Gentile or Jew. Radical neo-cons in the US are just as dangerous as their counterparts in Iran, or anywhere else in the world. Extreme neo-cons the world over have more in common with each other, than they do with their own main-stream populations… that being a radicalized agenda of fear, hatred and violence. The Christian evangelical fundamentalist that preaches “fire & brimstone” appears eerily similar to the radical imam preaching Sharia law. Although they profess to hate each other, their fanaticism is essentially identical.

In the wake of this insanity… we mourn the loss of life in Libya. By all "Western" accounts, Ambassador Chris Stevens was an honorable man… one who may have been a force of reason and restraint… had he been given the chance.

Amidst this sadness, we also celebrate our brave brothers and sisters of occupy. In their one year anniversary, they have shown that media can be accessed for purposes of transparency… that the world’s attention can be focused upon issues of fairness, propriety and justice. Let the voice of reason… the sensibilities of a peace-loving majority… be heard. May the light of liberty shine, and may this light send the neo-cons of this world scurrying back to the dark corners from whence they came.

Happy Birthday Occupy!… may you live long and prosper!