Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 Anniversary & Synchronicity



Looking back from the perspective of the last eleven years, the Twenty-first Century… the transition out of the old paradigm into the new millennium… began abruptly on Tuesday, September Eleventh, 2001. On that day, with the orchestrated destruction of the World Trade Center and subsequent attack on the pentagon, the citizenry of Spaceship Earth awoke to the new age. Although the strikes targeted assets of the United States in particular, and capitalism in general, the entire world bore witness as humanity’s sociopolitical reality morphed... rearranged… into a nightmarish mix of archaic tribalism and multi-nationalism… before our very eyes.
Broadcast live around the world by the modern media machine, this new age came crashing into our living-rooms via the luminous screen that a technologically connected humanity fixates upon daily. This was not your mother’s new age. This was not the new age visualized in yoga class. This was not the new age envisioned during the “Harmonic Convergence.” This was a darker, wicked wake-up call that would viciously “come up-side” our collective heads as if to say… “Welcome to the future, chump.”
Thus was our 21st Century global economy born… of fear and fire. This pivotal moment had been incubating for some time. The global elite had been patiently planning and implementing their economic strategy for the U.S. of A., for decades. After all, it takes time to methodically dismantle the American manufacturing infrastructure, and replace it with a so-called “service economy.” For decades, it had been clear to the 1% that manufacturing could be done much more economically “overseas.” If a widget could be assembled in India or Brazil with a labor cost of 10¢ on the dollar, there was clearly no need for an American manufacturing workforce.
Added to this first blow to Americans… was a second “sucker punch” that took the form of an abrupt elimination of personal freedoms, implemented by the Patriot Act and vaguely justified by the zealous patriotic flag-waving of Homeland Security (the very term “Homeland Security” sounds like 1930s Nazi propaganda). The net effect of the enacted law was an extreme broadening of powers of law enforcement, including; the expanded gathering of intelligence within the United States; the expanded ability to detain and deport immigrants suspected of terrorism-related acts; the expanded definition of terrorism to include domestic terrorism, thereby including US citizens to the list of targets that the Patriot Act’s already increased law enforcement powers could be applied to.
Regardless of whether the official story that Al Qaeda was responsible for the attacks is true or not, the global transition was complete. The demolition of the twin towers justified the re-tooling of the Industrial Military Complex. After all, the implosion of the Soviet Union left the defense industry without a viable opponent. They still needed to sell guns, but they needed a new enemy… “I’ve got it! ...International Terrorism!” Additionally, the clampdown on individual freedoms (including the dismantling of collective bargaining) makes a spoiled, over expectant American workforce… more manageable... and expendable. A one-two punch... and the American publics' on the ropes...

The Media Age

Now… on this, the eleventh anniversary of 9/11… our freedoms continue to erode. The proposed implementation of CISPA  and SOPA threatens the integrity of a free World Wide Web. Why the crack-down on web driven liberty? The answer is to this question rests upon the fact that all is not darkness in our changing world. In addition to the horror… there is also light. Something new was waiting… to be born.
As with the birth of a child, the labor pains experienced by our modern civilization, while delivering the infant 21st century, was excruciating and exhilarating. This beloved new-born babe of possibilities is our hope for the future. Giving it a name, we call it... Generation Z… the iGeneration… the Net Generation. This new generation, in its infancy, includes movements such as… The Arab Spring… Occupy… Anonymous. Generation Z has spent their entire lives in and around the World Wide Web. Our kids are the creative facets of a globally intact information structure… a digital, global nervous system.
The explosive development of social media scares the bejesus out of the “powers that be.” This phenomenon was unexpected. This power cannot be contained (although the PTB want to… hence SOPA & CISPA). Social Media, combined with advances in computing and mobile technology, have created a powerful counterbalance to “the official story” that is the modern media machine. YouTube and Blogging sites, facilitated by the World Wide Web, have created a citizen’s forth estate… a decentralized, autonomous media network.
We used to call our new age, the information age. A more appropriate name may be the Age of Mediation or the Media Age.
The reason that the term: information age doesn’t adequately describe the immediate situation is that the emphasis is not on information, but whose information? The essential question we need to ask becomes… who decides what information is important? Who is going to mediate or come between us and our information? Do we let the mass media machine decide what is pertinent? Do we allow media empires to spoon-feed us content… or do we create our own content? The YouTube/facebook/blog-o-sphere generation is actively providing its own mediation. That is, generation Z is purposefully creating its own media, rather than relying on controlled mass media.
The fight for a free internet is a fight for bandwidth. The percentage of bandwidth that is controlled by mass media empires, we label Babylon Bandwidth. We borrowed this term from the old-school Rastafarians, such as the most reverend, Bob Marley… who referred to the “powers that be” as… Babylon. The new civil rights struggle in the Media Age, will be over who will be the ones that mediate information. Who will control the message… the PTB, or the people? A well informed citizenry like you, or the likes of  Rupert Murdoch?

We place our bets, dear reader… on you.


Lastly, we cannot help but comment on the 11:11 sync that resonates with this, the 11th anniversary of 9/11. Eleven : Eleven continues to be a wake-up call... a cosmic trigger of synchronicity. Our ability to be our own mediators of the information stream goes beyond common sense and logic… to intuition. By including and recognizing synchronicity as an important element of our consciousness… our discernment… we become better equipped to resist Babylon Bandwidth. Consideration of synchronicity allows us to be a better and more comprehensive critical thinker... by not ruling out certain potentialities. Synchronicity broadens and deepens our perspective on world events.
We don’t know how the Age of Mediation is going to play out… but one thing is for sure... paying attention to synchronicity gives us an edge over the PTB. In the Media Age… we’ll need any advantage we can get.