Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Eight Easy Steps – Part Two

Tek-Gnostics Media continues to explore the "Eight-brain Model of Consciousness" in part two of our series… How to Achieve Cosmic Consciousness in Eight Easy Steps.

Part two of our four-part series examines circuits one through four… the lower, mundane aspects of human consciousness. This ancient Hindi system was popularized in the West by Timothy Leary, Ph.D and (one of our favorite authors) Robert Anton Wilson.

Presented by that mythical madcap Mahātmā… the headmaster of the Tek-Gnostics Abbey: Sensei djinn… the path to understanding the eight-fold aspects of the human nervous system has never been simpler… Now you too can achieve Cosmic Consciousness in eight easy steps!

Warning: The un-initiated should view Part One of our series, prior to veiwing part two.