Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yankee/Cowboy War – 2012 Presidential Campaign

Find below a list of the top 10 financial donors to the presidential campaigns of current president Barak Obama and the recently cinched GOP nominee Mitt Romney, according to statistics gathered by

Mitt Romney

1) Goldman Sachs

2) JPMorgan Chase & Co

3) Bank of America

4) Morgan Stanley

5) Credit Suisse Group

6) Citigroup Inc

7) Kirkland & Ellis (Global Law Firm from Chicago)
8) Barclays (Multinational Banking)

9) PricewaterhouseCoopers (Professional Services)

10) Wells Fargo

Note: #14 is Bain Capital

Barak Obama

1) Microsoft Corp

2) DLA Piper (Global Law Firm)

3) University of California

4) Sidley Austin LLP (Chicago Law Firm)

5) Google Inc

6) Harvard University

7) Comcast Corp

8) Skadden, Arps et al (Lobbyist Law Firm)

9) Morgan & Morgan (Law Firm)

10) US Dept of State

Note: #11 is Time Warner, #13 is Stanford University

Per this list, it seems clear that the GOP candidate falls into the classic “Yankee” cabal of mainly East Coast, Big Banker and Financial Services corporations. It is also clear who’s pocket Mitt will be in, should he be elected in November. Likewise, Obama falls into the “Cowboy” cabal of mainly West Coast, Silicon Valley and the Entertainment Industry, with University and Law Firm monies thrown in. He too will be beholding, should he win a second term.

This November is shaping up to be another knock-down, drag-out brawl between the Yankees and the Cowboys. This matchup promises to be a “bare-knuckle” no-holds-barred fight, with no mercy given on either side. Regardless of whether the election results favor the Democrats or Republicans, there will be some big players standing in line with their hand out, expecting a return favor.

It just goes to show that American politics is the best politics money can buy!

We did a related article on the Yankee/Cowboy (Psychedelic) War theory back in January. It is curious that two of the main players from our earlier article, show up on Obama's contributors list...