Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eight Easy Steps - Part One (updated)

Tek-Gnostics Media, in association with our fledgling animation production company, Paxar Animation Studios, is pleased to present our first animated short… How to Achieve Cosmic Consciousness in Eight Easy Steps.

In this four-part video series, Paxar’s animators illuminate the ancient Hindu Tantra known as the "Eight Circuit Model” of neurologic development. This system was popularized in the West by Timothy Leary, Ph.D and (one of our favorite authors) Robert Anton Wilson. Part one of this series provides an introduction to this curious and enigmatic artifact.

Presented by Tek-Gnostics’ rascally avatar, Sensei… the path to understanding the Eight Circuit model of consciousness has never been simpler… Now you too can achieve Cosmic Consciousness in eight easy steps!