Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lunar Bases on the Dark Side of the Sync-o-Sphere!

While campaigning in Florida in preparation for that State’s GOP presidential primary election, Newt Gingrich attempted to bribe Florida voters by implying that, as president, he would not only return to the moon, but oversee its colonization:

"By the end of my second term, we will have the first permanent base on the moon...
and it will be American…" 

Gingrich went on to say that when 13,000 Americans are living on the moon, they can petition for statehood.

It is undeniable that the 2012 GOP race has gone completely Wacko… that with more than two dozen GOP debates, the republicans have turned the election process into a (very successful) reality show. I keep expecting Jeff Probst to come out at the end of each debate and inform the low-man on the GOP totem pole, that… “the tribe has spoken...”

In an incredible plot twist, Steven Colbert single handedly knocked out two viable candidates in one week! Colbert’s bid for South Carolina caused both Governors Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry to withdraw from the GOP presidential race. Guess neither candidate wanted to receive fewer votes in South Carolina’s primary than a comedian… but I digress… back to the moon.

Gingrich’s lunar remarks took off like a Saturn V rocket, and were immediately picked up by the press around the world. Talk of a lunar colony took the media by firestorm and was a major topic at the subsequent GOP debate in Jacksonville. Next thing you know… Sarah Palin is on Fox News commenting on Gingrich’s lunacy… in her defense of Gingrich, she indicated that there are a lot of “way more wacky things” that our government is spending our tax dollars on… like cowboy poetry in Nevada!

Out here on the fringes of the sync-o-sphere, talk of lunar bases has been circulating for some time. Perhaps Newt hasn’t heard the news… about secret lunar bases on the dark side of the moon… Back in May of 2011, the People Powered website, Before It’s News published an article entitled: “Claim: Secret American Base Discovered on Moon.” What follows is an excerpt…

'Although the Office of Naval Intelligence and other Pentagon departments believe that the (lunar) bases are not of Earth origin, the preponderance of evidence suggests they were built by humans within the past few decades and were constructed with some of the $40 trillion that's been funneled into the military and intelligence communities' black projects since the mid-1960s.

Rumors in the aerospace industry and the US Air Force have circulated for years about a separate, secret space program. The visible program run by NASA was for public consumption, while the real work… and the focus of the nation's national security interests… was done under cover.

Some at Lockheed insinuate that the fourth generation Aurora has full space capabilities, but the smart money is placed on the black platforms that many around the globe have been reporting as UFOs.

Among the exotic space capable craft that may well be ferrying military personnel between the Earth and Lunar bases is the TR-3b. The designation is not the official military name, but one that has been "assigned" to the mystery craft by aerospace insiders that have been kept out of the need-to-know loop.

The TR-3b has been seen by witnesses leaving or arriving at some USAF bases such as Scott Air Force base in Missouri and Wright-Patterson in Ohio.

The craft is utterly silent, stealthy, and is not designed to fly through the atmosphere. Many witnesses describe the platform as gliding and swiveling when it changes vector. The frame is not an airfoil and it does not bank when it turns, it just points its nose in the new direction when it changes its vector.

As the new space programs of India, Japan and China continue to ramp up more information on the mysterious lunar base may be revealed.'

There are many more variations of the secret lunar bases theory swirling around in the sync-o-sphere. Such conspiracy theories can be considered or not, as one sees fit… if for no better reason than entertainment purposes.

The question that IS worth entertaining, however, is… why did the politically motivated and transparent stump speech of a washed-up GOP candidate resonate so deeply… catch fire so quickly… with the press? Why now? Was the story of a desperate politician pandering to voters in Florida, a State that recently lost hundreds, if not thousands of jobs with the closure of NASA’s shuttle program… really what caught the world’s imagination? Why did the media’s attention get captured so completely by talk of moon bases and a return to space?

The question of what resonates with the global media… with the collective consciousness of the planet… is vastly interesting to those who tune in and pay attention to synchronistic events. What resonates… and the timing of when and why it resonates… appear to be somehow tied to the “Big Picture” of the future (fate) of Earth and all who ride upon her. What catches our collective attention and why?

It was Albert Einstein who said… “God does not play dice with the Universe.” His point was not pertaining to God… it was in reference to the craziness of quantum mechanics. It is that craziness… that unpredictable connectedness… that is at the heart of Synchromysticism. What is it that ties two or more seemingly unrelated events together? How do these events combine to form an integrated experience of meaning, the sum total of which is greater, more significant, than its parts? In the final analysis… it’s not the what… or even the how… it’s the WHY.

What does all this talk of synchromysticism have to do with lunar bases and/or Newt Gingrich? I don’t know… nothing, probably. Perhaps if we all pay attention to the continued, seemingly unrelated references to the moon or other lunar-related topics in the media-stream… perhaps if we keep our collective ear to the ground… listening for the distant rumblings of a rocket launching… bound for the sync-o-sphere… perhaps then all will become clear. Stay tuned!
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