Monday, December 12, 2011

Shamanic Dreams - part 2

We highly recommend re-reading part one of the “Shamanic Dreams” series, prior to reading part two. Follow the provided link below...

The second dream occurred within a few nights of the initial dream. As in the previous “ayahuasqueros” dream, consciousness within the dream realm came to me in the middle of an ongoing situation of consequence. Where the first dream’s setting was completely organic… a tropical grotto, the subsequent dream was housed within an immense warehouse complex. Where the first dream was sun-lit, the second was dimly illuminated by some recessed or indirect lighting. As in the earlier dream, the atmosphere… also filtering luminous, smoky beams… produced a soft, warm, otherworldly effect.

As my awareness and interactive abilities focused, I examined my surroundings. I was moving through the periphery of what appeared to be a large, many-chambered industrial interior. The structure had a sprawling, open floor plan with walls branching out, labyrinth-like. The walls were seemingly unattached to the massive super-structure ceiling, which resulted in an over-glow lighting effect that indicated the immensity of the structure and provided navigational insight. The over-glow suggested a large, main chamber nearby, where a massive gathering was taking place.

Lights and music of an electronic/psychedelic nature wafted through the open ceiling, signaling that a party or some other club-like event was in full swing. The sound of laughter reached my ear, as if it were an integral part of the music mix. The desire to further explore the nearby goings on was intense and yet I hesitated. As in the earlier dream, there was an unspoken and unexplainable question of invitation that troubled my mind. Some inner sense of propriety or prudence… held me back.

It was at this moment I realized I was travelling with a companion. A sense of otherness or un-familiar familiarity emanated from my cohort. As my dream took a turn from observation to communication, it became apparent that my “friend” had something for me... a gift… a wonderful, terrible gift. We discreetly moved to a nearby un-occupied bar or standing table.

The neon green glass vial that my companion produced from his trench-coat glowed in stark contrast to the dim, shadowy lighting that concealed our immediate locale. The small vial or tube was housed in an intricate mechanism of (apparent) alien design. It looked more like a miniature stasis tube than an illicit substance vial. As he held the device for me to see, cradled in his palm, its green phosphorescence lit both of our faces. Peering at its glow, it produced the same sense of awe as a Spielberg film’s baby blue background glow effect does… an evocation of wonder.

The glow came not from the mechanism, but from a viscous, almost gelatinous liquid secured inside the tube. I instantly understood the implications. If this substance wasn’t LSD-25, it was something more exotic and potent. Again, the implication was of off-world origin. Simply examining the vial brought on symptoms of impending psychedelic adventure and exploration. I yawned, nervously.

Alas, the dream realm has a way of morphing to other locations and other circumstances, as is the case here. There is much more that I could relate about this dream, as well as the earlier dream. There are many more details of nuance. But in retrospect, the interesting aspect of these two specific dreams is revealed in their contrasts. The difference between the two dreams was literally like day and night.

The “ayahuasquero” dream took place during the day, immersed in nature, while the LSD dream took place at night, in an industrial setting. The sunlit glow of the first dream felt warm and organic, the cradle of Gaia, while the atmosphere of the second dream was darker, industrial and possibly even off-world. It wasn’t even clear where in space and time the second dream took place. I could have been on a large transport bound for the rings of Saturn (the dream realm allows for such).

Although both dreams included a spirit helper or companion, the “ayahuasquero” helper was clearly an advocate, while the companion of the second dream had a more sinister feel of a dealer, or broker. If the spirit helpers were aspects of my “higher self” or my “dark side,” an angle on one shoulder, a devil on the other… the contrast could not have been greater.

Arguably, the two dreams chronicled here share the hemispheric difference typified by Tek-Gnostics. The “ayahuasquero” dream appears to suggest a traditional quest for knowledge of the shamanic realm… with time tested access to the parallel worlds of magical and mystical ritual. The LSD dream, on the other hand, reflects a shortcut approach of psychedelic experience… a synthetic entheogenic route devoid of time honored tradition. The first dream explores the realm of the faerie, the second… alien encounter. This may explain the darker feel of the second dream.

These dichotomies play into a greater narrative at Tek-Gnostics... the philosophical yin-yang of Tek vs Gnosis. One hemisphere of the tekgnostic mind pursues the outward, overt aspects of the technology of consciousness. Here the focus is on the “how” of Tek-Gnostics, the artifacts and yogas of consciousness exploration... the form of being. The other hemisphere contemplates the inner, covert elements of knowledge or gnosis of the mysteries. Here the focus is on the “why” of Tek-Gnostics, the meditative understanding… the essence of being. The Tek path pursues the manifestation of universe, while the Gnostic path explores the ineffable mystery of universe.

As is pointed out in ancient texts… the concepts explored within these two dreams diverge in the naming only. Mystery upon mystery… the gateway to Tek-Gnosis.
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